LoRa Alliance® End of Year Report 2020



A new version of the LoRaWAN Backend Interfaces Speci- fication was published (TS2-1.1.0). This version of the spec- ification supports LoRaWAN geolocation for roaming devices, and several enhancements to the accounting, JS lookup, NS identification, and message flow parts of the standard. In the spirit of reducing frictions and providing a zero-touch solution, the alliance has published a specification to standardize the QR code format for device identification to-be used during provisioning. TR5-1.0.0 is expected to be adopted by the device and solution makers around the world for using compatible QR code format on the device labels.

The alliance has also been collaborating with the DLMS UA on specifying how to use DLMS over LoRaWAN. LoRaWAN DLMS End-Device Monitoring Guidelines (TR6-1.0.0) has been published to provide a common list of management and monitoring parameters for DLMS use cases. Another smart metering-related activity has been our members engagement with the CEN for creation of a new WG (CEN/TC294/WG7), to tackle transportation of M-Bus payloads over LPWAN connec- tivity. LoRa Alliance ® members will participate in this activity to propose a specification for carrying M-Bus over LoRaWAN. The alliance has also completed development of second version of the FUOTA baseline specifications (multicast, frag- mentation, app-layer clock synchronization) and the very first versions of firmware management, and multi-package access specifications. Publication of these specifications are pending interoperability testing to be conducted among independent vendors. Another area of strong activity has been member collabora- tion to identity roaming spec improvements and help acceler- ate adoption. Multiple new successful interop events among network vendors are propelling new roaming agreements to be setup in the ecosystem. Finally, the LoRa Alliance is actively fostering collaboration between the academia and industry centered around the work we do to develop the LoRaWAN standard. We are very optimis- tic that this cooperation will catalyze many more work bringing strengths of both sides together.

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