LoRa Alliance® End of Year Report 2020



Throughout 2020, LoRa Alliance ® members supporting our vertical marketing activities have poured a large part of their efforts into content creation of all sorts. Events that would otherwise have been held in person, have quickly been turned into a series of webinars bringing together experts from around the globe and the LoRaWAN ® ecosystem to address a variety of topics. Addressing challenges around COVID-19 using LoRaWAN has been one of these topics. Additionally, our members created white papers and use cases that, together with the webinars, have been published on brand new vertical market pages on our website. These pages have become the main reference for any vertical content. We are proud of our content that promotes the great variety of interesting real-life applications around the globe and educates our end user market on the many advantages and solutions LoRaWAN has to offer. Let’s take a closer look at these new resources.

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