SBE Internship Expo Program Fall 2022


MAJOR Business Administration HOMETOWN Janesville, Wis. ORGANIZATION Northwestern Mutual Stevens Point, Wis. TITLE College Financial Representative Intern

What I did: I worked to build a financial planning practice. I did this by calling potential clients and trying to build a relationship and earn them as a client. I would work with these clients to create personalized plans to help them reach their financial and personal goals in life. Using things such as permanent insurance, saving, investing and retirement planning I helped build these plans and presented them to the client. What I liked: I liked the entrepreneurial experience, being your own boss and setting your own calendar is something that I never have been able to do at work before. I liked the community of people that surrounded me as well, it was a very individual driven job for success but there are plenty of people willing to take time to assist you while you are getting the ball rolling. Future Dream Job: While I enjoyed my time, I do not see financial advising as my dream job. I would love to get into the sports industry and in that industry, I would love to be a part of a team’s roster construction or coaching. Some sort of involvement with the team’s success outside of directly playing.



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