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RECOGNITION, FLEXIBILITY, AND PURPOSE 3 Tips for Attracting Millennial Employees

You might have heard people call millennials lazy, entitled, and afraid of long-term commitments, but that trend is starting to shift. Today, businesses can’t afford to write off millennials because they actually make up a major percentage of the workforce. According to the Pew Research Center, there were 56 million millennials either working or looking for work in 2017, making up 35% of the labor force. When so much of the country’s available labor is part of one demographic, you must ask yourself this question: How do I get millennials to work for me? CATER TO THE INDIVIDUAL Millennials don’t want to be just another cog in the machine. They want to work somewhere that values their unique skills and lets them use those skills effectively. When seeking millennial talent for your company, highly specific job listings will attract exceptional employees. Once they’re on board, be sure to nurture their skill set. Give them a chance to grow with your company, and they’ll be sure to stick around. DITCH THE 9-TO-5 Standard Offering more flexible work hours is a start, but if you really want to attract millennials, then your entire work environment should embrace modernity. Have

the latest tech and tools for day- to-day operations, offer frequent opportunities for promotions and raises, avoid micromanagement, and give your young employees room to learn and grow. CREATE A SENSE OF PURPOSE More than anything, millennials are looking for some level

of personal fulfillment — not just a paycheck. Create a brand story and work culture that expresses a greater purpose for prospective employees to get behind. Set high standards for the culture you want to create and maintain those standards. If you do this right, the talent you’re looking for will come to you. Just because millennials want more flexible work schedules and individual recognition doesn’t mean they aren’t willing to work hard. In fact, the opposite is true. By adapting your company culture to suit their lifestyle preferences, you can make sure your younger employees take an interest in your business and stick around.


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Arsenal Energy Holdings

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1515-GEEnergy Holding Weatherly Oil & Gas

Texas-Southern Texas-Southern

Vanguard/Eagle Rock/Escambia Southcross/FL Rich Gas/T2 EF


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Integrity Directional Services


Fram Americas


Boulder Energy Solutions


Triangle Petroleum Cordero Oil and Gas

Delaware Delaware

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EdgeMarc/EM Energy

Delaware Delaware Delaware

Hilltop Energy

Elk Petroleum/Resolute

NCI New Capital



PWR Oil & Gas General Partners


White Star Petroleum White Star Petroleum International Energy



Oklahoma-Northern Oklahoma-Northern

AusTex Oil O’Benco IV

Texas-Eastern Texas-Southern

Legacy Reserves/Pinnacle Gas/ Dew Gathering

HDR Holding/Schramm Weatherford International



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Apex Energy



Silver Creek Services Drying Facility Assets


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Remanant Oil

Delaware Delaware

PES/ Philadelphia Energy Solutions

$1 billion to $10 billion

HVI Cat Canyon Matra Petroleum

New York-Southern

$100 million to $500 million $50 million to $100 million


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