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Have you ever had one of those days when nothing seems to go right? You wake up late, you can’t find your keys, the kids aren’t ready, and the day continues to unfold in a negative fog. Those difficult days are the reason Megan Murphy started the Kindness Rocks Project. After her parents passed away, she found comfort in finding heart-shaped rocks and sea glass on the beach. She realized that these small tokens might make other people feel better, too. Megan’s friend, one of the first to pick up a rock Megan had left behind, sent her an encouraging message after finding it: “If you did drop this rock, you made my day.” Since then, Megan has inspired others with randomly placed messages of kindness. She finds a rock, paints a kind message on it, and leaves it on the beach for others to find. And the idea has spread. As the project has grown, so have people’s stories about finding kindness rocks. When people find a kindness rock, they get a boost to their day, but they also feel inspired to pay the kindness forward. If you want to spread kindness, start with a few smooth 3- to 5-inch rocks. Part of the adventure is in finding the rocks, so take the time to explore outside to find them. Maybe take the kids for a trek to a nearby park or beach. Once you have your rocks, use nontoxic paint or spray paint to color them. Use bright colors so that others can spot them. After the paint has dried, use paint pens to write your messages on the rocks. These can be as simple as one word or as big as an inspiring quote or verse. After you’ve written your message, use a clear nontoxic sealant to protect your artwork so it will be there when others find it. Find an outdoor space to leave your rock — maybe even in the original spot you found it. How to Make Your Own Kindness Rocks

Boral Agency is unique for the relationships they forge with their clients. Most marketing agencies only work with hard data and facts, but it is the intangibles that make the difference. Boral Agency incorporates the personality of the owner, the culture of the business, and the business’s purpose into their marketing while also using hard facts and figures. Relationships allow both the client and Boral Agency to shine in a loud and crowded marketplace. Boral Agency is really an extension of your marketing team. They mentor their clients, offering them the knowledge they need to make the best choices in every aspect of their marketing campaigns. Whether it’s a website that needs to bring in client traffic, a new company brand, or a lesson on audience engagement with social media, Boral Agency provides their clients with the tools and confidence to increase sales. To learn more about what Boral Agency can do for you, visit Also, be sure to visit to view a collaborative video by Don E. McClure Jr. and Brenda Boral on the importance of relationships and having a marketing action plan. of success. She found that the common theme between the successful individuals she studied wasn’t good looks, health, or IQ. It was grit. Grit is passion and perseverance with a focus on long- term goals. Grit means you have stamina and are dedicated to working day in and day out for years to make your ideal future a reality. In order to experience more luck, focus on becoming grittier. Don’t let failure stop you from trying again. Don’t let roadblocks get you down. Instead, learn from your mistakes, and always keep your eyes open for the next opportunity. ... Continued from cover

In a world that often seems dark, your message of kindness will serve as a beacon of hope for others.

“One moment can change a day, one day can change a life, and one life can change the world.” –Gautama Buddha

I hope you had a wonderful Easter. We look forward to seeing you soon.

–Don E. McClu re Jr.

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