LoRa Alliance® End of Year Report 2020




DISTRIBUTECH INTERNATIONAL January 28-30 (Utilities & Industry) 1 presentation (Semtech) & 1 presentation (MultiTech) Booth with 4 participants: Semtech, Senet, Ellenex, MultiTech

WORLD AG EXPO February 11-13 (Agriculture) Booth with 9 members: TEKTELIC, Pessl Instruments, Kerlink & IoT America, Orbiwise,

INDIA SMART UTILITY WEEK March 03-07 (Utilities) 1 keynote by SenRa & 1 presentation by Tata Communications Booth with 8 participants: SenRa, Tata Communi- cations, Microchip, L&T, Semtech, Acklio, Sicame, OneNetwork

INNOVATECH DIGITAL September 7-10 (Logistics) 1 keynote on day 1 (Jorge Varona, Semtech) & 1 member panel (Semtech, myDevices, %! #" &%!&"&"&%#%!#

Paige Wireless, ITK, Sensoterra, Waterbit

Microshare, Actility) Virtual exhibit booth

INTERNET OF SUPPLYCHAIN DIGITAL September 29-30 (Logistics) 1 member panel (Oxit, Senet, Semtech)

ENTELEC WEBINAR October 22 (Industry)

REALCOMM DIGITAL October 26-28 (Buildings) Virtual exhibit booth including members MachineQ, Nesten, and TEKTELIC

IOT PROPTECH SUMMIT DIGITAL November 19 (Buildings & Cities) Moderator (Derek Wallace) for The Technology: A Deep Dive into Connected Technology and Platforms Virtual exhibit booth

Member Panel with Chevron, MultiTech, OrbiWise, and Oxit

Click to watch the panel > Virtual exhibit booth Internet of Supply Chain 3

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