LoRa Alliance® End of Year Report 2020



Smart Utilities and Municipalities Congress Smart City Technologies, Alper Yegin, Actility

DistribuTech International 2020 Connecting Broadband to Sensor networks through Standard-based Dedicated Networks, Daniel Quant, MultiTech New Digital Applications with LoRaWAN ® for Utilities and Cities, Rémi Demerlé, Semtech The Things Conference LoRaWAN ® Regional Parameters: What is it, what’s new, and what’s next?, Dave Kjendal, Senet Evolution of the LoRaWAN ® Specifications, Alper Yegin, Actility India Smart Utility Week New Technologies, Innovations and Trends in City Gas Distribution, Dharmendra Tomar, Tata Water Resource Utilization: Future Strategy, Innovations & New Approach for Emerging Technologies, Ali Hosseini, SenRa MCS Knowledge Café Webinar – Schiphol Airport Case Study IoT and Big Data in a Private LoRaWAN ® Network, Charles Paumelle, Microshare Click here to watch >

IoT World & 5G Connectivity Conference Harnessing the power of LoRaWAN ® for deploying your LPWAN IoT applications, Karthik Ranjan, AWS

ENLIT 365 Datatopia Podcast Rémi Demerlé, Semtech Click here to watch > WALIDKHOURY.COM Webinar – Global Water Experts Series Smart Water Applications, Dave Kjendal, Senet Click here to watch >

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