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Christmas With Bunny Honoring Holiday Memories and Continuing Traditions

The holiday season always evokes memories. Some of us are reminded of happy celebrations filled with snow, cookies, and Christmas movies. Others remember simple times without the fuss over presents.

But the holidays will always remind me of one thing: playing with my little sister.

My sister Adrienne — or Age, as I called her because at first I couldn’t say her whole name — and I are only three years apart. As we got older, we started to call each other Bunny, and the name stuck. To this day, we’re very close, and we even lived together for a period of time while she was in college. I know some people can’t imagine living with siblings in adulthood, but we frequently daydreamed about continuing to live together and with even more family, like in those brownstones New Yorkers call home with each generation occupying a floor. The time living together was a special

experience for both of us. Today, as busy as we are, we still find the time to talk multiple times each week. Bunny is still my best friend, and every year around the holidays, I’m transported back to those winters in Wyoming when the snow was bountiful and our silly antics were blissful and sweet. There was one game we would play every winter break, where we would run around the Christmas tree, which stood in a big entryway in our home, and try to avoid being caught under the mistletoe lest we have to give each other a kiss. Of course, as little kids, it was always more fun when we actually caught each other and would share a smooch, despite acting like we didn’t want to get caught! The other game we frequently played was the tickle test. It’s fairly simple. One person would wiggle their finger in the other person’s armpit, and the person who could resist laughing the longest won! Often, this was very difficult, and most rounds ended in eruptions of laughter.

My childhood holiday memories will always be warm, happy, and magical simply because I got to share them with Bunny and my family. When I became a mom, my daughter was afforded the requisite spoiling of being the only grandchild. Altogether, our holidays in Wyoming were quintessential, beautiful, and quaint. I will always cherish those memories. Today, my family still makes sure we spend the holidays together. It never feels right when we are apart, and I feel so lucky to live close enough to my family to celebrate with them. It doesn’t matter where we are as long as we’re together. Bunny and I may no longer chase each other around the tree or stick our fingers in each other’s armpits, but the fact that our Christmas tradition of being together for the holidays has lived this long is a blessing.


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Have a wonderful holiday and a very happy new year!

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