LoRa Alliance® End of Year Report 2020



“The Things Conference offers an opportunity to meet with the global LoRaWAN community and share the value of the LoRa Alliance, membership and certification.”

THE THINGS CONFERENCE January 30-31, 2020 Amsterdam, The Netherlands

“We’re committed supporting and promoting businesses deploying LoRaWAN to enable massive IoT.”

LoRa Alliance CEO and Chairwoman Donna Moore delivered a keynote titled “LoRaWAN ® : The Right Choice, The Right Time. What’s Next? ” on the main stage. In addition to Moore’s keynote, LoRa Alliance ® members delivered the following presentations: • “Evolution of the LoRaWAN Specification” Alper Yegin, Chair of the LoRa Alliance Technical Committee from member company Actility • “Regional Parameters and Global Regulation” Dave Kjendal, Chair of the LoRa Alliance Regional Parameters Working Group from member company Senet • “LoRaWAN Certification” Derek Hunt, LoRa Alliance, Director of Certification

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