The Record SUNY Buffalo State Student Newspaper

Volume 9-11

November 1920- June 1923

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THE RECORD �-11te---1JfBalfdoS­ Normal Sct.ool. -5- n..;;;;r..,

April 6--Haniet C. Go c n d Charles Wilbur Foster o f I n lil, Indiana. They will · resid,c ia. lnaiaalpoU., April 9-Mildred Stutzman ud John Al­ cnndcr Livinptoa. (1913). Tbe,- au liY. ,in5,.;:i1 1 2;tR� 0 .�t;;'\�:'1'*/f!h3) and James LongJobn,on of Riplcy,N. "'Y. They will live in Ripley. April 24-Dorothy LaDuc (1912) and Reube n Miller Pal m er o f Delaware \Vatcr Gap, Pa. Ju1te 1-Mary Louise H c rgcr (191S) a n d Elmer Wcppncr of Buffalo. They are liv­ ing in Buffalo. Ju n e Z-Margar c t Markc n s Ua n . 1919) and AlexanderJ. Cordes of Buffalo. They ar j ��'; n ���:� 0 B. Coxhead (191S) a n d Mr. Francis Henry Edson of New York. .J. Lewis Ju n e · 26-0la E. Lo n g (1917) a n d Re,,: Thorpe-Cra n dall of New York. They will spe n d a year i n RioJa n icro, Brazil, after which they will live i n New Y o rk City. Ju n e 26-Hilda L o crseh (1914)·a n d Rich· ard Metzger of Alba n y, N. Y., They will liv J ! i n Alba n y. Jun c JQ---,J..farion E. Heclit (1918) and Dr. Sa m uelJ. Lewis of Kala m azoo, Mich. They will live i n Kala m az o o. June JO-Charles L. lfach c (1899) Pri n · cipa\ of Scho o l No. 17 a n d Madeli n e A. Sha n ley (1914). They ar c livi n g o n Sar- July 7-Harri c t C. Dave n p o rt {1917) a n d Dr. Clare n ceE. A n derso n of Buffalo. They arc living i n Wellsburg, N. Y. July 7-Marjori c I. Bach m an (1918) o f Orchard Park a n d AlfredJ. Nels on . Septe m ber 1-E mm a Gruber (1905) a n d Rev. George L o ehr. They wi\J live near Ge n eva where Mr. Loehr is pastor of a rural church. September 8--Mari on M. a n d Warre n City. They Septe m ber 1 a n d Dr. Fra n k They will live at 102 Ro m e, N. Y. Septe m ber 18-N c llic B. Wo o d (1918) a n d D o nald 0. Schreck of Buffal o . At h om e at No. JJ Ard m ore Place, Buffal o . GEO. F. FRANCIS ttelman (1918) a dlmap o

Jtaw,a L. Baab-- Kathrine ....,.___o"""

Loai9e Jteader Alice Tiqlu Mae Nottelmaa

Junes Finte7 w. A Applebee

Miles Landon - Louise Bender )lugaret Donovan

Arotbnla Sorority c ssful choc

I. V c th; � . J. Sec

r:y suee sh p7rty, Mo n

o late bar sale. day, October 4, in

Dorothy McLean Maqa�Baldwin

Anna Br�an Gladys Sandenon

on d rush party, Saturday, October

24, at the Chapter House. 4. Hall o w c ' cn dance, Oct o October JO, for Rush c c girls. S. Lu n c& c o n 2. Rush party· ill ··s o with supper i n J. Masquerade rush party i n Cli o ni o n S o rority I. Ca n dy sale, Septe m ber 29.


ber 29. ·

Do you r We are trying to get acquai n n d we waut you to e n n tance with us. Since the Buffalo ::risN::1,�:�t::::� n th! 0 d��� 1 ,;i depart m e n ts, we have decided'that it will be wise to b a n a 1tudc n t i»,pcr that will be publiahed m ore tha n • two or three times a year. We ar c pla nn ing "The Record" for this year i n the for m o f a news sheet, which shall be issued at least o n ce a mo n th. By ha'ling a paper which is published mo re tha n three timt1 a year, we ca n keep the w o rk of the e n tire scho o l bef o re the m e m bers o f each dt>partmc n t. W... c will n ot be able t o f o rget that we are a part of the sch oo l as well u of tb"t dc'l>lrt mcn t to which we be· lo n g. We wa n t our paper to show to those wh o read it, the various •ctivities of our sch oo l life. We wa n t it to refle<:t th c fi n est 1pirit of l o yalty to our 1eho o l a n d with your help we ca n m ake "The Record" the great· est success o f the year. The tra n sfer of the i n dustrial depart m ent from Albauy t o Buffalo has caused quite a . few change, at the Bnlfalo Nor m al School. Our voc a ti on al departme n t will thi, year occupy u important place i n o ur scho o l life, a n d will add many n ew features t o o ur work. We ar c glad t o welco m e the m e m · b c ra of this department as m e m bers o f our \ i:;t�:i:!1���:;:�c ;'��-:;:,��:it ht tbat tbe,-ve really a part o f o ur elas!lts and c:aa ,hare in our activities. The m e n are Ta,' much i n terested i n all of our aetiv· itiel aad oua\t to g i ve ua a great deal of help -.ith them. They bri n g ua an e n thu· ,iani. ai:id tcbool tl»rit which c:an help to make this on e o f Nor m al', best y c an. c c o p. i&e u1 in thi1 nc w · for m 1 ted with joy thi1 o ur· ew selves a acquai n

a n d theater party at Shea's,

cial Center Roo m ,

Cafeteria, October 10.

�- Prcaideat ---··-·······Elizabeth S c iu: Vice Preside n t ._..._.._.......Bessie O'Brie n R c eording Secretary -·······-..-..Edith Potter Cor. Secretary ·-·-·---·-·····-Hele n Barnett. Treasurer ·--····----····---·-····Ethel Mesmer ---- Preside n t .........-...····--······--···Alice Hall Vice Preside n t ............Ruth Lamy RcCOrding $ec:retary ..................Leou o r c Neill Cor. Secretary ···-········ .. ·-·······An n a Du n ca n Treasurer ....... ......A n oe Satuloff H. A. Clab Preside n t ..... ..................-.Madeli n e Kramer Vice Preside n t ...................__..••Betty Seitz i=.�::r ·::=�-==:=:::::::.::::�;:uc:iTel:�

gym, OetO·


b b

r 20. 4. Rush a r 25. S. Da n

n d pledge party, week of Oeto·


cc,Dcce m b c


r lO.

• Tri Sigma Sorority 1. First rush party at Alice Hall's ho m e, October 5. 2. Rush party a n d di n ner at the ho m e of Clara Paterson. Octdb c r 21. J. Lu n cheo n at the C o llege Clµb by the me m bers of the Passive chapter for the Rushcc a n d Active girls. 4. A nn ual Fall Dance, Nove m ber 25. Y. W. C. A. O n S ep te m ber 20th the Y. W. C. A. gave a r c e c pti on , at which the Social Ce n ter R oom was for m ally dedicated. Fro m Sep­ te m ber 27 tO Oct o ber 9 we carried o n a lively a n d successful m e m bership ca m paign. Best o f all wu the H o use Party, October IS, 16, 17, chapero n ed by Miss Re c d, Miss Cu mm i n gs, M111 Di,;on a n d Miss Harris. The n ext eve n t is to be a MaryJa n e party, the first Thursday i n Nove m ber. Dramatic Club The Dra m atic Club, u n der the directi on of Mi11 Keeler, has already begu n it& year's ;��t1: n :ro;�: c Mi��ft:�! �::::e::; started the readi n g of the Christmu play rJ m �� :1p. -:: : . �� l n to w o rk on the HOIINholil Arta CJab Tbe Houehold Am Club has started thla yea r '• actmtita. Committees han ;.�=:::! !r�le o !"�S:e!r.' oom Theri arc more meu enaobled b7 1tudy thaa. by nature. ---- We capaot succeed In ui)'tblns If we are tmcertahi.

C 0 A L


THE. RECORD ' A'l'lllllmCS Tbe onUoo'k Tor a 1ncc:ea1ful bask e t.ball .-:,a

'ttbe �autT! . , 1nc. .....SAIJS8UllT....... Old-Fcuhloned Ch/clf.a,'Dinner · EoerySandlmien « 1e1y eominJ1U' a . la cmfe · suoke 507 ELMWOOD A VENUE


t '7: y i �r. 'e°::k D b :f:: .!°ka r::� � � well �

a e tf;. ve :�o 1 � s �� t wai

fo fo gbO t h wri r r futm e , mer ca n ten w Second. Q d en t

a cbr, and to giv e purcbu cs .


m a



At S P. M• .an iawrmal r ec e ·r.r wis 1erved bi. the caf e t e r i n ts ,iffn by th e � c nder s tu

ption wa

i If � book it is not bad, bow Pint. i s it i p-shod man ner ? it deaJ with s ituations? Thin!, e a, or is it s d is not l r d oe s a o e w id a• book? s t, o

ly b e ll, o t cou

cau g e d


e (IO e

e ju r

ed eo ��/'�ft� o.!°=do!: d _,:!,t �� c



in a n

a, follow=-� dal



uat a ing. hip rs e e

i u n C!al cbanactttr -and :c; ;�Jt�i' h c hil d t


d y r

Thiadtpartm c of aucaaful work ltl al..-c .-.dat i of ODC bandt- c oQ: iia f • -nlablc ioBa e

ot has compl e t e in v d •ixty-cight wom e d t ou ba s

en ocational trai n 1' m e mb e

Th en t to populariu g,ood books ���i�:��� tt�ri��'J!�o!:hi�: :; cou n try. The Buffalo Public: Libra r v bad a s ple n did di s play of tim e -honored favorit e s aod hook s of recent worth. often s howi n g , two or th ree d iffer e nt e d ition s of on e book. ' M iss Viel e arranged a bok-ubl c of thischar­ acter i n th e Brow s ing Corner of our s chool .lib r ary. Tl) c spon s or s for Childr e n's Book \V cc k !r:� b�i�� c c�;;!� �f1:,�fc� 5 �:� r :� 0 :: cu r e d i o our lib r a r y. We urg e eve r yon e to go to tb c B r ow s i n g Gom e r and become sequaintcd w i th th e books. THANKSGIVING PROGRAM GIVBN BY THB·PRACTICE SCHOOL e mo ve m


s n whose. ons of


all sect i

We Carry All the Latest Books in Our . Circulating Li"bnuy

e c • te . w��::0':�h��o� s oi 1 lt: e t�k�;� an d Mi• Caud el l, th e il c pa r tm e nt was plac ed o n a CoJbiliat e ba si s. E v eo,o n c mmt d o bis. shar e , On r 119Cr tammt l i ft oo a i rl P Clmn'-&amaBBCBPTION RJll THB JUNIORS A n ' th e qaette.a:.-it-e� :feelin' M""i°��==)'tt," WhDe a 1JIUlid' ...,_ ·Jbe line. We ch ee r ed - ..... in th

Porter and Normal Avenues

1 :: sc � a ! r � b:,: Buffalo


New Y o rk

Ii. a. i;aggart' 11 llrltablt� &Jiap HUMAN HAIR GOODS Shampooi ng , Hair Dressing Manicuring, Facial Mauage ! Combinp Made Up Wigs To . Rent 13 GRANT ST. neorHampshire OTTO ULBRICHCO. �bdln,o � - �THE PLACE ID BUY

Do Flor-I

r a-How did yon :iwoae.?

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.....�- �-,.- {6ift ��OJI c. ILS'IUF.F. Pn,p.



BOCIBTYHOTBS For the put two m� tbe IO� �:::m":u�•;:C anil � -- . Aret h ua a Sorority a n a.ou nc ca t h e foJlow,.

ALUMNAE NOTES \e:V 0 d1��b tc � n n R. L ee . rry J. G a ge of th ei r d a u g ht e ll (191S) to Mr. Fr e d Mr s . H a Mr. a n e m a a rri a o n r sha C i ty, Iow a . Mrs. C. M. Gr i ffi n ch in g in Calif o Flore nce J ac Columbu s , 0. s Ther e s a Riem a (C a r ni of M as i s in An s Elsi e C hi g of th e Library of L o 6, 1920. S he h a ldre n (Ad e id e N i ele s , C a E. Jo hn 's D e s A n l i t h te a Mi ss g in M is Lo s Mi s Bor n l a son (1913) hu cha r rtment o f t he , C a lif o . J ose g h med A nn r n p h to Mr. a n col, 1917) a dau Hr,itt. THE SOCIAL -CENTER ROOM T he total c ost of th e So c i a l Ce n t e of walls, ru g s , han gi n s $980.00, of w h d $,310.00, and t he s defrayed by c o n ns ter o n s t i e c n n a lud i ctur es mount t h a i nin n g t in and fur n e s t a t e g expen se from t h t in g itur e pa i w a or o w a i a g e Publi c \Vcavcr July . p a gele s d Mr s in c p i a i ch lic ann r, Ed n ou n ce k d L. S c hli c rm i a. lla B o (1914) i s l an d. 1916) k son for n n <1919) i s te ac hing 1a, � i �� cs o};!

ex c of sh g a rcaul a e od a me s

epti on

to thia pN)v is c ede fter n � n e s pr e vo i on s n r s

io n d by t he e re as

;s made in c as e ketb a ll for t h i s prom isc tere s t e d i n or of th e d ance s dm iss i on . T h e io n is to m a ke st purpo s e s o f b as o n al s uc h r offi ci tt en d s

on d anc in t he a li o nt purp0s e n ce s se n c c of p e

THE RECORD Pabliahecl by theatadeo.ta of Buffalo St a te Normal Scbool. Price.--..5 cents. TIie-.;;;;r... K a thryn L. Haake.--..-Edltor-in-Chief r:.em�:=���;;r:�� Louis e Bendei; Margaret Donavan Alice Tingler James Finley M a c Nott e bn an W. A. Applebee Mile s La n do n ,.._ .. Lou ise Bend e r Mar g a ret Do n ov an Dorot h y M c L e a n A n n a ,Jlrcn na n Margu e rit e B a ldwi n G, lady s Si n d e rso n Vol 1. No. 2 �DITORIALS The first n umber o f T h e R ec ord w a s mo s t k in dly r e ce i ved. Althou g h w e h a d u n d e a d to be supplied wit h ��:�::• ,he a � i ;!b�r �f c ::;r:s ��int��- to T�i� spl en d i d • r e spon se of t h e s c h ool i s o n ly o n e ill us tr a tio n or the loy a lty w e all feel tow a rd �;��:�ch� .. ;;� n �::d ��:; rt e �i!t: !����i o f s upport. With ev e ryone in the s c hool to boo s t, our sch o o l c n t e rpris e s ar c bou n d to su c c ee d. To s ome p e opl e , • C h r i stm as i s an old s llOry, but to the t h ou g htful, i t is Cvcr n he se g;&in dra\\! s nea r, th e s pmt ke n t he cha e ss r ec n g e w i m a ved see d a th g er i n m e r a v e doubt s ch t he ne how th a . The school s t of loy a lty a a s . to w s t our it s sh e s ucc et wa s , t he e i d no fou n d with a splendid s n n w hi d t o s furs h a i Not o n school h a alum na tio n b e � pir i nd : e e : h :�� s �:J �.:t�1�d g immed ia sub sc r i b e � n d c�i:C1�;;�i. ly t he ,· e e have a te · memb e d but ma n rs o y of the f t h e sk e

. T h d th e t s o lly a tud en a s u a of t h yment of a e prov is th e h i g he ool. ot i n

uous att en!�";�m��� d �} c Ny e (1919) to Mr. J oh

n is to a o may c th e p a e s

known 10 t h s chool w h mcrclv on e d e d a e so cia v i th e t h

a Dorothy M

rv e

l lifc of our sc h


Cli o n

nia n t o

S� s rity: Baer km o

�g t h Marjory Krau s

e follow­


the sor o

i G�r:ildin e L1Jb an El ean Iola Butler g Est he Arli n Ida Kraus D o M a D o M a ri s rJ a

Bla c or Brow n Clarke rct Cov en ns Gilbert Goss r Ha g e e H a me is r i o n rty

re MaO' Le nn ie Kathry n M c Hele n McF a

C on rl an

vcv d

Marguerite Murp h y O'Co nn or g a rcl Power s Est he r R e cd rothy Rot h l een Mar D o Gra ce dy s Rou n Wade mb e d s Nov e r 17. fJ��t b ihc th T.J:��r!;�

ey E i

r room ! �s. '

ter Gl a

ive m e

for thi s first d is rusty on

Fi n

l e

y: "Wh a

t will you

rem tr i butio iti a t i o n w as he ld on I n

rt ubscr g jok e ?" Ed i tor: "A ten-yard :;tart." Mr s . Gcmm i l: "How w as iro n c o i: t "1.?.'��r�Shnl� n : "I'm a l i ttl e that, but I t h i n k t h ey sm e lt it."

C h Ce n

�Pf:;, d tury T h ere

e s c Club, T he d ua t i n mount s mber s g r a

ritie s cl asses , .Y. W. C. A., ord, t he r wit h d in by thoug h ll, $40.00. w a s t t he c o s t of a !J b e ins t a ll e d expens e of total e xp e nse , T he R ec g e , to were tur ne ks to t he Sm a th e w i sk. T he t he Elm s r to m ee

Dr a l as s f ac r ecc w ic th is ev e

m a t two ral a ulty m e n ero s t i nt!v turn e ker floor l a

ivC n

by th�orority. e c

cm e r 10. Tri Signia Sorority Sorority h as Si m a n J ac n Ca•.hcrin e k s g rl s rso n :

g wh ich . T han ity of Mi ss d ov e mp, w h i ch retary's d e lud e d in

THE FACULTYSTUDBNT COUJICIL T h e F ac ulty Studmt Cou n o1 is made a.p .of t he follow1n11: m e mb e r s : Faculty M:cmbera M i ss H o uston-Pre s i de nt. M i s s C a udell Mi ss Dod g e , Mr. BradJey. Student llcmben Dorot h y B a rnc�c n ior Class e at. G e rt�udc Murray-Jr. Cl ass Pr es ident. �: s :;�r�·�:�=�� fif!::c'!:?v e m ;;� rc nc c Howard-R e pr esen tative for the'. . T h e Junil;,r r e pr esen t a tive w i U b e e l e ct e d m J an u a ry. Be s ur e an d notify your s e c ti on captala of an y s ugac s tioo s vou m a y ha ve to oBcr S he . �ill r e p0rt to tbt cha ina an of th� Aux i liary Committ e e w h o will tak e it to t h e �Du n c i l Th e Cou nc il is r ea dy to se rve yoa i n a ny w a y p oss ible. ,

tful ge g

pl e


Si t he El i M a H e J\ls e M a r Rut h Rut h ,Lola B a Eu nic le n p h g ar e ho �� ti �� i m a

g folklwi n g g i zabeth And e rio n B a ckm a Sigm a tt e e Bi n g r s o n cm an Brow n inc Bur ns t Dorri e Fo$ e l s on g Heider

Inapired 11d be en a ha t e r. All day long h e rd d a h a It h

y_ for t he d h a

joke ead- d a h ta ;i� e : :tt�,t arnc_d l e

N a H e Je a

on Kle in ll cs d Mor an fred S che k

near t he

se c mp i s inc

wr i p as

l a

len Lew is n M a r sai Etta Shedr ic Mildr e Dorot h iss m c y Vo mb e

fi�n��� n s

e h �: ����\� s

t two. a

nd at four o' c �s�dd u8n° c ed as he r e eve n

lock he

�/! s J:� c

[! ��t1to:;it:;u"'h�:

���! n i n h

s Win i cr Eu g e d W e ;: ll H ��tcld D ece


is w i ll, "All" h

Under"o o


d to his studio for th been a g r e at t ha t h a holdin t e a lot of

ve been ent e of meet in g

rt a

in e d for i t he g m of t h tion a t t h er e n d r a xhib i

t. It i s s

frequently used by student group

e sig h e

tir e


for t he f a tud e nt rig h t y Uc no id c nt of Hou s to n .

�l!As t Wi d e Awake d3y. I ou11:ht to b e v stnff to n i t." op J:�:: "I know i to wr i iu nn Stude n t T eache r; "Jo hn t. I ope ne d i ich lt f e ing. "th is has abl e g h

ft e rnoon tea Mildr e

ivi n g o s t of c


s a

o ,\ l i

r 2, at the

s . A pr o g alw a ys o n e e of th e a p t h , but a he

es e s t t he m a


a of th e co nfl ic ff a t of a the Student F ac ha pl)O i s c s to k ee ''He is a rv e "Ahal A re h a r g ee iro n n e g irs is entr anc

e so t ha ntmcnts. Th e ulty Cou n c i intme n e room i pp o

n a , t h r the w o

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, your mout h is

l, • Mi ss

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dly feel in g s t i m e

at ki n

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n order.

!ho w ��vc h so mu ch n a ch nd 'll kc the world a "::1 . P 1 T�i� eed both at take t ha t , l e t e

t; :i!�rt:i;;r i � h g r, w hen t h er e h om e an d i n me ssa g e to h ea littl e ha pp i If all w o uld g e y ea

os� h0 i s

Not F o fellow c o r a nd wr i it worth $65,000. T ha t' s g eni u s . Ther e a rc a w wor ds on wort h a at's cap i tal. ited St a a qu a rter of g at's m on ey, A me chan i c can d m a k e it in ousa n d doll a r s . t' s skill. Th e re i s a ma n �� cc ; � � � d ca t' s a rt. A merc h a n 1cvc n ty-fivc c e n t s Lon of pap e g f e T h T he U n a n t h T ha T ha

un d uld tak e te a po e

in Webster's

a worthl ess m o n i t a n

p ie d mak e make i t c e wr i te a

m�I\ T �t:-: a ::�p of s art of g old. ular m an . o f mettle!" GEOJ ' F. FRANCIS tccl:--an

Europ e rt, a er for someo n t th e s p i ve t han tm as seas o n g i ri s

on e t " i eiv e it w o

e les s

fortu n t is mor e ", w ha t a uld b e . at e .

rit th a

few men w h e of p a

o c an n d

bles s

e d loriou s


to r ec

a pie c million dollar s .

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te s can

take a n d make it w o

ou nce a rt h tw e

nd nty ouc $S.OO ke a i n t


old an

I n o ch quickly i n n g a g rder t o

e na t h eme n

bl e e C a t s

faClllty m e ri a an h t he f e t e i c

mb e d meet important e y may ha doll a rs. T h r s to ve,

lu n

w h

take m a

terial wort h wort h

f f���; m u n t r n c es s a ry rved very eme n t o f S:di�� i s

to w tc h

Spri n g s

� c t m a uld tak e h vely ne be s e �t� y see h

i!:� d th� 0 li n qu es s ho s imper a t i r e

::!b::, :; e br:fc u at t he door. T his Amcri ca n, f o but it i s s om e tim e for fa c quiddy, a n d th e tubed serving f a a 111emeat i s ma d f::�: g

C 0 A L

r everyon e ulty members t o

i n s w ho ca � : k � it o :�rtt ft l 1 .ooo� s Par i

n t a a d p a

pr e

vi o

u's arr an g

t can

take a n a

rticle c

o s ti n e dollar. g

m!lik'� th:�?:1!ri':h� s

w a rr and sell it f o r on Tt..t' s bu, in en. uthor of t h f o r $90,000,000, but t w o i s c o ul d uld no write a ch t bt w o The a

cilit i e.

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Books for Christmas! Fountain Pens Stationery Toys Games OTTO ULBRI(ylCO. ;J86 Main SL 13 W. Eagle St. Buffalo, N. Y. · 1the pa ntrl?, Inc. L M.. SAUS8URY•.._. Old-Fmhioned Chicken 'Dinner Every Sunday 12:30 to 2:30 P. .7a'.


THB BUFFALO JIAQAZINB OP FDIB ART as A th� e n:����o��o= r · first '""· ....­ ..., .... ... art Jo T h is aim is broaden � o con ce rn, not �er e ly artfstt aod ·art. I 11, but e veryon e . bJ' a f!:; e i:'� e \:1toria� ft" i� h �,:::: e f�Li�·� Sake." The firrt"( e w pag e s of !b e fiut issue ar e d e vo•. e d to matt e r su c h as on e e xpc e ts in a magazin e oi this c hara c t e r. On e t h ought is e mphasi i ed in s e v e ral of th e arti c l e s. All of our artists s ee k to enlarg e th e ir fi e lds of work, and if w e make their int e r e sts our inter e sts, t h ey will r e main wit h ua. Th e r e is'an arti c l e by Wilbur Y:ac e y'Stone 'on "Juliu1 J.� Wood- e ngrav e r", with reprodu c tions of sue. of h is wood c uts. Be­ sides arti c l e s .of this natur e a cal e ndar oi publi c c on ce rts, e xhibitions, and plays is given.In th e s«tion d e voted to eitv or­ gani i atioJl, our own Dramatic Club is m e n• tioned. Tl- e maga i in e i• c onsist e ntly artistic-t he c ov e r d e sip. t he c uU, t he arrang e m e nt of th e c ontents, e ven. th e advcrti& e m e nu; fur· th e rmor e , it confin e s its e lf to th e activiti e s of m e n of t he N•ra Fronti e r. Anyone who will he s to keep in tou c h with th e dill' e r e nt phuea of art in thi1 s e ction of t he stat e would do w e ll to read this littl e magazin e .

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to 4:00 for those who know t c game. All girls who like strenuous spons arc urged to play. We ought to have some good gam e s, and perhaps th e beginn e rs will b e at 1h e oldu play e r1.. Wba can t e ll� We're off! The first game of the school basketball season was played on Wednes­ day two weeks ago, resulting in victory for the soldiers. slo�:�hi! u :;:'w�\te/�ia:h�� i �n 5 d��: lint plllys found ,both teams evenly matched. Bui the rderce's whistle for the end of the first half gave the soldiers the big side of a 7-S score. The second half started i11 grim determi­ nation on the part of both teams-the sold'icrs to hold their lead and the scho!arsh'p men to even up the points. R e al action pr e vail e d on bot h sid e s and the. ball WU always in the air.But.a jinx s ee m e d to calllp on L e nnon's trail wh e n try· iog to c:age the ball. Johnsq,n and Apple· b ee mad e nnmttons att e mpts aher c ompl e t e pauwork but wtt e nnsu c c e ssful. Wh e n .at the r e f e re e bl e w ! he final whist!� w e found 1h e soldi e rs vi c torious witb a dos e s c or e of 11-10. , �non wu t he individual star of 1he pm� and Johnson and Applebe e ,tarr e d for t h e s ch olars h ip m e n. What looked lik e a forf e it gaffli, but was really only a postpon e m e nt. is the fa c t oi 1b e s c h e dul e d � e b e tw e en t h e Fa c ulty and the G e n e ral Normal m e n. On M.ouday, Nov e mber 29, at 4:00 t he s e teamt m e t on tli e c ourt'. Th e winnus oi this pme will play th e victorious soldi e rs _._ of�� =b;:'or:ti:a;::ul�; c :::! '!:: �b� e to b e prcsci:.t at t� e tim e s ch cdul<"d.

Mr. Chopin has b e ral Board m e Teachcr.s'.co. urs e . �tr. Conklin sp e e ss at his hom e in Brooklyn. Mr. Ledoux and Mr. O'Rourk e r e to Elmira for th e w ee k- e nd.. Mr. Johnson spent Thanksgiving in \Velis· vill e . ·. Mr, Caplan visited h i� parents in Albany over T h anksgiving day, Mr. Landon spent t he w ee k wit h fri e nds in Albany. THE VOCATIONAL CONFERENCE Th e Vo c ational Conf e r e n ce in c harg e or L. A. Wilson. Stat e Vocational Dire c tor, was h e ld on Monday Novemb e r 22nd, and th e entir e Industrial Departm e nt Faculty and tw e nty s c holarship men au e ndcd this c onf e renc e . Th e confer e n ce on Hom e making was au e ndcd by Miss Caudell and oth e r m e mb e rs of the facultv and ol the :���. r c lass of th e Hom e making D e part- (Conlf nDH lrom PG,. I) c as e s b ee n bur. ied wher e th e y f e ll and th e grav e s ar e scatt e r e d.· T he bodi e s of our soldi e rs h ave ·b ee n gat h ered tog e ther into larg e c e m e t e ries, so that anv grav e may e asily b e found- e a c h IJTav e is marked with th e name of th e soldi e r and all arc w e ll c ar e d for. At e l e v e n o' e lock on Armistic e Day. th e bdls w e r e rung for ten minut e s, and for a f e w mom e nts class work wu d e lay e d. ee n taking nt th e n add e d to th the Industrial Thanksgiving r e e roll or F e d c turn e d



'!Jlnnen eoe,y eotnltig s.-,vfce 507 ELMWOOD AVENUE or a la


PROGRAM OF CONCERTS Miu Dodge has given t h gram of con c e ll worth heiring: Jan. 4tb-Mi11eba L e Gerardi. c e llist. Jan. 6th-Claa.dio MIWO, 1oprano; Lucba S e id e l -riolinist. Jan.,. t8tb-Guiornar Nona. Bruilim. pianist; Mary Jordan. CODtralto. .,.h:o�ac!:m��� . Ordlntra; e fo1lo,rri:qtt'°'.' rts for this month. whichwill vitald, pillrd1t; Jean be w



We Carry All the Latest Boob in Our Circulating Library ' Cor. Porter and Normal Avenuea Buffalo .. Nel" York ·


Open Mond•y •nd Saturd.,.EHnin..


�h's �rt 111W Ciift � C. M. STUFF, Pn,p.

Ii •. ljaggart'11 Btltahl, ljatr -�ap


Sbampooina, D,euing �Facial� c'o,nbinp �v; • �II" 'to IWit ' u-,mwmsri. ...... �



Gla Jame Lo schoo No. 45, Buffa l Charl No. 45, Buffa l na Red d l Hele N o n Le o d sto w n s y

Rey , N. Y.


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CLI0HIAN-S0R0R1TY «r�i1'!':c!':a�:: 1 �J:y!�r��':'�::� ':!9m� be 2. 0 �:': o ��ri t y sent to v s a n d Chri1t,ra� b a s ke t s t o d e1ervfog f amilies a t C h ri1tmu ti d .1. . Normal Sc h ool ba n ners c an b e b o ul{flt from at! Oi o nian mem b er,. TRI-SIGMA SORORITY 1. E l e c tion of o fficer s Decem b er 13. 2. Ins t alla t io n of offi c ers Decem b er 20 Y.W.C.A.




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c on Buffal egatde H o N o tinui o n g . ffma . 20, Buffa l o. THECHRISTMAS PARTY n (1920) 1 s tea h er c .

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wi!::���rir:�:o/,s h e � r � h do m �!·� s g o i n rrm-"T o m, l en d me a d o l lar an d I'll be e t ernally in d e b te d to you." T o m-"T h a t 's w�tJ'm a f rai d of." Laat Warnin,: "Wha t ' s y o ur dog' s name?" "Gi n ger." "Doe s h e bi t e?" "No, Ginger s n aps." The Egg l i sh spell hum o r h-u-m- o :u-r. Having less· Ot it, th ey make m o re of 11. Inevitable No mat t er ho w efficie n t the C l eva to r o p�r­ ator gels, s o meone is a l ways c allinti: h1rn d o wn. . C'E11t Ritn S t u d e nt -I am i nd e bt e d t"o y o u £ o r all I le;irne d i n your c our s e. Mr. \V o el ln er-No t at a11: it was a mere trifle. A •voodpecker sat on a Freshma n ' s h ea d , A nd s et tl e d d ow n to d rill; He pe c ke d a nd pecke d a nd pe c ke d aw1y. An d wore away h i s b ill. Contri b utor-Y o u s it o n every joke I write. . E d i to r-I wou ldn 't if there was a pomt t o t hem.

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d s in the !'ymnalium. All tree an d . led by s tma c s arol le s , s a n s

BD1TORIAL In tbe buai yat is the time for taJcinJ{ inve n t o ry. Al­ tboqh we may not be engaged in "big b asilie s ,,• Wii have th e busi n eu of our o wn liYea to con&ider ui d WJe must take inven­ tory of nu s tock- in hand. All our valuable UIOtl mustJ:,_e carefully noted and the ---� -and asele,s material must be dis- .pow! :., th� slogane"Elimi:a,e -.aste'" fot ao lb.Ilg that we only smile whrn we beu it, but we cannot afford to igno·e th e e9m:aia.qd We a n ot have our s he l ves hill .of=.. v n lfalea b l c go od s t h at on l y drag dowzrtbe rally g oo d stodc we caTT'Y Dis­ c;:ou� bu no plate on our books. �faill;ircs '. •bich are rcal!v not failurcs at atl. c:.n�t be reeordcd. They onl y re­ tafd.our .,... ...aad keep us from success. �al"e th ev.J uab l e au c t, t h at keen 0111' b�iaess up to par? They include what- =k.tier.itu:-:�:.�:/,'i:!1r,h::o�� ��.� pat lnto youi work, th e more y o u will get o u t o f it; bat it is n o ne the ! c u tnie. E nt er 'lllholehe&rtedly in to your work, Jtive it y o ur bat. h o wevtr poor tliat b e s t m a y s eem Wo�': d if: Pe:r m:: d ��:°1!t�� 1 �, entha,Jum and ea.em, aa.d y o ur year's wort wlll be a undreame d of s u«e s s. n eu w o rl d . t h e ·e nd of t h e

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a lara;ce C h e Glee C l ribute d 11:i a h t is t

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d e ligh Miss Spier an d Cb.u Sa n t a

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�¥1hi caro ls Christma s a , d

nn eveDt, wit in the s . THE CHRISTMAS PLAY h t eal t ch o he 1ingin"" main t ol oe s a great d o spiri t ua s l d n their exce l cl e play, "The Blesse d piritua l ity a nd religi o h e· Drama t le n t ic Club ar t prese u o ain

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7-Car l; 8-Game: t��'::: s o

Mi ss be commended o n ol the mir:i :day." A d eep vor were ma n i f e s Keeler an o t' s

THE GLEE CLUB A Glee Club supper was h el deco. rated in Christma s c olor W,.rtv adiourne d to the so c ial where Chri st tt1as carols were d o a . The ca f •8t h , in the c a f eteri s c e s c ember 21. the Glee C l u b ertained the re s t o f On De t ial appeara where they en t wi tn ini nc e at

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n De�ember na was . Later t h e er ro o m. ung. m ad e Its the Normal p,rty. scho et nt c th th s tmas carob a t e a;cir!s fr e ol o m o f

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ast. e pe nd t a great e color s c al paintings. arity o f . the h l ! H o w can , an d it's s t. We are hall ope n .yon be appom tc d i:!!t!� o n-ca n e awar d e d t o i t b c h s he s o n g s b ': t c t y b n t s C h ri s t. d e

n=���:�:.. �Th: G�����;read B o y." "Santa Lan d .'' 13-T h e Toy Sho1>. · Patt Tw o . I-The C h ri�tmn 'tra d i t ion. 2-Carols: "Chri s tma s Pt"'«." "A Cbri1tmH Carol n 3-Hvt\l,D: "Si l ent Nij[ht." 4-Receuiona l . --,---,---,-- �cti:e ru � y r..:fJ u 1 cac �� L � f thi n e A great an d nobl e d ee d . ..F o r ye1ter d ay UI b u t a d ream. A nd t om o rr o w is Ollly a "fllioa. ���at.- And ?itomoffO"lf. L oo k _ . Sac:bb �

d b �liss keeler and Mi s time on th e c o s f d y remarke c ter of Jesu s from o l n d on

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d were copie eal o hara Ma c

l g a Bibli s itni ffman'

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C ��c s ::�!t2J l �e Clu b s a aces in

SENIORS! ur voi c ew !:!O n g o do her

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the G various p l

Let' s we? We need January 6, a write. A j :��: e J h : m:ike up p l to ea g a c h a n ni n s o c a n t�

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nt we wa c ommittee wi ll n : n u�!'a� nd H��! · s nd .

d o s h d ently, a prize will f th n so i s \.i5Ei.\N COGAN. S o ng Lea d er. GEO. F. FRANCIS give tis the be s do the wri t . I er o e be omet nc i g,

They Go Ou Forever d d o ung'' was n o ie y

"T h a joke. C l bl n ket wi �r y: - e g erk: s a






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Prin th ubjec c Ceu dd o u December 8 ." lllu Emily Dixaoa. ii ab11 absent from hff work in the Khid � rta&. Mila Hel� �=�: t ;!.t:. m � K =: d tie s . . he t . "Nati o io n l t ury Club Ro c k1¥e11 a nal Educa t reue the Twen­ th on t ipa

"Wtll, I wu a:' d ..W�;, t :1a�� fr :o u .r; · hi n u." m!!..�M!J;, b � ck ie11"�b'c: 0 i�� h �!i n on ly f ri t1! 1c: do w n in th.a t remai n for y ing b lan ke t u p t here, I'll it o

l ooking for a

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THE RECORD ' NBW BULLETIN BOARD IN HOME- JUJONG DBPARTMENT The Homemak'ins Department have started a vcey inte r cating fo r m of bulletin board which. if uaed.,- will prove to be of g r eat educational value. . Current topic s and miscellaneou s i1em s of when you pan through the ha I, to s top and read an article� You will 6od it a help in broadening your outlook on pre s ent day p r oblems••and it will keep you up to the mioute without any great effo r t on you r ..... THOUGHTS FOR TEACHERS "Bles s ed i s he who ha s found hi s wo r k," is true; hut work i s ever found ready made. :i� c �o 0 1 ��k� a i� tre��:d�:fo�·: r t�at\l� s ss m3v come back to him." Ahrahrun Lincoln wa s bles s ed. Hi s work as his country's welfare. and he loved hi s count r v, therefore whateve r he did was bles s edwith:id c votion that cou!d l c ad only to sucCCS s :' \V as hington was ble ss ed. Hi s s inglenes s of pu r po�e ano steadfast re s olve to bring his count r y s afely th r ough its infancv crowned hi s li£ c 's work with immorUI s ue- Is you r · work a task, a drudgen,. or a, ble ss ed p r ivilege? WPicheve r it i s depend s wholly on your attitude toward it. KINDERGARTEN SALE The unu s ual.appea r ance of .a laund r y in the basement" caused many comment s and a r ou s ed much -intere s t. It wa s not the e s tablishment of a laund r y, a s s ome thought but a demon s tration of the u s e of th� "\\l'a s hboard Mitt" which the Kinde r garten Seniou we r e selling. The s ale was opened at a ve r y opportune time, for the "Mitt'' could make a ve r y u s eful Ch r i s tma s gift. The demon s tration was ve r y cleve r ly work�5:. ul, and hclpcd to makt the sale a s uc- The p r oceed s of the s ale a r e to be used fo r the Kinde r garten Unit of France. Thi s unit wa s f6unded during the wa r to care for the o r phan ehildrc.n and ha s proved so s uccc ss ful that it has siuce betn continucci. It i s supporlCd by donations f r c 115 and- Kinder1prtcn Teachers' r aining Clau cs of Amenca. The actual amount taken in f r om the s ale has not yet been compulCd, but the profit will be approximately thi r ty dollar s . "BJJ�gR�"�o::i:,: s y��.� D w r gart T






N.S. VoLI · eHA11aain:1c)lolUlAL SCROD'£ - · CURRICULUM The new no r mal s chool cour&e of study, which has been 1ubjected to a careful revision by the variou s s chool faculty members throughout the 11.atc, will be pre s ented to the Board of Regent s for their adoption late in January. D r . Finley placed his 1cal of approval upon it as one of hi s last official act s aa Commissioner of EdllCation. It is HfUmed. 'ibat t � new cou r se of study will become effcctiv n.nt Septembe r . It p r a thre -yeae r cou r ,e, but the department will doubtless rule that the clan r s, during which time the holder will be rcqaired to take an additional yea r or four s amme r ses s ions in order to make the cer t ificate pe r manently valia. A11 s tudClllt who cate r the normal under the· p r ovision of the new c:ourtc of s tudy wifi take the �ame work the 6rst year. At thci cad ofwti.::h � they ma s t elect a specific C:Unicalam. which they will follow.· namely, the Kinde r p r teP-Priulary curriculum, Mic lnttrmediatt Cl9"ricntum or the Graml1)� r Gr.tde;, r riculuni. Such an ar r a!lgffl)ellt, whieb is gaaerallv known u the diffei:entiated curriculum, wm prcpr.« tCa�her s mo r e apccifica11y, and . completdJ for their field of work than he r etofo r e. Under the p r ovisiOAt of the old cour s e of t.Jady. t1te General Normal coune of twv years prepared equally w:ell for any of the gra4n- It bu ... been f,ett, boweffr, 1hat i ;re';!!e0b!da! 1 tiJ:tfJtU:':1:it!. �f:!t, w�b�':= 1 .!."!"fu'aia� demanded, calls for the o&eriq of ltffl'al purely caltural�ill the Hlator,­ of Enalllb Littn.tme, uo• ill the lield r! �:::.i:·:r=� ° t� colleclatelciel. The new ' afhct atlldenta o


1n.1� --- UO.of•....,•I SCIIINB: Boolcll ·,:::: ..::::;rm., BRAK.I.TIS STAOBSBTTING: �o/rooa, oJ.atertlll•floor. , o/ lftlHa f'; t1POreportcn, mtcntt hriMa.....,..., rear o/ '°"'°'e d&Cor, toreortaer Of ,.._ �.,.. MOillfll§ fn -.-fHln o/ IAe.,.,.,..,._. JMUy� ""·,u 1/4f" or,.,..__ . ACT I lU.!'BB.YN: JUl loot at thtamatadal.1 (P'IOCUiaheaarm. atUIOl'tmell.t eC-.rial on lloo r , nncm, In 11N f6 aalltir...'JDWe. tn,e,rrlttea .abeetl. to tin,- .aca-mn tom. bun noteboob.). This a. .&lwt amoaat - ban---abau. 9 ...._ and ._ MIid. at..._ llorlL · -� rm or ... � ..Q'l'll -

386 Maia SL

13 W. Eagle SL

Buffa!� N. Y.

BASJCB!l'BALL SCHEDULE FOR JANUARY Jan. 6-Lafayette at No r mal, 4 P. M. Jan. 7---0rchard Puk, 8 P: M. Jan. 12-Ho j _ 1,i _ gcl s at Holy Angel s , J :30 Jan.lJ--Offcrcd to Hutchin s on at No r mal. Jan. 14--0ffcred to Canisius High at Canis• ius. Jan. 20-Holy Angels at Normal, 4 P. M. Jan. 21---0fle r ed to Hutchin s on at Hutchin- 1on. Jan. 27-.St. Jof,eph's at St. Joseph's. 8 P. M. Jan. 28-0lfcrcd to Technical at Technical. DINNER OF SCHOLARSHIP MEN The scbota" iibip men h�ld a dinner W c dnesdav enning. December 15th. al the Ceritn.l Y. M. C. A. Everyone had a good ti���!°�t, wi Jl n !: r � 0 !fi ��1 11 !��1-::bcc make s apple butter, what grows on :, Ouacken-bu s h?" ---- NEW CLASS IN IIECHANICAL DR A WING A. new clas1 in mechanieal drawing has bttn formed in the Federal Vocational Department The new clau is in charge of M r . A. M. Bellany, who i s a graduate of ou r Normal school. M r . Bellonv hu also taken work at the Technical Coltl!ge of Kassa. and r r om the Geor"• Wubington Univer s ity. He also s erved a s captain of engineer, in the world war. Hlil the world i1 on the w r ong s cent in the.pauuit ofbappine11. They think it con...U 411 hawi;q- and getting and in b c in1t Mned. b,- otbera. In reality it comri1t1 in rims and In senins oth�. r ', deg r ee f

f:; _ ttbe pa ntr�, Inc. L M. SAWBURY.l'N,p. Old-F03hioned Chicken 'Dinner Every Sunday 12:30 to2:30 P. �


'Regula, 'Dinner& cue,y euming or a la ca,te """"




-SCHOOL· SUPPLIES We Carry All the Lateat Books in Our Circulating Libnuy Cor. Porter and Normal A­ Buffalo . :: New Yark PHONE, TUPPER 4394

eceived hi1 Mute

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Mani.ages Miss Ehie C. Dender (1917), January 29, became the bride of Henry M. Klinck. Mr. and Mrs. Klinck will make their home in Ebcnc�cr, N. Y. Miss Anne McConnell (1916) and Dr. Raymond Baxter were married last Thanksgiving Eve. They arc living in Lockport, N. Y. Miss Sarah D. Hill,Sanquoit, N. Y., (W e lls College, 1918) to Mr. Stanley G. Cornish, General Normal, 1917, of Romie-, N. Y., April 10, 1920. Mr. Cornish is principal of the Leonardsville High _School. Januuy Seniors Ma�y Hofmann (1921) is .te a ching ;n School No. 12, Buffalo. Martha Jcnzen (1921) is teaching in School No. 8, Buffalo. Ruth Cunningham of North Tonawand:i. andAlice · WilcoxofShcrman havc acccptcd positions in the cit)' of Rochester. Margaret Stone is teaching in .i sixth grade in the Orchard Park High School. Leora Richardson of South \Yalcs and Jessie Gressman 0£ Eden will teaoh in the schools of Niagara Falls. Dorothy Reynolds has a position in Jamestown. Adele Rosncau went to New York City recently to take the examinations for license number one in the city dcp�rtmcnt. IT WRECKED US Out of .cnms that cover me And make me wonderif I'm sane, I thank whatever Gods there be For my unconquerable (?) brain. In the fell clutch of English VJ ' �" I have not yelled nor wept aloud. I n spite of a ll arithmetic My head is mud�lcd but unbowed. It matters aot how close the roomHow vile tht pen with which I w.ritc. I shalt march forth to meet my doom-­ I've doac my best-I've crammed a lt nighL Dorothy Littlewort. Miss Emily Dixon has resiiincd her po· . sition in the kindergarten on accouat of ill health. Her work has been taken by Miss Helen Prcisch, who will act as substitute until Miss Dixon's ! successor is appointed. GEO. F. FRANCIS

. (Conlln.,.,lt,,:,,npa,..J) ANNA� Was-thill supposed to be written straight across the pap? ETHEL: Why, or cour-in ink and In your bellt Palmer. Thi• 11 alright, Kathryn -1 wrote IL !Alice (aside): Think I'll go back ot the I can think of a title for this thing. That's worae than writing It.I • MILDRED: Why dld you aay shewouldn't meet her claasesthls week? CHRISTINE: Why, she'e spending the week lri Bostoa. LOUISE: Aie these all the jokes! ETHEL (abaently): Nature Study lsn·t I)Olted yeL KATHRYN: Glrla, we m.tut get. down to work. Look at the time! TOMMY: Huah, gang--the big cbler11 speaking. ANNA: When IB this coming out? MARGUERITE: Whaddaya mean? The "Rtoord?" It must be doae toalght. ALICE: Oh, hang-that title's wroag and bere·11 a word 11pelled wrong. There! l · think I got It rlgbL Oh la.toll This pen'• gone dry! KATHRYN: Well, glrl1., I gues11 we've got enoughto.rtlll :��fi8 r i y this time. SCENE: Same. Room in dl1order. Ethel a.n6>-.Katllrvn on thtj! knee.-, Qatllering up the 1hect1 of manuicriPI,-; the otllera re1t-1np or1tretchfngluzu.riou,l.,. KATHRYN: Now, we've got to count Jlne,andtltlt to tbe "dummy.'' ANNA (lar.lly); Wbat'a the "dummy"! Do you mea.n a aca.recrow! ETHEL: No, you sllly-lt'a a blank form of the paper. (Counting) l, 10, 2, 4, 6, 8. 20. Oh, g8.wsht this artlcle'a too long! > :i�i���:��dtl�nB��te t�O:;: n :rr� this job, girls, l have an appla in my locker . I (Mr. Smith poku bis head lo the joor a.nd quickly retreats.) CHRISTINE: Well, whaddaya s'poee lie wanted! We'll probably know In a minute. (Mih Howland (opening door): Glrla, what are you doing! Mr. Smith sa_ td you were etudylng here, and you know that's 11galn1£.1:he rulee., EVERYONE: It's alright, Mtsa Howland. It's only a "Record" meeting. ETHEL (tragically): {after dlligeo� oountlngJ. Kathryn, what lb.all we do! We ha"H loads too much material! What Cl\n we cut out! KATHRYN: And there we were worrying about tl.lllng thl11 l.uua! MARY: We mlght omit aome of the ,Okel. . (CrlM rrom all: Nol Not Impoaalblel) .KATHRYN (realgnedly): well, the printer wtll probably ION aome anyway, 10 why worryt We'll aendltJJ.lJn. (Ollrltd•} HAVE WK IT1 Purw1c. Bnthusium. • Prosperity. Miu Alice ·Brigham, who is takin1 the year for study at Tea.chert' Collqc, wm receive her des,-ec (rom th1t institution in June. She bu already- receiftd two l.atter­ ing offer, of position, oe. the Tachen' College faculty bat hat decided to return to Buffalo Normal School nut year. Thl• decltlon on her part will be a tolln:e of 1reatatatlfic a tlon not on)y to thoaedlrectl7 interated ia the HomMiialdq�t but · toa1tlerftlnlk. . ,I

SOCIETIES . """'-"°"""' J. Election of ol!&c:en. P�aident-Cbriatlne� wi !�::;,�� d s�)(upcrite 8" m �� rrcsponding S«retarr-Bemlcl' . � Trca�urer--Caro!Ule BernhardL 2. Delegate• to Con'l'OClltloD. at Brod> port. "' Junior Delegate-Gertrude Marra,-. Senior Delegat&-Beuie O'Briea.. 3. ·Installation of of&cen at a Mldl1. meeting at the home ofGortnldeIIUIIQ". R m!; . �� rcsponding Secretary- itliaD Black- Trcasurcr-Margattt Don.ovan.. . i �:��� a �r v "cn ° t:�he;"��� in the Gymnasium, January 13th. 4. Normal banners may be obtained hom the C\ionians al ;1.00 each. Tri Sipla Sorority I. Election of officers. President-Ruth Lamy. V We arc looking forward to being entertained several times bv the orchestra in assembly during the comiag term. \Ve :tlso cxocct to hear the Glee Oub sing in assemblr in the near future. Y.W.C.A. Mrs. Rec(f will speak on Margaret Slattery either Thursday or Friday of thit week. At this meeting Miu Harris wlU be oresent aad we wi'll decide on the topics for Bible study during Lent. W1' R Sincere. Effici"'t. Neat. Jnd�dent. Obedient. Retlab�. SnecuafuT.

THE- RECORD Pablldicdl>y tbc stadmta of Bdalo State Nonnal SdaooL P r ice.__---5 cents. .... ._.. .... Kadaryii L. Haab--"EditoMn-Cliief Etbcl IL Barn----AslOciate Editor g::: ��-==�= =� Louile B' mdcr lhrprd Donann• Alice Tiqler James Flaky l,lae 7iotte1-aaD W. A. Applebee llildieclMWcr Mr. A..W. Busch -Ma.ry Lynch Mr. Jlc. Sommer& lfilea Landon ........... Dorothy Mcl.eam Anna Brennan Margaeritc Baldwin Gladys Sanderson Vol. I No. 4 EDITORIALS We arc very glad to welcome the new studHts who have come to take op their duties with uS. Wesincerely hope that they �II enjoy life atNormal as muchas we do. 'More truly for us is tpis, the first of February, the beginning of our New Year. Ex­ a mlllations have. clo,cd all past errors and troubles. We have a brand new term before us. new classes, different instructors, new books, cle a n notebooks and a clear co11- acicncc. With a!J these tu. our favor, let u, be ready to meet this new term with renewed enthusiasm and determination that better than' ever before we will march thrpugh,.this� t�ty weeks,strong and wnfideo.t. - For tile Senion, this is our l a st year in school a, Studciits and our last opportunity to show OUTSdves as students. Let us all start this ntw 1crm with enough energy and pep to carry us all the way through and carry us with a sweep and a ha?gl Wepromised in our first issue ; this year, toncord the v a rious activities of our school life, to. reflect tbe fine •pirit of · , loyalty shown in our school, and, with'your help, to make "The Record" a success. We ban tried, in each issue, ·10 Teali:t:c these p]am. The four numbers to which you subscribed have been put in your hands alld now it il for you to help us make the nezt four successe,·or f a ilures. We arc ukin1 for-a aubacription . from eich student in the 1cbool. If you have enjoyed your E:l::, ��t:�t� .!� t�:s� n im ;��t PBRSOHALS Mila Walker apent the -k of February 1 in Boaton. visiting ' Wellesley and Radeliffe coll eges.. to be held a t Atlantic City, March 3rd One of these � deliveredbefore tfie National Peace 11111 Rarri50D who graduated last month from Teachers' CoUe&e h11 taken up her work with tbc Home-making Department IUld will in a_ tract in Coatume Design an d ........ Miu Rdth Cumminga bu reaigncd her Pi>afdcm t aa inatractor in foods an.d auper· � . l: �� iu E!°:::; i c! o :,\ o ! wodt' fa the State of Rhode bland.

Overwork • ,P. (before exams): "The more I read on the sabject the less·1 seem to know about ii." Mr. Root: "I ace you have been reading a great deal.'' • Why, Henrietta, did you think ycur head only 1wims when you arc aubrncrgedt' "Where was the armistice signed?" "In the lower right hand corner. G'w-. ia away.' 1 Ed: ''Did you ever read proof?" One of staff: "Naw, who wrote it?" No, Eberhan:I, 'WTitlng paper is not the only thing that la stationary. Junior: "Do you thinkIhave imagination enough to be a writer?". MisS' Lannin'g; ·'Do you think you•passcd this course?'' Junior: "I do." MissLaaning: "You ha v e." No, Amphroaia, a pulmotor will not get an autc out of the mud. (Senior to Junior strolling across the snow): "Hey, don't you like the paths?" Junior: "Yes, m'am, I'm just making a new one." Proud Guide (pointing out a certain building): �This building goes back to Garfield , our martyre d President." Dear Old Lady: "Why, wasa't it satisfactory?" No, Agernem.mon. no matter how hun,ry a hon.e ill, he can never cat a bit. "Have you a waming signal on the froat of your car?" "Yes, Ihave a little round thing that says "Dodge Brothers.'' ---- He: "Yes, I am going to get my C. E. degree. I 1pcciafoted in bridge work.'' Sweet Young Thing: "Card player or dentist?'' The Ford Apin. "Why is a 1chool teacher like a Forit car?" "Because she givca the most service for the least money." ---- Teacher: John, why arc you 1cratching your head? . John: Becaun, nobody else know, just where it itcbe1. A Fiala F�Ie The nig1it wa1 dark and stor,;ny. Thc:v were wca d ing !heir way homeward through the wintry gale. "Gn.dout, how the north wlad" howls! 1he cxclaillltd. "Yu, tbat i1 cau,ed by tbe Arctic whale1," he answered.

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