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Fitness is a journey unique to each person. The factors of your environment, genetics, and even your finances can all play a role in how well you manage your health. But it doesn’t have to be a cosmic roll of the dice for you to determine your fitness fate. A physique you can be proud of isn’t going to be gained by guesswork, and it will take more than a fleeting feeling to get you there. When I got into the health and fitness industry five years ago, I was dead set on creating an environment where you can become the best version of yourself while working alongside professional trainers who put you on the fast track to success, with plenty of high fives along the way. I like to think I’ve done just that. Today I am in a position to help countless people fall in love again with how they look and feel, but — as is true with so much in life — it was a long road getting here. I grew up in Oregon, and when I was 12, we moved to Southern California. As the years went on, I was able to achieve a self-appointed distinction as “least famous person at my high school” before moving on to follow my love of sports at the collegiate level. While that didn’t quite work out, what I gained instead was a love of staying fit, especially in team-oriented

environments. Life kept moving along and I was soon blessed with four daughters: Madison, Haley, Tèa, and Savana. I took great pride in passing my passions along to them, coaching their volleyball teams as they grew up. We all grew to admire the values athletic pursuits can offer, and for that I am grateful. As my daughters grew older, I began to dream of a different career path. For years I’d been a real estate broker, and I dreamed of a time when I no longer had to work in such a negative environment. While I enjoyed helping people with their financial futures, the daily grind of dealing with crooked banks created disillusionment for me. It was about five years ago when I started to take notice of the Fit Body Boot Camp. Their Boot Camp sessions caught my eye, and I decided to open my own branch in Manteca. That was such a resounding success that I expanded, opening another location in Turlock. My time with Fit Body Boot Camp was special; the results were life-changing, both for clients and myself. But I clearly saw the need to move on. Fit Body Boot Camp was such a specific type of “drastic change” fitness that our best clients would end up training themselves right out of the business,

so to speak. They would get in shape, then take their newfound fitness to the next level with other programs. I wanted to start something that could not only match their excellent progress, but also go with them on their fitness journey. That’s when I got the idea for Carter Fitness Lab. With our specialized fitness sessions and habit-based nutrition plans, we are now able to help people attain a higher level of well-being. The results have spoken for themselves, even in my own life. After a 12-week program I was able to drop from 17 percent body fat to just 5 percent, and from 196 lbs. to 180 lbs., all while swapping fat for more than 10 pounds of muscle. I’ve seen plenty of people lose more than 20 pounds in six weeks with our programs, but that’s just the beginning. Now that we have the extra freedom of our own space, a little success doesn’t have to be the end of your journey. My goal is to “go beyond boot camp” and turn real desire into real results. Let us help you bring out your best self. If we’re both working to motivate one another, that motivation — and the result that comes with it — doesn’t have to be a fleeting feeling.

–Saul Carter

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