Free: Hybrid Cloud Clipper 2019


1. The objective of this Clipper Research document is to familiarize our Advisors (and intended readers) with the market landscape on topics which are gaining traction / interest within our clients and/or the market in general

2. This Clipper document is not a WGroup IP or Point of View – all the contents is sourced from secondary sources in the public domain and is referenced adequately. Therefore, it is not to be distributed or marketed broadly. However, WGroup advisors can exercise discretion in sharing the document, or parts of it, along with clear source references in 101 client settings

3. This Clipper document is not to be referenced for customized solution or best- practices. It is only designed to orient thinking on these topics and is not a substitute for having experienced resources wrestle with client specificities in engagements

4. Feedback, positive or negative, from the reader with regards to the content, layout, format etc. is greatly appreciated and will help hone subsequent research practice


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