Always Something New


they are introducing something new to the industry by offer-

he theme for this issue is innova -

tion, which means to make changes or to introduce something

ing education like no other. Read their story on page 16 and see how a simplistic approach could be just what you need

new. When put that sim - ply, it’s safe to say that we in the real estate investing industry innovate all the time.

to innovate your business. Also in this issue, contributor Steve Streetman explains an innovation in building that might surprise you—3-D printing! Always on the cutting-edge of information, Streetman never dis - appoints in his topics and ensures readers are always learning some- thing new! The Think Realty team is constantly innovating to bring you different ways to receive reliable REI information and to inspire you keep innovating and keep succeeding. For example, our lat - est innovation exclusively for premium members is called RE-Focus. What is it? Read on to see what’s new. •

Because if we don’t, we could be out of the game completely. The way I see it, innovation is in line with evolution. We must avoid becoming stagnant to sur - vive and we must innovate and evolve to thrive. So, when your REI strategy isn’t working like it used to, or the market isn’t performing as predicted, you must be innovative to carry on. Cover couple Greg and Kim Slaugh - ter are no strangers to slaying real estate deals. But their story is one of perseverance and innovation. They were forced to re-evaluate their strategies several times along their real estate investing journey, and now

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