2018 Fall Trend Outlook



2018 Fall Trend Outlook

Ah fall, it’s the season of apple cider and cozy blan- kets, of pumpkin spice lattes and special time with family or friends. However, fall is also a time for new trends to emerge. If you’re looking for an innova- tive way to capture consumers’ attentions, we’ve got some surprising topics that we guarantee you haven’t thought of. And, lucky for you, we’ve got plenty of ideas on how to use them. The following planning guide is complete with con- tent category trend data from Ahalogy Muse™ to help drive content creation, discover examples of high-quality branded influencer content, and explore thought starters for your own campaign planning.

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4 | 2018 Fall Trend Outlook

TREND OVERVIEW 2018 Fall Trends



Consumers start thinking about their autumn plans during the early stages of back-to-school season. Fall begins trending in early July, steadily climbing in popularity until it reaches its peak on October 2. While you have plenty of time to capture audiences attention during the fall season, you want to be sure that you publish a variety of con- tent throughout the fall months to ensure that your brand is always top of mind.


Street Style

Slow Cooker



Family Fun






10 Fall To-Do’s

Simple DIY Fall Sign

Pumpkin Pie Nice Cream

6 | 2018 Fall Trend Outlook

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The change in season marks a new oppor- tunity for trending flavors and classic fall recipes to emerge. That’s what makes Food & Drink such an exciting category during this time of the year. Audiences are looking for warm, comforting dishes that they can snuggle up to. As you begin to prep for this upcoming seasonal drive time, how will you use these trends to add a data-driven boost to your fall content? Food & Drink 2018 FALL TRENDS

8 | Holiday Trend Outlook

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FOOD & DRINK Beetroot

These aren’t your mother’s beet rec- ipes. Beetroot is an up-and-coming trend that comes with a variety of health benefits. Found in everything from hummus, to chocolate cake, to salad side dishes, Beetroot is a versatile fall ingredient that can be enjoyed at any time of the day.

Beetroot is an evergreen trend, reaching multiple peaks throughout the fall months.

FOOD & DRINK Almond Dessert

Toasted almond and almond cream both historically trend in Septem- ber; so why shouldn’t consumers also be able to enjoy Almond Des- serts during the cozy fall months? We see this trending flavor pair well with a variety of traditional autumn ingredients, including cinnamon, apple, pumpkin, and honey.

We see Almond Desserts begin to trend upwards at the start of fall, reaching a small peak on October 18.

10 | 2018 Fall Trend Outlook

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FOOD & DRINK Sweet Potato Toast

Move over avocado toast, a new millennial brunch item is making itself known. A delicious way to cut down on carbs, Sweet Potato Toast can be customized with a vairety of toppings. People are even serving this emerging fall trend in crostini form for a delicious party-perfect appetizer!

Sweet Potato Toast is most popular during the autumn months. It begins trending on September 15, rapidly growing in popularity until it peaks on November 17th.


There’s no off-season when it comes to a quality cocktail recipe. While tra- ditionally made with gin, the Gimlet can also be served with a vodka base. This refreshing adult beverage can be customized with a variety of ingredi- ent add-ins. Celebrate early fall with a Meyer Lemon Gimlet with Thyme, while a Vanilla Pear Vodka Gimlet is an excellent choice for the later autumn months.

We see Gimlet peak at different points throughout the year, including on October 24th and November 11.

Swimsuit season may be coming to a close, but that doesn’t mean that audiences aren’t still looking for trendy Health & Wellness ideas. Many consumers are still feeling the success of their summer fitness routines. Keep the healthy focus going by using content category trend data from Ahalogy Muse™ to inspire people to make smart choices this fall. Health & Wellness 2018 FALL TRENDS

14 | Holiday Trend Outlook

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We’ve already talked about “nice” cream but Paleo Ice Cream takes this Health & Wellness trend to a whole new level. Use classic fall flavors like apple, cinnamon, or pumpkin to add a festive twist to this better-for-you dessert.

While ice cream is traditionally a summer trend, we see Paleo Ice Cream make a comeback in the fall months—reaching a small peak on October 18.

Not only is Ginger a seasonal flavor, but it’s also a rising Health & Wellness trend! Found in every- thing from detox baths to morning smoothies, this popular topic is a great way to help consumers feel refreshed this fall. HEALTH & WELLNESS Ginger

While Ginger trends well throughout the year, it does reach its most popular point on October 4.

16 | 2018 Fall Trend Outlook

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Essential Oils might not exactly be a new trend, but plenty of shoppers are still discovering their relaxation benefits. Audiences will love using staple seasonal flavors like orange, clove, cinnamon, and nutmeg to create fall-scented diffusers in their homes. Essential Oils

Essential Oils are an evergreen trend that remains popular throughout the entirety of fall. However, this topic peaks in popularity on October 13.

Keeping in theme with the all-natural Health & Wellness trends, we’re pre- dicting Adaptogens will take off this autumn. Commonly used for stress relief, these herbs include maca, panax ginseng, and holy basil. Adaptogens HEALTH & WELLNESS

We see Adaptogens rise and fall in popularity throughout the year, reaching small spikes on September 13, October 20, and November 16.

Strike a pose! The start of a new season is always an excellent excuse for shoppers to begin searching for the latest must-have statement pieces. Fashion & Beauty can cover a wide variety of topics ranging from makeup and personal grooming to clothes and acces- sories. The following trending topics offer a glimpse into the latest and greatest that this fall season has to offer. Fashion & Beauty 2018 FALL TRENDS

20 | Holiday Trend Outlook

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FASHION & BEAUTY Pumpkin Facemask

No longer just for lattes or pies, pumpkin offers some surprising beauty benefits when used in a DIY facemask. At-home skincare is a rising trend with consumers. Add a fun fall twist to an everyday beauty routine with this popular seasonal topic.

Face masks begin to trend upwards at the very tail end of summer, reaching a small peak on September 16.


It’s no secret that people turn towards warmer hues like reds and oranges as the colder weather approaches. We’re adding a modern twist to a classic fall beauty trend by embracing Copper Makeup for lipstick, eyes, nails, and more. The subtle metallic sheen is a fun way for shoppers to spice up their every- day look.

We see Copper trend well throughout the year, rising from August 11 to its peak on October 26.

22 | 2018 Fall Trend Outlook

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Consumers are always on the lookout for fashionable outerwear that will keep them feeling warm and looking chic during the colder autumn months. We’re predicting that Dusters will be the must-have coat of the season this fall. Simple yet elegant, this retro coat is a fun fashion statement that instantly upgrades every outfit. Duster FASHION & BEAUTY

Dusters are a fall fashion trend that is at its most popular on September 15 and Octo- ber 9.

Popular in the early 2000s, Gaucho Pants are once again making a come- back in the Fashion & Beauty cate- gory. This versatile piece of clothing is made of loose and unstructured materials. However, shoppers really love them for their high waist and cropped length. We’re predicting that this fashion trend will quickly make it off the runway and into closets every- where this fall. Gauchos FASHION & BEAUTY

Expect to see Gauchos in the initial autumn months as these chic pants trend through late summer into early fall.

Home Decor 2018 FALL TRENDS

Fall marks the initial push before the crazi- ness of the holiday season sets in. That’s why Home Decor is such a crucial content cate- gory during the autumn months. Consumers are just beginning to change out their sea- sonal decorations and prep their homes for hosting guests. In order to make your content stand out in the hustle and bustle of home decorating this fall, you’re going to need a boost from our data-driven trends.

26 | Holiday Trend Outlook

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HOME DECOR Indoor Planters

Don’t expect to see the recent plant craze die down anytime soon. Indoor Planters are popular, espe- cially during the fall months when people move their plants indoors and focus on decorating the interior of their home. For a fun and trendy fall twist, try turning a painted pumpkin into a festive succulent planter.

We see Indoor Planters making a comeback during the fall months, rising from Sep- tember 30 to November 6.

As the warmer weather begins to cool off, consumers will move their outdoor entertaining inside. Encourage people to repurpose their summer bar cart for cozy fall weather by turning it into a Coffee Cart complete with chalkboard signs and coffee mug displays. A caddy to store all of the coffee accessories like stirrers, creamer and sugar is a popular addition. HOME DECOR Coffee Cart

Coffee Carts begin to trend upwards in early fall, rising from September 13 to Novem- ber 29.

28 | 2018 Fall Trend Outlook

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Neutral Tones

The leaves may be turning red and orange, but people are keeping their home decor neutral. Consumers are swapping in Neutral Tones for traditional warm hues in their seasonal home decorations this fall. Inspired by the bright whites and toned-down grays often found in farmhouse-styled homes, this fall decor trend is here to stay.

While Neutral Tones are popular throughout the year, this topic reaches small peaks on September 9 and September 23.


As the fall weather begins to cool down, people spend more time indoors. That means that Furniture Hacks become a major focus during the autumn months. From adding a fresh coat of paint and new hardware to outdated pieces to IKEA and thrift store furniture hacks, shoppers are finding plenty of ways to take advan- tage of this rising Home Decor trend. Furniture Hack

This topic trends in October as people give their homes a fresh update for fall before holiday entertaining rolls around.


Our Ahalogy Partners—a network made up of 5,500+ talented influencers, photographers, and top-notch content creators—know how to take a trend and turn it into an inspiring influ- encer marketing campaign from start to finish. Backed by data from Ahalogy Muse™, we use Brandables to connect with consumers in a real and authentic way. Brandables Examples

No one does seasonal cooking quite like Fork Knife Swoon. She teamed up with Barilla, NatureRaised Farms, Select by Calphalon, and Target to bring readers a healthy yet satisfying weeknight dinner that they can enjoy all season long. The key to capturing consumers’ attentions with this flavorful recipe is using trending fall flavors like butternut squash, maple syrup, and kale in an easy and delicious way. This flavorful recipe captured readers’ attention by incorporating trending fall flavors like butternut squash, maple syrup, and kale.

Barilla, Nature- Raised Farms, & Calphalo MAPLE, BUTTERNUT SQUASH, & CHICKEN PASTA WITH KALE




In Collaboration with: Fork Knife Swoon

34 | 2018 Fall Trend Outlook

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A fun twist on the “what’s in my bag?” reveal trend, this Brandables collaboration between Glitter Inc, Burt’s Bees, and Target is a creative way to inspire consumers with a new fall beauty routine. Glitter Inc shows shoppers how easy it is to upgrade their every- day makeup look with a fun and seasonal twist. Not only does she encourage readers to use a new Burt’s Bees product for themselves, but she also encour- ages them to gift it to their friends—ensuring that audiences make the most out of this limited edition seasonal product.

In Collaboration with: Glitter Inc. Burt’s Bees MUST-HAVE FALL BEAUTY PRODUCTS




36 | 2018 Fall Trend Outlook

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Happy Money Saver knows how hard it can be for kids and parents to get back into their school morn- ing routines during those initial fall months. That’s why she teamed up with The Quaker Oats Company to ensure that everyone gets a nutritious breakfast that still saves time on school mornings. Her recipe for Classic Pumpkin Pecan Crumble Overnight Oats is a delicious and nutritious morning meal thats easy to prep ahead and take on the go, ensuring that it’s an instant success with kids and parents alike.

In Collaboration with: Happy Money Saver Quaker Oats OVERNIGHT OATS




38 | 2018 Fall Trend Outlook

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POWERED BY MUSE Data-Driven Influencer Content Ahalogy Muse™ is an industry-first software platform to help leading marketers identify and act on changing trends in their category. Powered by a network of 5,500+ premium content creators across the web, the tool is powered by influencer performance data. These same insights are leveraged in our Brandables solution as a guide for creative production. Content creators have the biggest influence on trend development. They’re the first to make a recipe using a new ingredient or the first to try a new fitness craze. We gather influencers’ performance data—across their original content and across billions of their social media posts from Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, and more—to measure the success of these trends so market- ers can act fast.

WHO WE ARE... & What We’re All About

Ahalogy is the Passion to Purchase Platform™. Brands and agencies tap into Ahalogy to reach new audiences and find new usage occasions based on their target consumers’ interests. We deliver proven ROI through our category trend data, premium influencer content, and verified audience targeting. Ahalogy is headquartered in Cincinnati, OH, the global capital of brand marketing.

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