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Board of Governors

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April 2017 Volume 24, Issue 4

Bruce Barnhard - President Joe Drew - Vice President Neetu Jhaj - Secretary Mitch Bronson Harvey Campbell Tom Christenson Dan Corriea Derek Holdsworth Dick Wurster Bruce Powelson - CFO

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Board Election Results

On Thursday, March 2 nd at 5:30 p.m. per the bylaws, we resumed the adjourned Annual meeting to elect the new Board of Governors and revisions to the SOCC Inc. Bylaws by ballot. At this time we would like to thank all of the members who took the time to submit their ballots The 196 votes were tabulated independently by Brown Armstrong and the results were submitted to Harvey Campbell, the Secretary for verification and reviewed by the Board of Governors for a motion.

The results are as follows:

The 3 Candidates with the highest number of votes elected as 2016 Board of Governors are: Neetu Jhaj – Mitch Bronson – Dan Corriea The Board of Governors motioned and unanimously approved the election on behalf of the Equity Members of Seven Oaks Country Club.

Bylaw Revisions

Revisions of the SOCC Inc. Bylaws were approved as submitted – 176 vo tes YES , 11 votes NO . Copies of the SOCC Inc. Bylaws are available in the Membership Office or on the Members Only website

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2017 Board of Governors and Officer

The 2017 Board of Governors also discussed and elected the new officers for 2017. At this time, we would like to thank Dr. Paul Ulrich, Blaine Neptune and Rich Gargan for their service on the Board of Governors.

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The 2017 Board of Governors:

Bruce Barnhard (President)

Dan Corriea

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Joe Drew (Vice President)

Dick Wurster

Bruce Powelson (CFO)

Derek Holdsworth

Neetu Jhaj (Secretary)

Mitch Bronson

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Tom Christenson

Harvey Campbell

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