LoRa Alliance® End of Year Report 2020



2020 meant adapting to change, which resulted in bringing LoRaWAN ® marketing content to you digitally when in-person events were no longer possible. Expansion into digital marketing resulted in more online content from the

Even in the midst of a constantly shifting 2020, some things remained the same: the LoRa Alliance ecosystem continued to answer the call of our planet by enabling new, sustainable use cases and helping to fight Covid-19. In particular, member companies from around the world supported campaigns run by the LoRa Alliance: LoRaWAN for Good and Fighting Covid-19.

LoRa Alliance ® than ever before: • 17 webinars produced in 2020 • 7 white papers – with two more in the final stages of production • 130 use cases

• A complete revamp of the vertical markets area of the LoRa Alliance website. It now offers a much more interactive and content-rich area, showcasing the incredible achievements of LoRaWAN and the work of LoRa Alliance members in each vertical market • The introduction of a new, year-long webcast series called Destination LoRaWAN • The introduction of the Power of LoRaWAN video and theme • The introduction of the 5-Year Timeline Video – celebrating the LoRa Alliance accomplishments • New website focus areas: Fighting Covid-19, LoRaWAN for Good, Security and Private LoRaWAN Networks • The focus on Regional Marketing grew in 2020, including providing localized LoRaWAN content and translation of materials into multiple languages • Launched our Facebook page on November 25, 2020 gaining over 7K page likes as well as nearly 8K followers by the end of the year

As we close on 2020, we see the Power of LoRaWAN helping to meet some of the world’s biggest needs. We look forward to a 2021 that will see even greater adoption of LoRaWAN as digital transformation is accelerated to provide a safer, healthier and sustainable world. The LoRa Alliance is excited about the opportunities ahead! We have the power – the Power of LoRaWAN!

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