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Since 2014, Amphenol Socapex offer an electrical harness option around connectors, to provide our customers a turnkey solution !

→ 200 experienced team members dispatched in 8 dedicated cabling lines dedicated by product type, in a 700m² assembly shop in Pune, India. → A cost advantage for all harnesses that include our legacy products, 2M, 38999, PT/451, RJF & USBF, High speed solutions (Quadrax, Octomax, Twinax, Coax, RF contacts), Accessories,…

→ State of the art capabilities :

Engineering Flattening (form boards) of electrical harness, Wiring Diagram and hook-up to manufacturing files Data base & configuration management, pins allocation, routing files Programming for automatic electrical test Integration of mechanical parts Following your installation constraints on your Structure/Vehicle : Cutting plates, feedthrough, racks, brackets.

Full production capabilities Stripping & crimping hand tools for standard wires

Sleeve Heat-shrinking Manufacturing jigboards

Dedicated workstations for 1st extremities Laser stripping for smaller wires / nick free stripping.

Full testing capabilities in climate controlled area Fully automated / programmable electrical testing machines. Network analyzer for Ethernet and high-speed cable assemblies VNA for co-axial / RF cable assemblies

Field Cabling Specialists Both in France and India, our team have capability to make your drawings, to take dimensions on your mock- up and perform modifications or reparations in situ

A real expertise

Improved logistics flows Our self Management of the connectors and accessories supply chain to reduce and secure the harness lead times

Whether in the harsh evironments applications and market, on the components or harnesses, we rely on all Amphenol know-how to provide you with the best products, to fit all your needs.

Due to technical modifications, all information provided is subject to change without prior notice Designed by Amphenol Socapex


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