LoRa Alliance® End of Year Report 2020



The number of devices being certified is steadily increasing with more than twice as many devices certified in 2020 compared to 2019. The Certification Program was also significantly enhanced in 2020 with the creation of a single Certification Requirement Specification that covers all the regions. It includes both fixed (i.e. FCC regulations) and dynamic (i.e. ETSI regulations) channel plans for the different regions’ usage of license-free spectrum in the ISM band. This single Certification Requirement Specification also includes the additional tests from the public network operators’ device qualification program and the tests required for the certification of end devices against the LoRaWAN ® Layer 2 specification version 1.0.4. The regions covered by the End Device Certification program are EU863-870, US 902-928, AS923-1, AS923-2, AS923-3, KR920-923, IN865-867, AU915-928, and RU864-870. Another major focus for Certification has been the creation of a LoRaWAN Gateway Test and Measurement Guidelines document, scheduled for publication Q1 2021. This document defines what RF paraments to test and guidelines on how to measure them, this will allow all gateways to be measured in a consistent manner so the results can be compared. This work also includes the creation of an additional best practice document to provide information on how to deploy and use the gateways.

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