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RNJ - Rack and panel cylindrical connectors

EMI shielding • Shells are grounded before contact mating • Lightweight space saving design • Durability: - 500 cycles • Moisture resistance: in addition to interfacial seal, main joint souffler and rear gasket on the plug are set up for moisture sealing between connector halves • Corrosion resistance: • Olive drab cadmium over nickel plating on aluminium shell (withstands 500 hours of salt spray expo- sure) or electroless nickel • Free cadmium version also available. • 8 shell sizes from 11 to 25 • Contact protection: • 100% scoop-proof. The design prevents bent pins and a short circuit occuring during mating. • Between 1 and 128 contacts in accordance with Mil-C-39029 standard • Crimp contacts sizes 22D, 20, 16, 12, 8, 4, 00. • PCB contacts sizes 22D & 20 (size 16, 12, 8, please consult Amphenol) • Wire-wrap contacts sizes 22D & 20 • Optical termini (POM series) in accordance with Mil-T-29504 standard • For environmental applications: - Supplied without rear accessories. Design provides serrations on rear threads of shells. Compatible with some M 85049 rear accessories for MIL-DTL-38999 I connectors. Please consult us. • Temperature range: -65°C +175°C • Insulation resistance > 5000 Mohms at ambient temperature under 500 Vcc RNJ - RACK AND PANEL CYLINDRICAL CONNECTORS MAIN CHARACTERISTICS


The RNJ series rack and panel connectors are qualified for the requirements of the standard DAT C 5935 x 0005 HE308 21, 25, 26 & 27T models. They are used to connect electrical and optical devices between a moving unit (rack) and a fixed unit (panel) without any coupling / uncoupling device. This function is ensured by a system of moving and the fixed units. The connectors are built to allow for design tolerances (up to the limits shown in figure 1) during the mating of the connectors and the final locking of the moving and fixed units. These connectors are derived from the LJT series and meet or exceed the MIL-DTL-38999 Series I requirements.

• Military applications & Aeronautic • Advanced industrial applications APPLICATIONS

RNJ - Rack and panel cylindrical connectors


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