Jetstar December 2018



—Serial Instagrammer Sangeeta Kocharekar banned social media during a weekend away in picture-perfect Uluwatu. So did the digital detox leave her with withdrawal symptoms or more connected to her destination?— > Holidays are starting to make me anxious. Like most millennials, I’ve been using Instagram religiously since its early days. I’m strategic about what I post and when, capturing the “best moments” of my life in a curated feed. Whenever I travel though, with so much new and exotic to share, things can get overwhelming. Knowing I won’t be back in that perfect spot and have only one chance to get the shot – the pressure is on. So challenging myself to an Instagram-free weekend away seemed like exactly what the doctor ordered. It was only 48 hours but c’mon people, baby steps... RESORT LIFE > The area of Uluwatu is filled with, literally, picturesque spots begging to be ‘grammed but my rules were set – no social media and so I wouldn’t be tempted later, no photos at all. It was 2pm when I arrived at my home for the weekend, luxury resort The Edge (, and my fingers were itching right from the get-go. At their public day club Oneeighty° (, a couple in the glass-bottom pool – which spears out of the cliff 150 metres above the Indian Ocean – was posing for a paraglider floating past. I would’ve killed for those shots. Then there was lunch – my mushroom and truffle oil pizza placed on the daybed with the sea in the background was Instagram catnip. But my villa was by far the hardest to resist. Its 18- by seven-metre wraparound pool, the marble-floored lounge and personal butler – all of it screamed #sorrynotsorry. This was harder than I’d thought it’d be, I was actually feeling annoyed I couldn’t Insta-boast about it all. The only thing stopping me from reaching into the bottom of my bag, where my phone was lying cold and alone, was sheer willpower. Normally when I travel, it’s glued to my hand. However, hard as it was, I was committed to recapturing that carefree holiday spirit I had pre-Instagram, pre-#travelgoals.



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