generic form letter. This approach is highly personal, gives meaningful insights, offers a local solution, and you’re now an ally and a resource. This is the ultimate off-market list that no one will have but you. Highly targeted, finely tuned, and you’re spending a fraction of the money talking to this small list of prospects consistently instead of a huge farm list that anyone can buy. Whether you decide to target owner-occupants or absentee owners, occupancy data is a fantastic way to refine your mar - keting message. STRATEGY #2 Owner Occupants with Equity Speaking of lists anyone can buy, the owner-occupant with an equity list is one of the most popular. That’s the problem. Everyone has access to that list, and the overused tem - plate mailers used to reach these prospects. Ever gone to a house only to see a stack of yellow letters and we-buy-houses postcards from other investors? It isn’t difficult to refine the list by stacking other criteria to narrow your reach down to specific niches. Price Point data: Doing your com - petitive analysis gives you a sense of the competition in your market and the inventory they target. You don’t have to mimic their activity, but success often leaves clues. You’ll probably notice more activity where the target buyer has access to FHA financing. More volume typically means faster sales and more price support. The simple act of focusing your list on price point goes a long way to narrow your reach. Mortgage data: Want to reach peo - ple that own free and clear? Pros - pects with 50 percent estimated equity or more? How about people with little equity but with a great loan in place?

74 | think realty magazine :: february 2021

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