SBE Internship Expo Program Fall 2022


MAJOR Business Administration HOMETOWN Grafton, Wis.

ORGANIZATION Sherwin-Willams TITLE Sales and Management Intern

What I did: • Took orders and determined needs for customers, then recommended appropriate products. • Worked with three of the other interns on a project assigned to us to then present to interns and leadership from other districts and other states. Presentation included speaking to around 100 people. • Was given a glimpse on inventory management looks like in a sales roll. • Closed and opened the store if necessary. • Sourced products from other locations other than the one I was working in, if necessary. What I liked: • While in the moment I did not like a lot of the traveling and running around I had to for the internship so far It has been overall a very positive experience. • The skill set that I have developed so far. In this job you are essentially partners with small businesses, you recommend them sometimes if customers need painters, you help them solve problems they might have on the job site etc. Everyone comes to you with different questions everyday and each situation is a fun puzzle to try and figure out. You are essentially a professional problem solver in this job. Future Dream Job: I’m not sure what my overall dream job is yet, But my dream job within Sherwin-Williams would be one of the sales representative positions. In that position, every day is different and your pay is more easily influenced by the work you put in. You work hard to build a client base and help them when the need arises.



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