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A chance to learn: Bruce Herrington President of Line Scale Form (Birmingham, AL), a firm with a goal of providing clients with designs that are exceptional and practical – visually, fiscally, and functionally.


W hen he founded Herrington Architects in 1995, Herrington was setting out to showcase his architectural talent by serving Birmingham and the southeastern United States. What began as a one-man shop focused on multifamily projects has morphed into a studio of nearly 10, pursuing multifamily, commercial, and mission critical work. Today, the firm has a new name – Line Scale Form. “What I’ve learned so far is that I understand that none of the people being brought on will be exactly like me,” Herrington says. “We all have different interests and abilities and that’s a good thing. It’s good to have more than one person at the helm. Give them a chance to learn now with an opportunity to do tasks with oversight and the ability to adjust.” A CONVERSATION WITH BRUCE HERRINGTON. The Zweig Letter: You founded Herrington Architects in

1995. When did you change the name to Line Scale Form and what was the reason for the name change/rebrand? Bruce Herrington: Well, I’m not getting any younger and I decided it was time to start thinking about some retirement planning options. So, after 25 years of business, I formally expanded the firm’s leadership and ownership to some of my employees. Now, with a broader range of experience and talent, the firm is stronger for it – more diverse. While, I’m not planning to retire anytime soon, we’re better prepared now. In addition to myself, there are three other partners and with that change came the need for a name change too. A branding firm helped us choose the name and we liked it because it was all encompassing. It communicated design, youth, and energy. TZL: How much time do you spend working “in the business” rather than “on the business?” BH: I spend about 30 percent of my time working in the


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