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Micro Band Shield Termination System:

Micro Band Termination: For assembling cables to overmolded style 2M connectors or backshells, the Micro Band System offers quick termination of cable shields and flexibility to be utilized on a wide range of parts with just one band size. These rugged straps have passed numerous hazardous environmental testing, including shock and vibration. Approved for use in military and aerospace applications. MATERIALS: Micro Band Installation Tool. Use with 3.05 mm wide bands. 172 mm. length, 0.6 Kg

Micro Band, 3.05 mm wide. Available in two lengths, flat or pre-coiled. Stainless steel.

Micro Band Installation Tool: 2M600-061 (Daniels DBS-2200)

Length (mm) 206,38

Part Number (Flat) 2M600-057

Accommodates Diameters (mm)





Micro Band Shield Termination Instruction:

Retention Lip

1. Prepare cable braid for termination process (Figure 1). 2. Push braid forward over adapter retention lip to the adapter incline point (10.2mm minimum braid length). Milk braid as required to remove slack and winsure a snug fit around the shield termination area (Figure 2). 3. Prepare the band in the following manner: IMPORTANT : Due to connector/adapter circumference, it may be necessary to prepare the band around the cable or retention area. A. Roll band through the buckle slot twice. (Band must be double-coiled!) B. Pull on band until mark is within approximately 6.4mm of buckle slot (Figure 3). The band may be tightened further if desired. NOTE: Prepared band should have this mark visible approximately whereshown in Figure 3.Shield Termination Clamping Process (Figures 4 thru 8) NOTE: To free tool handles, squeeze handles together and move holding clips to center of tool.

10.2mm MIN Braid Over Termination Area



4. Squeeze gray gripper release lever and insert band into the front end opening of the tool. (Circular portion of looped band must always face downward.) 5. Aligning the band and tool with the shield termination area, squeeze blue pull-up handle repeatedly in full strokes until it locks against tool body. (This indicates the band is compressed to the tool precalibrated tension.) NOTE: To loosen or remove band before locking and cut-off, squeeze gray grip per release lever on tool and pull band out. To loosen or remove band after blue pull-up handle locks against tool body, squeeze pull-up handle and push tension release lever on top of tool forward. Let tension handle return to original position and use the gripper release lever to remove band. 6. Complete the clamping process by squeezing the black cut-off handle to form lock and trim excess band. To remove excess band from tool, squeeze gray gripper release handle, pull out and dispose. Inspect shield termination.


Adapter Incline

Fig. 1

Fig. 2

Tail Length Indicator Mark


Fig. 3

Fig. 4

Fig. 5

Fig. 6

Micro Band

Fig. 7

Fig. 8

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