UES 62


By SusanMinot —We were all so surprised. —You were surprised? I wasn’t surprised. —Shocked. —It was surprising how unhappy. —No one saw. —No one could see. —No one wanted to see. —They saw. —Didn’t really think about it. —So they were right. —Of course they were right. —They were wrong.

—They’re the future. —Liars. —They’re what’s happening. —They’re the heart. —They won’t. —Who’re they? —They don’t care. —They’re insane. —They used to be great. —Why can’t they get along? —They’re clueless. —Trying our best. —Symbols of hate. —Doesn’t work anymore. —Never on our side. —They were never. —Have no choice. —Making it worse. —Did our best. —Human behavior. —Must do better. —Having no choices. —The rich. —Wrong of them. —The poor. —Can’t handle. —Leaving. —Never leaving. —Must do something. —Time for a change. —Out of complacency. —Not mine. —Doesn’t work anymore. —Time to act. —Not theirs. —Who’re they? —We’ll show them. —What they’re saying. —They are. —What they want to say. —What they couldn’t say. —What they’re thinking. —Symbol of hope. —Used to be great. —Not trying. —Have to fix.

—What are they thinking? —They couldn’t say. —No one was listening.

—The rich always. —Can’t be helped. —Human nature. —Can’t be changed. —Must be saved.

—Weirder every day. —Nature unbridled. —What I heard. —Did something else happen?

—Who’s they? —They were. —They are. —Seeing what they weren’t. —Feeling left. —Who’re they? —Wanted what everybody else. —Left out. —Who’s everybody? —Reasons for it. —Can’t ignore the numbers. —People want. —The numbers say it all. —People hoping. —What the numbers mean. —People always want. —What the rich. —People always want something. —What the poor. —People always something new. —Want something more.

—Can’t watch. —Can’t listen. —How can they? —Can’t dismiss. —Can’t blame. —So surprising. —More each day. —Less each day. —Have to leave. —Never leaving.

—What can we do? —I thought we were. —What will they do? —Isn’t fair. —We didn’t know. —Seen it all. —What the kids? —It’s never been. —Truly insane. —Lost his mind. —Never had it. —He was great. —Never in my lifetime. —Only the rich. —Like it was before. —99%.

—People always. —Who’re people? —The uncounted. —They can’t.

—The ignored. —They won’t. —They try. —Just ignore. —They’re forgotten. —They know who they are. —They’re to blame. —Who’s the problem? —They’re corrupt.

—Keep fighting. —Really worried. —How do you like your meat done?

—Can’t listen anymore. —What’re they saying? —Can’t watch. —Can’t stop watching. —How can people?


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