Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation Impact Report

Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation Impact Report featuring FY 22 Highlights and Vision for the Future. Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation brings sight to Georgians who need it most. 

Impact Report FY 22 Highlights + Vision for the Future

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5582 Peachtree Road • Atlanta, GA 30341 • 404.325.3630 • • @galighthouse

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Our 2022-2023 Board Members

Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation brings sight to Georgians who need it most.

Our Board of Directors remains very active with committees addressing all aspects of Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation – development, finance and audit, investment, governance, advisory, programs and quality assurance, personnel, and a facilities special committee. Each committee receives report from the various staff and advises Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation on issues, concerns and improvements.

Take a Tour To tour our facility in Chamblee, please reach out to Beth Ehrhardt at: or 404.844.0122

Officers SECRETARY Marlene Humphry Byron, GA

We are excited to share highlights from the past year, demographics and finances during FY 2022 (July 1, 2021 – June 30, 2022) and our vision for the future. Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation is dedicated to transforming vision in Georgia. Welcome

BOARD CHAIR Tammera Sears Cordele, GA

VICE CHAIR Mark Bradley Macon, GA

TREASURER Wes Gifford Atlanta, GA

PAST CHAIR Kembra Smith Atlanta, GA


Bela Csepi • Marietta, GA

Dennis Chapman • Woodstock, GA

Harold Walker • Lilburn, GA

Joann Smith • Braselton, GA

Beth Ehrhardt, Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation Executive Director

Shannon Kingston • Hahira, GA

Vicki Hubbard • Social Circle, GA

Lois Modell • Savannah, GA

Martha McAfee • Roberta, GA

The need for our traditional vision mobile and onsite clinics continues to be important for children, students, and adults in need of vision care with an optometrist present. We are excited to announce that Kia is sponsoring an initiative to provide vision care to children at select Title 1 Atlanta Public Schools and participating YMCA summer camps. Learn more about this initiative on page 6. >

In April 2022, Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation initiated a pilot project of tele-optometry to address the needs of the 52 rural Georgia counties, which do not have access to a vision professional in their county. We purchased hi-tech equipment to allow the remote optometrist to clearly see the health of each patient’s eyes and develop eyeglass prescriptions as well as refer patients for additional follow-up care such as surgery. We began testing the program in urban areas to ensure that we could be successful and are now starting to reach out to rural counties. Because of Georgia regulations, we are working with Federally Qualified Health Centers and Public Health Departments to ensure that we have a licensed professional onsite. Our patients and the staff at these facilities have well received this service. Our vision is clear that this is an important step to bring vision care to rural Georgians ages 15 and older, while addressing the lack of available vision providers.

Frank Hunton • Acworth, GA

Len Cutuli • Savannah, GA

Al Hernandez • Acworth, GA

On behalf of the Board of Directors and the clients we serve, I would like to express a heartfelt thank you to Edwin Link, Beth Ehrhardt and the devoted staff at the Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation. Special thanks to our donors, partner agencies, and volunteers, we could not provide the life-changing programs and services without your support. It is an honor to serve as the Board Chair and to witness firsthand the increased quality of life for Georgians in financial need. A Note from the Board Chair Sincerely,

The future is bright for the residents of Georgia because of your support. Thank you for your past support and your year-end donations this year.

Tammera Sears

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All I can say is wow, this was amazing. The foundation was truly a great experience. I am no longer having any difficulty seeing, after not having an eye exam for over 10 years. I love to read, and the print in books and magazines seems to be getting smaller and smaller. After receiving an eye exam and glasses, I can now read print no matter if it’s small, medium, or large. I cannot say enough how great the staff is, how professional they are, and much they truly care. I can tell that you love what you do. I love how this can help so many become more educated, because they will be able to read. I am a very, very, very happy customer. Bonita Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation Patient

Vision Care Services Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation

The need in Georgia for access to affordable vision services is great.

I’m so glad my husband now has glasses. He wouldn’t do many things, when he couldn’t see. Now, he goes out with his brother, and will even go out to eat because he can read the menu. This was a gift from heaven. I can’t believe what he’s been missing. He can now see better than he could the past 8 years. Wife of Allen Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation Patient’s Wife

Average patient cost exam/glasses = $25/person vs $300 for profit 52 Georgia counties currently have little or no access to eye care* 30% of Georgia counties lack eye care services 1.4M Georgians were uninsured in 2019 408,000 low-income Georgians do not qualify for Medicaid in Georgia and make too little to get financial help to buy private insurance at These Georgians have incomes below the poverty line (less than $12,769 a year for an individual or $21,720 a year for a family of three) and fall into the coverage gap with no affordable health insurance options.

My vision was greatly blocked, and I couldn’t even look for a job. I decided to see if I needed glasses, but they told me I actually had cataracts and needed surgery. The surgery went so well, now I can find work, and do the responsibilities that it will include. Thank you for everything. I’d be blind without you. Gary Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation Patient

Free Frame Kits & Financial Assistance: Frame kits are provided to ophthalmologists and optometrists who have patients unable to pay for their glasses. We provide vouchers for vision exams, when we cannot offer them ourselves, for patients to go to a private ophthalmologist or optometrist at no charge to them. With a valid prescription, anyone can use our onsite lens fabrication in Chamblee to receive reduced or free lenses.

*Source: Emory Eye Center

Our Recycling Center is one of the largest of its kind in the US. In addition to eyeglasses, we accept readers, sunglasses, hearing aids, and cell phones. Recycled eyeglasses are processed and sent out on mission trips in foreign countries. Money earned from selling recycled items goes directly to Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation services. You can volunteer individually or as a group by sorting donations, washing eyeglasses, or reading prescriptions in the Recycling Center. No special skills are needed. Eyeglass Recycling

Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation partners with ophthalmologists and surgery centers across the state to facilitate sight-saving surgical procedures, including treatment for glaucoma, cataracts and diabetes-related vision impairment. Vision Surgery

Tele-Optometry Vision Exam Program

Vision Clinics & Optics

In addition to our tele-optometry program, we offer free eye exams and low-cost glasses to qualifying patients at our facility located in Chamblee. We have a glasses only clinic located at Grady Memorial Hospital, as well as a traditional statewide mobile clinic program. In partnership with licensed optometrists and ophthalmologists, we provide fully dilated eye exams and high-quality eyeglasses produced in our optical lab.

Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation launched the first-ever statewide tele-optometry vision exam program in April 2022. This program is focused on one goal – serving patients who need us most where they live. By leveraging cutting-edge technology, we will better coordinate services in areas of the state with no access to vision services.

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Strides 4 Sight & Sound

Transforming Comprehensive Vision Care for Children

Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation is proud to announce the results of the inaugural Strides 4 Sight & Sound. With your help, we exceeded our stretch goal and raised $46,365.68. Monies raised through this event directly funds the mission of Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation. On April 23, 2022, over 40 people joined us in person and about 90 individuals across the state joined us virtually. We are grateful to our sponsors, volunteers, staff and participants who made Strides 4 Sight & Sound successful.

Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation is excited to announce a new partnership between Kia, Atlanta Public Schools, YMCA, Lions Clubs of Georgia, Lions Clubs International Foundation and the Peach Bowl. Kia is generously funding this initiative for Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation to provide eye screenings, eye exams and glasses for 3rd – 5th grade students in select Title 1 Atlanta Public Schools and participating YMCA summer camps.

Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation • 5582 Peachtree Road • Atlanta, GA 30341 Save the Date for Strides 4 Sight • April 22, 2023

Events Contact Fran Schefer at for 2023 event sponsorship opportunities.

During the school year, Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation staff, along with Georgia Lions Club member volunteers and volunteer licensed Optometrists, will perform vision screenings and exams at select Title 1 Elementary Schools. If at any time, volunteer Optometrists are not available, we will provide the students in need of vision exams with VSP vouchers and a list of doctors in their area who participate in this initiative. During the summer, Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation staff, along with Georgia Lions Club member volunteers will perform vision screenings at participating YMCA summer camps. Youth in need of a vision exam will receive VSP vouchers and a list of doctors in their area who participate in this initiative. All eligible students in this initiative who need glasses will receive them free of any charge, thanks to Kia. Thank you to our partners for bringing sight to school children in need!

This initiative will operate from November 2022 - October 2023 and will include: 1. Eye screenings by the Lions Clubs and other volunteers 2. Eye exams by Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation or VSP providers for students identified through screenings in need of further examination 3. Fabrications and delivery of glasses to eligible students by Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation 4. Follow-up satisfaction surveys obtained by Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation

Nearly 100 patients, donors, Lions Club members and partners from across Georgia attended an Open House for the unveiling of Memorial and Honorarium Bricks placed within the Tom and Mildred Bingham Memorial Garden, located at Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation’s offices and vision clinic in Chamblee. The event included guided tours of the Chamblee Vision Clinic, the recycling center, the school mobile unit and learning about volunteer opportunities. Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation Board of Directors also contributed three special brick dedications to the Garden in memory of past board chairs. LEARN MORE Open House & Brick Unveiling

2022 Evening in the End Zone

On October 17, 2022, the Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation hosted a very successful Evening in the End Zone event presented by the Peach Bowl at the Chick-fil-A College Hall of Fame in Atlanta which raised over $325,000! Thank you to all of our sponsors and supporters who are making a difference in Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation’s mission. For a list of sponsors visit: CLICK HERE .

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Evening in the End Zone Beacon for Hope Award Recipients The Beacon of Hope Award honors a medical professional who demonstrates an unwavering commitment to vision health care for the uninsured in his/her community.

Georgia Lions and Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation: A Legacy of Shared Vision and Support

Dr. Ailene Kim - 2021 Dr. Kim is a tremendous force in what is central to our mission and that is service to fellow Georgians in need. Dr. Kim repeatedly has shown up, has participated with us, and is a true beacon of hope and representation of what our mission is in the community.

Dr. Seung Shin, OD - 2022 Dr. Shin began volunteering with Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation in February 2021, and since that time has donated countless hours at the Chamblee Clinic and on the road providing eye exams to students in Title 1 Schools.

March 2023 will mark the 74th anniversary of the Georgia Lions coming together, led by Lion Tom Bingham, to form Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation.

The initial purpose of the original Lighthouse is very much reflected in the current mission of the Foundation today, which is, “providing Georgians in need access to affordable vision services.” We are proud to share this history and heritage with the Lions Clubs in the state of Georgia that comprise Multi-District 18. Lions play a critical role in the operation of Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation and the delivery of our mission. The composition of our Board of Directors, who provide leadership and governance to Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation, is mostly Lions.

Additionally, Lions truly extend the reach of our mission into the 200+ communities that are each served by local Lions clubs through vision screenings and patient referrals.

Volunteer Doctors Contact Kaelin Hill at

Collectively, Georgia Lions are also a significant source of financial investment that helps fund the mission generating over $100,000 of Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation annual operating revenue in any given year. One program that truly epitomizes the Lion’s generous support of Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation mission is the “White Cane” Program, an annual fundraising initiative promoted and supported within MD-18 to directly fund vision surgeries to Georgians in need. These vision-saving surgeries range from cataract and retina operations to treatment for diabetes related vision loss. At the Lions State Convention, last May, we recognized 24 Lions Clubs for their “White Cane” contributions that helped to generate a total of nearly $25,000 in FY 2022. for volunteer opportunities.

Dr. Michael S. Jacobs Dr. Michael S. Jacobs competed in The Big Car Kickoff prior to the Chick-fil-A Kickoff Classic Oregon vs. Georgia game at Mercedes-Benz Stadium Atlanta! Dr. Jacobs used this opportunity to help bring vision to students in Georgia who need it most. He started a social media campaign asking friends, family and fellow ophthalmologists to donate to Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation Back to School campaign. Many thanks to those who donated to the Back to School campaign. Together we raised over $22,000 with 100% of the funds supporting vision care for students in Georgia.

It’s so awesome that you guys can reach out and give the gift of sight. The saying is true, that you don’t know what you’re missing until it’s gone. I can now drive safely, especially at night. I could barely even see the lines on the street. I had to wear sunglasses all the time during the day, or I could barely open my eyes. Everything was blurry, and I had to put everything in front of my face to see it. I always knew my dog was lying on our rug, but after surgery I realized man, look at all of the hair on the rug. I really need to vacuum this place. I’m ecstatic that I got to have this surgery. It’s so nice to know that people spend their free time helping people like me. I found out through a friend of my mother, so all it takes is word of mouth to tell people about the lighthouse and change people’s lives. It’s like going from regular standard definition TV to HDTV.

There are many ways for doctors to bring vision to Georgians in need: Your time.

Your donations. Your influence.

John Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation Patient

Pictured: top left - Dr. Ailene Kim; top right - Dr. Seung Shin, OD (left) and Beth Ehrhardt, GLLF Executive Director; bottom left - Dr. Michael S. Jacobs

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Watch video below about Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation and Dr. Seung Shin, OD - 2022 Evening in the End Zone Beacon for Hope Award Recipient

Watch video below to learn more about Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation

Watch video below about Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation and Dr. Ailene Kim - 2021 Evening in the End Zone Beacon for Hope Award Recipient

Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation brings sight to Georgians who need it most.


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Demographics Fiscal Year July 1, 2021 – June 30, 2022

Financial Highlights Fiscal Year July 1, 2021 – June 30, 2022

Vision Programs & Services

Counties Served with Vision Services by Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation

Revenue By Source FY 22 Revenues • $3,607,033.61


Counties Served



Bequests, Estates & Trusts






Corporations & Associations


Individual Gifts



Grants & Foundations


Lion Clubs


Programs & Services


In Kind




Fundraising Events












Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation delivery of vision services at a glance

Over 90


Revenue By Source FY 22 Total Expenses • ($3,590,571.52)

Not Reported



Programs & Services


Tele-Optometry Exam Program

Partner Clinics

American Indian or Alaska Native






General & Administrative


Delivery of Vision Services

Black or African American


Place-based Clinics

Mobile Clinics all over GA



Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander


Hispanic or Latino





Declined to Specify


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How your dollars are invested to bring sight to Georgians in need:

$2,500 Sight-Saving Surgery

Covers the average cost of cataract surgery per eye

Provides a full clinic day of tele-optometry exams in areas with no access to vision services


Provides free vision screenings to 500+ students in one elementary school


Provides 20 full vision exams and 20 single vision prescription glasses



Provides a family of four full vision exams and glasses at one of our clinic locations


Provides a full vision exam, glasses with progressive lenses


Provides a full vision exam and single vision prescription glasses

Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation Seeks Change in Vision Care for Georgians in Need

Bring vision care to Georgians who need it most by giving today.

Scan QR code to donate:


19.5% of Georgians are experiencing life below the poverty line

52 counties in Georgia currently have little or no access to eye care*


*Source: Emory Eye Center

5582 Peachtree Road • Atlanta, GA 30341 • 404.325.3630 • • @galighthouse

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