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Susie and I have a tried and true method for beating the heat. We get out of Dodge. Travel is one of our great joys in life for a number of reasons. Over the years, we’ve been lucky enough to travel to many places and create incredible memories together. Getting away from the extreme weather is great, but arriving at a new destination is even better. We’ve developed a particular love for the Pacific Northwest. It’s a part of the world where you can be in a huge city, drive 10 miles, and feel like you’re in another world entirely. We’ve been to Vancouver, Seattle, Coeur D’Alene, Park City, Jackson Hole, and probably a few other places I’m forgetting. While these locations aren’t too far from one another geographically, they’re each distinct in so many ways. I don’t think we’ve ever had two trips that were alike, and we’ve had adventures we could never imagine here at home. When we were at Banff National Park in Alberta, Canada, we had the chance to get up close and personal with some grizzly bears. After arriving at the park for a bicycle trip, the guides advised us to go on a little hike to stretch our legs. We’d all arrived from long flights, and it was a good idea to warm up before we got on our bikes.

I don’t think I remember experiencing a summer with stranger weather. During May, we had record rainfall throughout the state. For a 30-day period, Tulsa had the most rain in the nation, even more than Miami. If that weren’t enough, July produced a heatwave. A few weeks ago, I looked at the thermostat and it read 97 degrees. If that isn’t balmy enough for you, the heat index was 110.

It was a very special day getting to celebrate this beautiful girl’s birthday! She is going places with that smile!

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one who encouraged the group to head toward the bears, after all. After all these years, we still get excited like a young couple off on their first vacation together. It’s pretty special, and I don’t take it for granted. Later this summer, we’ll be heading to Glacier National Park in Montana. Who knows if we’ll have another bear sighting, but I’m sure there’s something special in store. And when we return, it will be refreshing to be home again. Well, unless the heat index is still in the triple digits.

As we trekked up the trail, we saw another group heading in the opposite direction. These folks were running. “Bear! Bear!” they screamed. I figured that, as a group of 12 or so, we’d be fine, so we decided to continue on. Soon enough, we came across a mother grizzly bear and her cubs. They were probably about 50 yards or so from us. I took out my Super 8 camera (remember those?) and took some footage. The bears, thankfully, headed in the other direction, and we made our way back down. By the time we reached the base of the trail, it had been closed and there were signs declaring a bear sighting. I’m grateful to have the perfect travel companion in Susie. We have a great balance. She’s more of a planner, while I’m the spontaneous one. I’m the

–Dr. Jan L. Cobble

OSTEOSTRONG TULSA A Workout for Your Skeletal System

Since opening in April, OsteoStrong Tulsa has been flourishing. At Masterpiece Smiles, we believe Marcy and Sue are providing an invaluable service to residents of our community. Therefore, we want to shine a light on them and encourage you to check out their facility. We promise you won’t be disappointed. We’d like to thank Marcy Smith for being one of our longest-serving patients. “I’ve been coming to Jan since I was 12 years old. Now I’m in my 50s, and he’s still the only dentist I’d consider seeing,” she says. More than that, though, we want to thank Marcy and Sue for providing Tulsa with its very own OsteoStrong. OsteoStrong Tulsa is located at 5940 South Lewis Ave. You can learn more by attending one of our “Osteogenic Loading” presentations. Presentations last an hour and are given each Tuesday at 6 p.m. or Friday at 12 p.m. To reserve your seat, simply call 918-528- 3828 or send an email to TulsaMidtown@ You may also visit the corporate website at

of closing. “Aunt Dayna called and suggested we open an OsteoStrong right here in Tulsa,” Marcy says. “She didn’t even realize the week she called was the same week we were closing the garden center. But Sue and I didn’t want to run a Lucy-and-Ethel ‘Vitemeatavegamin’ business, so we had to do our research first.” What they found was that OsteoStrong had the potential to increase bone density in adults of all ages. “I’ll do my best to give you the 30-second elevator speech,” Marcy says. “OsteoStrong is a facility that uses a circuit of four robotic musculoskeletal development machines to load your skeletal system and trigger bone growth naturally. It’s a once- weekly, 15-minute session specifically designed to strengthen your skeletal system. All appointments include one-on-one coaching with a focus on form and safety.” Rather than attempting to be a one-size-fits-all fitness program, OsteoStrong is targeted to delivering one specific and important outcome: stronger bones. “At age 30, men and women alike begin to lose bone density,” Marcy says. “OsteoStrong is something people should be doing preventatively. Sue and I are very proud to bring this service to the people of Tulsa.”

According to the National Osteoporosis Foundation, roughly 54 million Americans age 50 and older suffer from osteoporosis and low bone mass. These conditions make bones more fragile and increase the risk of fractures and other injuries. Osteoporosis keeps people from being active and hurts their quality of life. It’s something Marcy Smith saw firsthand when her aunt, Dayna Glanz, was diagnosed with osteoporosis. “As a retired nurse practitioner, my Aunt Dayna knew she didn’t want to go the pharmaceutical route for treatment,” Marcy recalls. “She decided to Google bone density exercises and found out about a facility called OsteoStrong. Not wanting to be overly excited or hopeful, she drove 90 miles in secret to visit an OsteoStrong on a weekly basis. After six months, she was convinced of its effectiveness and began to spread the word. Soon after, she opened her own OsteoStrong franchise in Columbia, Missouri.” As Dayna was in the process of opening her OsteoStrong, Marcy and her partner, Sue Welch, were looking for a new business opportunity. Their garden center, which they had owned for nine years, was in the process




There’s no greater compliment we can receive than rave reviews and referrals from our current patients. We strive to provide care that’s worth talking about with your friends and family. If you know somebody who could benefit from our services, pass along a copy of this newsletter and ask them to give us a call.

Thank you so much for spreading the word about Masterpiece Smiles.

3 Ways to Prepare Your Garden for the Changing Season Late summer is the perfect time to clean up your garden and prepare it for the coming winter. In the next couple of months, the temperature will start to drop, but by putting in work now, you can ensure your garden is healthy and ready to flourish next spring. You can even turn garden cleanup into a fun activity for the whole family. Here are three ways to get your garden ready for the next season, while sharing some valuable outdoor time with your loved ones. MORE MULCH, PLEASE While most gardeners know the benefits of summer mulching, winter mulching can help lessen water loss, keep weeds out, and regulate soil temperatures during the colder months. It offers an added layer of protection for your plants’ roots, which can be sensitive to continuous freezing and thawing, by keeping the soil temperature more consistent. OUT WITH THE OLD If any of your plants didn’t fare so well, take some time to remove them and clear space for future plants. This removal should include any invasive plants or weeds that found their way into the soil. Remember to use gloves, wear long pants and socks, and use caution around thorns or plants that can cause irritation. For daffodils, tulips, crocuses, and any other bulbs that sprang up in the spring, you can now pull them up (if you haven’t already) and divide any bulblets you find into separate plants. This will help cut down on crowding even more come spring. TAKE COVER Cover crops are plants that improve soil health, reduce erosion, and keep your garden healthy, and now is a great time to plant them! Hardy legumes, field peas, certain types of clovers, and warm-season grasses can all work as cover crops, so talk to your landscaper or local nursery to pick out the best choices for your region. While you may not see the fruits of your labors until spring, you can still enjoy preparing your garden for a successful upcoming year and cherish the time you spend with your family outside.


Inspired by Bon Appétit


1/4 bunch cilantro leaves, sliced

2 medium ears of corn, shucked 1 jalapeño or Fresno chile, seeded and thinly sliced

• •

Juice of 1 lime

Kosher salt, to taste

• •

1/2 red onion, diced

1 large tomato, cored, seeded, and finely chopped


1. Heat a cast-iron skillet to high. Char corn, turning occasionally, for 10–14 minutes until kernels begin to blacken in spots. 2. Using a sharp knife, remove corn kernels from cobs and transfer to a large mixing bowl. 3. With a wooden spoon or potato masher, gently crush corn to release starch and juices. 4. Add jalapeño, onion, tomato, and cilantro. Mix to combine.

5. Top with lime juice and season with salt. 6. Serve alongside your favorite tortilla chips.





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4 | The Best Movies About Dogs

Beat the Heat With a Canine Movie Marathon DOG MOVIES FOR DOG DAYS

‘LADY AND THE TRAMP’ “Lady and the Tramp” is the classic story of two dogs who come from different worlds: the refined, loyal Lady and the rogue with a heart of gold, Tramp. This movie has music, laughs, and a spaghetti scene that rivals the balcony monologues from “Romeo and Juliet.” One of the few animated Disney classics about animals that won’t have you in tears, this is a movie the whole family can enjoy together. Looking for a bit more action in your animal movies? “Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey” delivers! After three beloved pets are left behind when their family goes on vacation, they trek across the Sierra Nevada wilderness to be reunited with the humans they love. Their adventure has thrills, close calls, and a heartwarming ending that will make you want to hug your pets close. ‘HOMEWARD BOUND: THE INCREDIBLE JOURNEY’

When it’s too hot to go outside, make some popcorn and enjoy these great movies with your family. Don’t worry, none of the dogs die at the end.

We’re well into the dog days of summer, the hottest, most humid days of the year. These weeks have nothing to do with real dogs; they were nicknamed after the “dog star” Sirius by the Greeks to reflect the hottest time of the year following the star’s heliacal rise. Still, it’s a pretty good excuse to escape the heat with a dog movie marathon. Here are the films we recommend. ‘AIR BUD’ Most people remember “Air Bud” for the wild loophole, “Ain’t no rule says a dog can’t play basketball,” but this movie is about much more than a dog playing ball. After the death of his father, 12-year-old Josh Framm feels depressed and distant from his family. Enter a stray golden retriever named Buddy, who teaches Josh how to open his heart again. The two bond and learn lessons in overcoming loss, fighting for what you love, and, yes, playing basketball. “Air Bud” spawned a number of sequels and spin-off movies, but this first film is a true classic.


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