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Will I need surgery for my knees? The good news is that recent studies show 60-70% of knee osteoarthritis patients can avoid surgery by getting physical therapy first. In fact, surgery should always be considered as a last resort after conservative measures have been tried. Furthermore, physical therapy is actually 40 times less expensive than a total joint replacement! Improve your joint lubrication. A physical therapist can actually help the lubrication in your joints through improved joint motion, strength, balance and coordination.The better lubricated your knee joints, the less friction and wear occur, reducing inflammation and pain. During knee treatments, our therapists work to improve your patella (kneecap) and joint mobility. This improves the mobility of the tissue around the joint, especially the fat pads. This in turn, leads to improved blood flow, joint lubrication and decreased swelling. The result is fast pain relief, improved motion, strength, and abilities to do physical activities. Walking, bending, jumping and squatting can then be done without pain. Put your knees on the right path to health with a visit to your physical therapist. If your knees are feeling tight, stiff, weak, or are just starting to bother you, come see us, before it becomes a REAL problem. Call us today and talk to your physical therapist about your knees. “Are Your Knees Getting Bigger?” A TELLTALE SYMPTOM OF ARTHRITIS

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PATIENT SUCCESS SPOTLIGHTS I no longer have pain or any difficulty with my daily activities or work tasks! “Before coming to physical therapy, I had increased right knee pain after sustaining a fall at work. I had difficulty and increased pain walking, standing up from a chair, and bending my knee. I’m so glad my doctor sent me to physical therapy here at Back to Action. Within a couple of weeks I started to see and FEEL the difference. After completing my treatment, I am back to my usual self. I no longer have pain or any difficulty with my daily activities or work tasks. Thank you for all of your help and getting me “Back to Action!” - Antonia T. I have showed progress! “After my knee surgery, there were several activities that I could not do such as running, squatting, or simply walking up the stairs. However, today I have accomplished my main goal- to run! With all the help from Back to Action Physical Therapy, I have showed progress and will continue to accomplish my goals!” - Natalie L.

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