clear oil on it would bring life back into this wood. The only question I asked myself was, “How can I repurpose it and reuse it in this home?” I also figured there had to be a story behind this wood. I was sure if I did a little investigating, I would uncov - er a story that would only add to the list I was already accumulating to share with potential buyers! I spoke with some of the long-time neighbors to see what I could learn regarding this home. It turned out that the home was built by the gentleman who built and owned the local Amador Wood Mill in our county. The trees had been cut down in the local mountains and brought down to his mill. Around 100 years ago in the mountains of Historic Gold Country California, the trees that were being cut and milled were Old-Growth trees. These trees came from vast virgin forests out of the Sierra Nevada Moun - tain range. This wood is termite- and mildew-resistant, extra strong, and not something you can buy today.

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