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Team Spotlight: Terri Lewis Terri Lewis has a special place on our team. Ever the creative, she spent most of her life spinning gold with her hands and transforming the ordinary into something extraordinary. You might get to meet her at one of our Viking luncheons, where she makes the food look beautiful and graciously serves our guests. But when not at an event, you’ll find her working behind the scenes as our Surprise Specialist. (You might ask what I mean by that, but I can’t tell — it would ruin the surprise!)

Growing up, Terri was always creating something magical with her hands. Between handmade cards, specialty cakes, or hosting magnificent dinner parties, she always managed to delight others through her creativity. Before joining IGT, she directed activities for residents at a senior living home. One thing she noted was how many of them said, “I wish I had taken the time to travel more … I thought I had more time,” and loved hearing them relive their travel memories. She now enjoys seeing all the Viking itineraries and imagining what our clients will experience on their upcoming vacations.

Terri has been married to her husband Kent for 41 years, and they have a miracle child, Chris, after six previous losses. Her favorite part about working with IGT? “I enjoy helping clients more than I could have imagined, and am thankful to be a part of enhancing their journeys!”


As regularly as Rudolph does, the Grinch appears on our television screens every December. Despite his negative attitude and nefarious intentions, the protagonist of “How the Grinch Stole Christmas!” remains a family favorite more than 55 years after the animated TV special first aired.

Jones, eventually persuaded him to reconsider. Still, the story required some changes. Jones assigned the Grinch his signature green color, and the Grinch’s dog, Max, was given a more prominent role to increase the special’s runtime. But the songs were the most important of all. The TV special contains nine total musical numbers, the most famous featuring lyrics only Dr. Seuss could have written. “You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch” is a hilariously clever song and a highlight of the program. The filmmakers also secured a big win in the voice talents of horror movie legend Boris Karloff, who provided an alternatingly sneering and tender tone to the production. Thanks to its full animation technique featuring 25,000 drawings, Variety says “The Grinch” may have been the most

expensive television special made until that time. Later, Hollywood upped the ante with a live-action adaptation in 2000 and an animated full-length film in 2018. Both movies were box office successes, but neither has overtaken the 26-minute TV special as our favorite way to enjoy the Grinch. Why does the Grinch endure? Dr. Seuss based the character on himself, so it may be that there’s a little bit of the Grinch in all of us. Unlike that other well-known holiday-hater Ebenezer Scrooge, he gives those who aren’t full of Christmas cheer a favorable mascot. The Grinch’s wild schemes and comical complaints are more fun than menacing, and his story produces a reliably happy ending. As its greatest gift, an annual viewing can leave even the most hardened Grinch feeling as if their own heart has grown a size or two.

The Grinch’s transformation into a cultural icon began with a 1957

children’s book. Author Dr. Seuss had recently experienced great success with “The Cat in the Hat” and was a hot commodity. He published “How the Grinch Stole Christmas!” later that same year, and the black-and-white book was an instant smash. The story might have ended there if Dr. Seuss had his way. Dr. Seuss was protective of his creations and didn’t trust them in anyone else’s hands, but his filmmaker friend, Chuck

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