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謝辞 shaji • acknowledgments

DORLING KINDERSLEY would like to thank Tracey Miles and Christine Lacey for design assistance, Georgina Garner for editorial and administrative help, Sonia Gavira, Polly Boyd, and Cathy Meeus for editorial help, and Claire Bowers for compiling the DK picture credits. The publisher would like to thank the following for their kind permission to reproduce their photographs: Abbreviations key: t = top, b = bottom, r = right, l = left, c = center Abode: 62; Action Plus: 224bc; alamy. com: 154t; A.T. Willett 287bcl; Michael Foyle 184bl; Stock Connection 287bcr; Allsport/Getty Images: 238cl; Alvey and Towers: 209 acr, 215bcl, 215bcr, 241cr; Peter Anderson: 188cbr, 271br. Anthony Blake Photo Library: Charlie Stebbings 114cl; John Sims 114tcl; Andyalte: 98tl; apple mac computers: 268tcr; Arcaid: John Edward Linden 301bl; Martine Hamilton Knight, Architects: Chapman Taylor Partners, 213cl; Richard Bryant 301br; Argos: 41tcl, 66cbl, 66cl, 66br, 66bcl, 69cl, 70bcl, 71t, 77tl, 269tc, 270tl; Axiom: Eitan Simanor 105bcr; Ian Cumming 104; Vicki Couchman 148cr; Beken Of Cowes Ltd: 215cbc; Bosch: 76tcr, 76tc, 76tcl; Camera Press: 27c, 38tr, 256t, 257cr; Barry J. Holmes 148tr; Jane Hanger 159cr; Mary Germanou 259bc; Corbis: 78b; Anna Clopet 247tr; Bettmann 181tl, 181tr; Bo Zauders 156t; Bob Rowan 152bl; Bob Winsett 247cbl; Brian Bailey 247br; Carl and Ann Purcell 162l; Chris Rainer 247ctl; ChromoSohm Inc. 179tr; Craig Aurness 215bl; David H.Wells 249cbr; Dennis Marsico 274bl; Dimitri Lundt 236bc; Duomo 211tl; Gail Mooney 277ctcr; George Lepp 248c; Gunter Marx 248cr; Jack Fields 210b; Jack Hollingsworth 231bl; Jacqui Hurst 277cbr; James L. Amos 247bl, 191ctr, 220bcr; Jan Butchofsky 277cbc; Johnathan Blair 243cr; Jon Feingersh 153tr; Jose F. Poblete 191br; Jose Luis Pelaez.Inc 153tc, 175tl; Karl Weatherly 220bl, 247tcr; Kelly Mooney Photography 259tl; Kevin Fleming 249bc; Kevin R. Morris 105tr, 243tl, 243tc; Kim Sayer 249tcr; Lynn Goldsmith 258t; Macduff Everton 231bcl; Mark Gibson 249bl; Mark L. Stephenson 249tcl; Michael Pole 115tr; Michael S. Yamashita 247ctcl; Mike King 247cbl; Neil Rabinowitz 214br; Owen Franken 112t; Pablo Corral 115bc; Paul A. Sounders 169br, 249ctcl;

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All other images are Dorling Kindersley copyright. For further information see www. dkimages.com

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