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March is upon us and the season is going to be winding down soon. We have had lots of changes this season, not the least of which was having our General Manager of six years leave for another opportunity in the valley. But when one door closes, another opens. We brought Ed Vitrano in as an interim General Manager to fill the void left by Clint’s departure. I can’t tell you how pleased the Board is that Ed is stepping in to take on that role. Ed brings a wealth of experience and knowledge of large-scale community associations, such as ours, to the resort. I am confident that, once you get to know him, you too will see how his skills and abilities are well suited for our oasis in the desert. We also have new members joining the Board of Directors and we will be bringing them up to speed in the weeks ahead. The rest of the Board looks forward to getting to know their strengths and how they can help us to be as effective as possible in ensuring we are moving the resort in the right direction. In February, the Board adopted by resolution, a revised Vision Statement, Mission Statement and core values. The vision is more succinct and pared down to one sentence. It reads:

Important Dates March 11 Ballots mailed to the Inspectors of Election Post Office Box must be received by 5PM Please vote early to ensure your ballot is delivered by this deadline March 12 4PM – Deadline for ballots to be deposited in Ballot Box at LP March 13 10:15AM Registration of hand-delivered ballots by the Inspectors of Election, LP East Room 10:30AM Annual Meeting Call to Order. 10:30AM Tabulation of Ballots, East Room 1:00PM Annual Meeting resumes. Election Results announced. “positive”. Any negativity that exists in our resort needs to be replaced with positivity. And finally, the word “all” . Again, we want a positive culture for everyone who resides, works, or visits our oasis in the desert. The future of ORPS is bright, but it will take all of “US” , working together, to achieve our vision! Immediate recess for tabulation of ballots by the Inspectors of Election

We strive to be a premier RV Resort with excellent facilities, amenities and activities creating a positive social culture for all.

In the months ahead, I will spend time on the Mission and Core Values, but I would like to elaborate on the revised vision statement now. The first word in the vision is “ We” . This is important, as it is inclusive of everyone who makes the turn off of Ramon into our resort. Vendors, guests, renters, owners, and employees. We all need to work together to achieve and maintain the status of “Premier” . Next is the “positive social culture” . The key word being

Greg Farmer Board President




Board Planning Meeting Regular Board Meeting

Monday, Mar 2 Monday, Mar 9

1:00 pm 1:00 pm

East Room

La Palma Ballroom





MEETING ROOM Multipurpose Room


Tuesday, Mar 10

2:00 pm


Wednesday, Mar 11 & 25 1:00 pm

East Room

Communications Dog Owners & Friends

Monday, Mar 9

10:30 am 2:00 pm 2:00 pm 1:00 pm 10:30 am 11:00 am 2:00 pm 9:00 am

East Room East Room East Room

Planning Finance

Thursday, Mar 5 & 19 Wednesday, Mar 18


Tuesday, Mar 3 Tuesday, Mar 3

Multipurpose Room Multipurpose Room

Health & Fitness


Wednesday, Mar 4 Friday, Mar 20 Saturday, Mar 7

El Saguaro East Room

Safety & Security


La Palma Ballroom


PLANNING COMMITTEE In February we welcomed new Committee members Brenda King and Bob Livingston. They have been great additions to the Committee. We are currently working diligently on projects the Board requested at its January meeting: 1. Provide information to the General Manager for the development of an RFP to remove the existing grass around the west, south and east sides of the Pickleball and Tennis Courts and replace with decomposed granite (DG). And replace the grass in the dog area near the Security shack with DG. 2. Develop a budget and plan to create a Tennis Center Meeting Area at the La Palma Tennis Courts. All information is to be provided to the Board by March 1 for consideration at its March 9 meeting. Finally, we are anticipating the distribution of the survey to the owners at the end of February or early March, the results of which will ultimately determine the Strategic Plan and the future direction of the resort. Kathy McCune Chair

SAFETY & SECURITY Frank Flores, Post Commander PostCommander@ .com


Robert Mosley, Chair Tom Sellgren, Secretary

Tobi Perkins Rich Wright Scott McDonald John Penero Steve Stockman Frank Flores, Post Commander Byron Jessie, Maintenance Manager Charlie Leahy, Board Liaison

I was invited by the Board to take on the Interim General Manager role at ORPS. I have been here for only 13 days as I write this article for Oracle Magazine. I come to ORPS with over 30 years of experience in Large-scale Community Associations and am pleased to have been asked


The Finance Committee had several opportunities to review and discuss the proposed budget by the end of February. Preliminary questions about the content of the budget remain to be answered and then reflected on before the final proposal is

to assist for as long as I am needed. As I drove into ORPS, after arriving in the valley from my home in Northern California, I was struck by the beauty and serenity of the resort. I look forward to fulfilling your expectations regarding the quality of time you spend here. I have had very little time to prepare an article so I will keep it short for now. As I told the employees in my first staff meeting, and quoting from Ritz Carlton Hotel’s Motto, my expectation is that “We are Ladies and Gentlemen serving Ladies and Gentlemen." I hope to meet you all in the not to distant future. Thanks for such a warm welcome and wave as I’ve traversed around the community.

ready for recommendation to the Board of Directors by the committee. The budget is scheduled to be approved after the election of the directors in March. Finance Committee is looking for new recruits to come forward and participate on the committee. Further retirements from the committee are anticipated and accumulated knowledge of the current members will be fully shared to get new members up to speed and "into the gang".

Edwin J. Vitrano Interim General Manager 760-328-3834, Ext: 244

Gail Pollock Chair


Join the ORPS’ Ukulele Club

Saturdays in the West Room in ES from 1-1:45PM for beginning instruction and players who want a refresher, and 2-3:30PM for all players. All players are encouraged to stay for the 2PM “jam” session. For more info contact: Marilyn Sabens, Lot 363

CHAVALLA'S HEALTH CORNER A lot of factors play a role in staying healthy. In turn, good health can decrease your risk of developing certain conditions. These include heart disease, stroke, some cancers, and injuries. Learn what you can do to maintain your and your family’s health. Want to change it up. Please let me know and I can share a naturally sourced health system that will have you healthy in no time. EAT HEALTHY What you eat is closely linked to your health. Balanced nutrition has many benefits. By making healthier food choices, you can prevent or treat some conditions. These include heart disease, stroke, and diabetes. A healthy diet can help you lose weight and Exercise can help prevent heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and colon cancer. It can help treat depression, osteoporosis, and high blood pressure. People who exercise also get injured less often. Routine exercise can make you feel better and keep your weight under control. Try to be active for 30 to 60 minutes 5 times a week. Remember, any amount of exercise is better than none. SO LET'S GET MOVING . The Health and Fitness, and the Dog Committee had a successful 5K walk/run with great success. Incredible prizes and dog baskets were enjoyed by so many as well as 50/50 raffle for cash and prizes. The Health & Fitness Committee is raising funds for a rowing machine, but more donations are needed. We still have bricks for sale as a fund raiser. Leave your legacy at ORPS on the pathway to Fitness path in front of the gym. Dr Brossfield was with us on Wednesday, February 19, speaking on Brain Health. Mark your calendar for Saturday, March 14 for the Health Fair . If you want a booth at the Fair, please let me know asap. If you want to give blood, the blood mobile with be available from 9AM to Noon. lower your cholesterol, as well. GET REGULAR EXERCISE

Outdoor Resort Hiking Group meets every Monday November to April at 7:45AM in front of La Palma Clubhouse. Info: Daryl Koch 509-879-5613

Chavalla Lopez-Bassam Chair


New Owners

692 330 871 114

Scott Peterson & Scott Johnson

Box Elder, SD


Ricky, Lori & Brock Leitner

Summerlands, BC


Dennis & Jeannie Tuohy

Lords Valley, PA


Mark & Sandi Hansen

Mukilteo, WA



Raymond & Colleen Cop

Redvers, SK



Martin Lentz & Judith Johnson Lentz Randall Mannen & Darrel Saunders

Cathedral City, CA



Manzanita, OR



Donald & Bonnie Brandon

Sherwood Park, AB



David & Janice Crosswhite

Tigard, OR



Robert & Sharon Duncan

Rapid City, SD



Sharleen & Shelli James

Washougal, WA



Roland & Elizabeth Stromberg

Sparks, NV


983 880

Rudy Dostal

Sioux Falls, SD


John Hall

Beaverton, OR



Tobi Perkins & Kathleen McCune

Morrison, CO



David & Shauna Riely

Issaquah, WA



Gordon & Marilyn Bohn

Edmonton, AB



Howard Berman & Susan Matthew

Cathedral City, CA



Louis Trifos

Cathedral City, CA



Joni Moss

San Juan Capistrano, CA


485 737

Ronald & Carol Hulett

Keizer, OR


Vernon & Kathy Chastain

Cathedral City, CA



Rodney & Melissa Hall / Andrew & Megan Falkowski

Maplewood, MN



Mark & Sandra Kostick

Cathedral City, CA



Maclane & Ava Felt

Willard, UT



William & Shirley Woodard

Bend, OR



Richard & Pamela Orr

Big Bear Lake, CA



Richard & Sandra Stelting

Surrey, BC



Dennis & Carol Husty

Surrey, BC



Kent & Verna Boothman / Lee Anne Clark

Ellensburg, WA



Glennon & Karen Brewer Allan & Eileen Galarneau

Seattle, WA



Kelowna, BC



Dale & Hannele Chila

West Vancouver, BC



Phillip Hamel c/o 5th Greens Holdings, Inc

Irvine, CA



Paul & Loretta House

Oswego, IL



Jerry McGee & Kristine Hamilton

Cathedral City, CA



Terry & Holly Baril

Ladysmith, BC



William & Salley Ziprick

Yucaipa, CA



Warren & Linda Yavis/Christopher Yavis & Ryan Johnston

Eckville, AB



Michael & Melinda Clune

Prescott, AZ



Jason & Cynthia Hudson

Huntington Beach, CA



David & Diana Bullen Paul & Cheryl Rosen

Vancouver, WA



Portland, OR



New Owners


Claude & Elizabeth Mongeon Robert Scott & Joanne Reid

Brantfort, ON



Vancouver, BC



Debbie Smith & Janet Ream

Bella Vista, CA



Keith & Pauline Reader

Vernon, BC



Jorge Gonzalez & Maria Cordero

Cathedral City, CA


897 860

Gloria Clements & James McClarty

Cathedral City, CA


Timothy & Judith Heffernan

Christopher Lake, SK



Dennis & Sally Rebinsky

Smithers, BC



Gary & Sue Fraser

Perris, CA



Stephen Weiderick & Michelle Gagne

Kimberly, BC



Spencer Nath

West Linn, OR



Patrick & Bobbie McDonald

Milwaukie, OR


549 603

Philip & Gina Sanstrum

Gresham, OR


Brian & Joanne Roberts

Chetwynd, BC


1st Place - Tannis Haddrell "The Elephant"

2nd Place - Jamie Davis "Midnight Rose"

Tied for 3rd Place ◄Carroll Hales "Bargello"

Pat Keyes "Hatboxes"► Thank you all for your participation in this event. We had a wonderful day sharing our love of quilting and crafting with the ORPS community. Note: March Ladies’ Luncheon Wednesday, March 11 “Celebrating Community” is being hosted by ORPS Quilters & Sewing Club




Chapel meets every Sunday at 8:50AM in La Palma Chaplain Jim Gwinn Lot 274 847-445-0077

Attention ALL ORPS residents: if you enjoy singing just for fun - please come and join us on Tuesdays 2 - 3:30PM in La Palma Contact Pat Duncan 250-833-8498 Margot Baur Join Us for a Concert at LaPalma Sunday March 8 @ 3PM with ukuleles, David Ballantine, Cornie Tanneman. Admission by donation

DON'T JUDGE ME BY MY COVER… AS WE DO WITH BOOKS A coat of paint can conceal many a jagged crack. You can't judge a book by its cover. The way folk act doesn't explain the motives behind their actions. Jesus had the ability to penetrate and explain motives behind actions. This caused Him conflict with the religious leaders of the day. Our heart reduces religious life to outward obedience and often lets our thoughts go unhampered. In a life of true holiness, everything depends on control of ones thoughts. "As a person thinks in his heart so is he." Jesus put evil thoughts in the category of the contents of an evil heart. Ask yourself if you are more eager for the outward than the inward cleanliness. Here is a Biblical prayer; "create in me a clean heart O Lord." Make that a constant prayer. Because the mind is a private domain, no one may notice whether your thought life is pure or polluted. Listen to YOUR heart, what do you hear? A clean heartbeat of devotion to God, or the confused rhythm of a heart far from God? Right now may be a great time for a cleansing prayer!!! The way to deal with the issue of sin is 1 John 1:9 "If we confess our sin He is eager and ready to forgive our sin." March Chapel programs: March 1 Ron Pierce World traveler & spokesperson on our world today in China March 8 Huntley Brown Renowned pianist from Jamaica playing on a grand piano March 15 Johnny & Ruth Larring Musicians and Norwegian story teller March 22 Robert Schuler Jr. Crystal Cathedral March 29 Greg Speck a Chapel favorite who has been with us for years.


Beginner Line Dancing Thur



Tues Mon Wed Wed Tues Thur


Bridge Novice

Bridge Bingo Chorus

6:30P LP 2PM LP

Duplicate Bridge

5:45 MPR- ES

Fused Glass

Friday 9:30A MPR - ES

Fit for Life

Tue/Thur 8AM LP

Ice Cream Social

Sun Mon

2PM ES 1:30 ER


Line dancing

Mon & Wed 1P ES


Tues Thur


Ping Pong


Mon &Thur 6:45P ES Wkdays 8AM WR ES


Tap - Advance

Friday 9AM LP

Tap Class






Water Aerobics

Wkdays 9AM LP & ES

Yoga Yoga Yoga


9:30A Lev 2, ER

Tues 9:30A Lev 1, ER Wed 10:30 Lev2 MPR-ES


Tue/Thur 10:30A LP

For more information on any of these activities, check with Lifestyles & Entertainment


Singles are welcome to join our Friday night social. We choose a restaurant in the Valley and meet there at 5PM. Just sign up in the Activities Office by Thursday and note if you want a ride. We have a great time! Join Us!

Roger Smith passed January 31 Lot 137

Please send e-mail to ORACLE@ORPS.COM to let us know one of our ORPS residents has passed. We all share your loss. Thank You .


Lifestyle and Events


$ 15

Always a new show


Free entertainment

Ice Cream Social SUNDAYS 2-3 for times We have scheduled entertainment at ES on all Tuesday , Wednesday , and Thursday evenings. Along with dance bands, easy listening music, Karaoke, DJ's and games, light food such as Hotdogs, Hamburgers and Tacos will be sold on different nights. Check out the E-Blasts

Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

March 3

Knives Out

March 10

Ford v Ferrari

March 17


March 24


March 31

El Saguaro NEW VENUE

Hot Dogs & Chips $5


The reports filed by golfers who reported a Hole In One between March 20 and mid May 2019 were placed in a file that went walk-about until it was found in recently. Some of those golfers


submitted a duplicate report and were recognized in the December 2019 and the January 2020 Oracles. Others didn't get their "public recognition" and we are glad to complete the record in this issue. Belated congratulations to all.

Tuesdays we have a mixed scramble. Thursdays play is men and women on separate teams. Play your own ball all the way around the course. Game formats will vary from week to week. Teams are handicapped and both high and low handicaps are welcome. Guest handicaps will be based on your home course handicap. Register at ES between 8AM and 8:45AM, play starts at 9AM. Games are generally $5/person. 50/50 draw tickets and Hole In One buy-ins are also available. Join us to meet your neighbors and make new friends!



Hole #


Dearld Vesey

14-Dec-19 6-Jan-20 12-Jan-20 15-Jan-20 17-Jan-20 17-Jan-20 17-Jan-20 19-Jan-20 21-Jan-20 22-Jan-20 27-Jan-20 30-Jan-20 4-Feb-20 13-Feb-20 13-Feb-20 13-Feb-20 22-Mar-19 24-Mar-19 26-Mar-19 1-Apr-19 3-Apr-19 10-Apr-19 17-Apr-19 20-Apr-19 21-Apr-19


No Yes No No No Yes No Yes No Yes No Yes No No No Yes No No Yes Yes No No No No No

Ian Frew


Stephen Marsh


Ian Frew


Gary Eggertson Nadine Waterman Roman Orenchuk Don Armstrong


16 16 17

Ken Yochim Cathy Yochim Cathy Yochim Brian Caton


2020 Tournaments



FEB 29 - 3 Club Tournament


MAR 13-14-15 - Club Championship MAR 21 - Farewell Tournament




Lynne Reid Kris McGee

8 8 5

January 25 dawned sunny and windless so conditions were perfect for golf. Eighty four golfers, who already had at least one Hole In One, came out to play together and had a great time and a very good lunch. BUT no one scored a hole in one during the round. Congratulations to the winning team of Fred Hyde, Jacques Blain, Cindy Rosa, Lois Campbell & Steve Rosa who played the scramble to a minus 19. They were 2 strokes under par on 8 of the 18 holes. Wow!

Gerry Van Den Brink

Bill Grant Jim Tiner Fred Hyde*

17 10


William Bester George Ritchie

10 10 18

Trish Hall

Carol Thomson Roman Orenchuk



February 13, organized golf celebrated holes in one by Gerry Van Den Brink, Kris McGee & Bill Grant. That is a lot of good luck at the same time. Congratulations everyone!!

Mike Moore Mike Moore

8 2

Fred Hyde* This is Fred’s 30th HIO!!! Congratulations!

Mixed PUTTING CLUB Sign up Wednesday mornings 8:45AM at ES Bring your putter, a ball and 4 quarters

2019-2020 GOLF COMMITTEE Brenda Goorts - CHAIR

Hal Mortenson Michelle Moore Gail Pollock Mike Schnarr Glenda Edwardson

and have FUN!


Feb 8 &9 - Beautiful weather for the Sweethearts who seemed to thoroughly enjoy themselves.

Tournament/Events Hello again golfers, We are hoping everyone is having a fantastic winter season so far! In March we have some exciting tournaments on the schedule. Listed below are the dates and details:

March 6 Spring Nine and Wine - 3:45PM shotgun (Team Sign ups through the events tab on Foretees or through the starter shack). March 13-15 Club Championship - Tee Times by flight starting at 8AM each day. (Individual Sign up through the events tab on Foretees or through the starter shack). March 21st - Farewell Tournament Lunch included. (Team Sign Ups at ES from 8-8:45AM, shotgun start at 9AM).

Please join us for these excellent tournaments and contact the starter shack with any questions.

Remington Post, PGA Director Of Golf

Sweetheart Tournament 2020 Summary 110 couples participated 50/50 – $223 won by Clancy & Norma Lafray HIO - $250 - Bert Foord Flight A 1 st Gross Ken & Kathy Yochim Flight A 2 nd Gross Dave & Louise Ross Flight A 1 st Net Bill & Brenda Goorts Flight B 1 st Gross Greg Bach & Jill Trelawny Flight B 2 nd Gross Stan Miller-Nielsen & Christina Anderson Flight B 2 nd Gross Bob Keven & Fran Swanson Flight B 1 st Net Gary & Bev Holliday Flight C 1 st Gross Brad & Deb Curle Flight C 2 nd Gross Clancy Lafray & Karen Peterson Flight C 2 nd Gross Gene & Madeline Furman Flight G 1 st Gross Dave & Renae Ooley Flight G 2 nd Gross John & Ann Pfaff



As promised in the last ORACLE, here are a few pictures from our February mixer. We had a large group and many thanks to the 4.0/4.5 mixed team for hosting.

Our Tuesday night tennis has been super fun. We have been having some great turnouts. Join us for dinner afterwards at Bella Roma. Begins at 4PM. This month I wanted to highlight two people that epitomize grace in aging. They say that keeping active is the key to staying young. After looking at Dick & Charlotte Frink, I would say it is absolutely true. Both 90, they will be married 65 years in June. They started coming to the desert to be in bike races. Dick still loves to ride. They have been coming to ORPS for 12 years now and still enjoy it. They met at Iowa State College at the wedding of good friends. They have four children, 6 grandchildren and two great- grandchildren. Their hometown, when not in ORPS, is Carmichael, California. If you see them around and don’t know them be sure to introduce yourself to them as they are both gems. Charlotte is still very fierce out there on the courts so Dick has to tell her to just have fun!

We also celebrated a beautiful lady’s birthday. Happy 90 th to you Charlotte Frink!

Our wonderful cooks and hosts for this event.

Our next mixer will be held on March 22, look for details on the bulletin boards. The Horse Race is always the first Saturday of the month at La Palma. Bring $5 and be there by 8:30. It’s a fun time and you will be grouped with your level. The first Sunday of the month is our potluck, also at LaPalma. Bring a dish to share, your place setting, and drinks.

12 Submitted by: Kathy Brown, Tennis Communications



With the goal of increasing the efficient flow of players to vacated courts, ambassadors will be now managing the “sign-up” boards. Please be respectful of these volunteers who are working to get each of us as much playing time on the courts as possible. Thank you to Bonny Friesen and her team! PLEASE: Be sure to use the outside perimeter gates to access the courts. To ensure safe play DO NOT run across the courts behind players. Do not sign up a player who is still out on the courts. That player must leave the courts before their name can be placed on the sign-up board. Use a tissue to clear your nose or throat. ORPS WINNERS Congratulations to Holly Aschenbrenner and her partner Cassie Williams for their silver medals in the Catalina Spa tournament and to John Boudin & Dean Tarabochia for their recent bronze at the Palm Desert Senior Games. Way to go ORPS players! A REMINDER OF COURT ETIQUETTE


Thanks to everyone who supported these events! Great fun was had by all!


AED DEMONSTRATION Thank you to Tobi Perkins for demonstrating the AED defibrillator to our club. It is recommended that we participate in the ongoing scheduled training opportunities! CONGRATULATIONS to the following winners of the Hawaiian tournament: (2.5) 1) Leo Turko; 2) Jeannie Unverzagt; 3) Joe Halerewich (3.0) 1) Pat McCann; 2) Jennifer Stingley (3.5) 1) Steve Unverzagt; 2) Talon Baker; 3) Cyril Schoen (4.0) 1) Gerry Friesen; 2) Dave Cross- white; 3) Steve Stockman.

SUBCOMMITTEE VOLUNTEERS NEEDED Please support our club by joining a sub-committee! It takes many hands to make our club successful! We have many sub-committees to choose from, including food, decorations, PR, ambassadors, court maintenance, tournaments, Track-it-Hub, lessons & drills, setup/take-down/cleanup. Talk to Alisia!

FIVE MISTAKES INTERMEDIATE PLAYERS MAKE articles/2018/3/15/5intermediatemistakes? fbclid=lwAR2CROnCSY1mHiVeSkRoRlhLLVofAJ8 hrPr7uXtYfCIHnXhfKyapZvHTqT8

Submitted by Lynn Barry


BOOK DISCUSSION GROUP Thursday, March 19, 2020 3:30PM’ Owners Lounge


The ORPS Quilters & Sewing Club would like to invite you to the March Ladies’ Luncheon, “ Celebrating Community .” The luncheon will be held Wednesday, March 11, at 11:30AM, in ES. Ticket cost is $22 and can be purchased in the Lifestyle and Events Office. During the luncheon we will raffle off handmade treasures made by the members of the ORPS Quilters & Sewing Club. Attendees present will have a one(1) in eight(8) chance of winning a beautiful quilted table centerpiece. Special guest speakers include Angelina Coe, Executive Director, at Shelter from the Storm. Shelter From The Storm is the Coachella Valley’s only comprehensive domestic victim assistance service and shelter provider organization. Their first priority is the safety of those who seek assistance. Their programs work with clients to meet their needs so they can look ahead to a safe horizon. We hope to raise awareness to their needs. Simple items such as diapers, underwear and socks for women and children in all sizes are wanted. Those of you who wish to donate any new items the day of the luncheon will receive a raffle ticket for a special drawing during the luncheon. The luncheon will also welcome guest speaker, Chief Paul Wilson from the Cathedral City Fire Department. He will share with us the services the fire department have available to our community and how the children's quilts donated to the first

The Pearl that Broke Its Shell By Nadia Hashimi

A searing story of powerlessness, fate and the freedom to control one’s own fate. The Pearl that Broke Its Shell “combines the cultural flavor and emotional resonance of works of Khalid Hassini, Jhumpa Lahiri and Lisa See.” Goodreads Set in Kabul in 2017 it is the story of Rahima, a modern day young woman and her aunt who, in the early 1900s, experienced the same limitations on females as did Rahima and her sisters. Only when the two women dressed as boys did their lives change.

Everyone is welcome For information Jean Dietrich 760 992-8225

Saturday March 14, 1 PM MPR in Owners’ Lounge BUNCO AND


ICE CREAM SUNDAES Bring $7 for bunco, prizes and delicious sundaes

responders can impact a child in crisis. Lunch will be catered by Gourmet Passions. Our menu will consist of harvest berry salad, beef bourguignon, roasted jeweled potatoes, roll, and dessert.

RSVP to Marilyn Simon - 408 309-5617

All women are welcome. Just put on some purple and a red hat and join us for fun with resort friends.

The luncheon, will also name two lucky


WEDNESDAYS AT LA PALMA 6:30PM Early Bird Bingo 7PM Regular Bingo Games end around 9PM

winners of the charity quilt raffle. Tickets are available at various pop-up locations within the resort, and in the West Room during sewing hours.


Paper pack of 10 games $7 Early Bird sheets $1 each Intermission game $1 each

There will also be a last chance to purchase tickets at the luncheon. Ticket prices are one(1) for $5 or five(5) for $20. The ORPS Quilters & Sewing Club is open to everyone. Please drop in and see us or email us for more information at You can join our Facebook page by searching for: orps quilters & sewing club. Laura Moore, Lot 646 ORPS Quilters & Sewing Club Reporter

• Popcorn, Candy & Soda available

Join the Fun Chair, Sandy - 951-236-3155


The busy season is upon us and in January and February there were over 80 check-ins scheduled at our reception area. As part of the DOG OWNERS AND FRIENDS (DOF) ongoing education campaign, our

ORPS Family Motor Coach Association Bicycle ride FMCA Rally Speaker Series and New Members Welcome four new families into ORPS FMCA:

reception team has been asking at check-in if the renters have pets. If they do, they are given a “Doggie Welcome Bag” which includes a treat for Fido, a waste pick up bag and a information about the pet rules and approved relief areas. Committee member Judy Varey volunteered part of an afternoon on a busy check-in day to meet and greet new arrivals to the resort and personally give them a Doggie Welcome Bag – Thanks Judy!!! Additionally, our security team, who is responsible for rule enforcement, has been using the welcome bags as a gentle reminder to folks who may not be clear on the pet rules. They have reported this to be a softer yet successful way to start a difficult conversation. Ironically, it is often our very own ORPS owners who choose not to follow the pet rules. Dude with off leash golden retriever – you know who you are!!! The welcome bags are also available in the Lifestyles Office. I would like to thank the members of the DOF Committee for sponsoring the Welcome Bags and keeping all three locations in the resort stocked this season. The DOF Committee also recently co-sponsored, along with the Health and Fitness Committee, the 5K walk/run here at the resort. The 5K was open to anyone at the resort and pets were invited too. Prizes were awarded to the first finishers as well as the best dressed dog and human. It was a fun morning of exercise and there were cute pooch and people costumes too. The DOF Committee would like to thank our major sponsor – The Canine Spa which is here in Cathedral City. They donated some great treat baskets for the pooches as well as boarding and doggie day care gift certificates. Brenda King Chair

Gary & Donna Boehm Lot 1115 Tad and Carol Allen Lot 221

Donald Woolhouse Oscar Mena Lot 892

So, who can be a member of the FMCA? Simply any family with a Motor Coach, towable RV, parked 5th wheel and former RV owners. You will find applications near the mailroom in ES and LP. Benefits include Emergency Medical Assistance as needed, mail forwarding, travel assistance in the event of an issue, discount wireless hotspot, discount tires for your RV or car and a great magazine. The FMCA North America parent club dues is $85 first year; $75 thereafter. Local dues is $25 for ORPS FMCA. New local members also need to purchase a name tag at $10 each. Recent Past Events: Potluck dinner and Business meeting on Feb 6. Sixty-three members came out to share dinner and look at our accomplishments and upcoming events. A memorial brick at the fitness center for Curt Curtis was overwhelmingly approved by the crowd. The food was wonderful, and no one went home hungry. TOUR d’Palm Springs on Feb 8. Nine cyclists from FMCA ORPS participated in the annual bicycle ride/benefit. Riders battled the challenging and hilly 25-mile route. Other members walked a 5-mile course. Upcoming 2020 Events: March 3-5 - Onsite Rally , including Rally Welcome Party, Breakfast, Pickleball and Golf Tournaments, Cocktail Party, Dinner and Annual Business Meeting. March 5 - FMCA Speaker Series . 2-4PM in the Owner’s Lounge. This event is an open event and we encourage all to attend. ORPS resident Jim Leishman is a partner in Nordhavn, the world’s most respected “Passage Maker”, seaworthy personal motor-yachts. His family journeyed around the world in boats not as long as some RV units. Jim will tell us of his adventures including circumnavigating the world in a record 172 days in a 40-foot single engine trawler. March 26 - 29 FMCA’s 2020 International Convention & Expo at Pima County Fairgrounds, Tucson Arizona. Shopping, seminars, entertainment and Chapter events. Many ORPS FMCA members are traveling in caravan. Thursday 1-5PM. Friday - Sunday 9AM-5PM. See the posters by each mailroom or go online:

Pam Rose

President - 224-217-1869 - Lot 989

Jeff Buchman VP - 202-577-6478 - Lot 835 Vicki Helmer

Treasurer - 253-312-0193 - Lot 1082 Secretary - 610-573-3747 - Lot 835

Ken Hearn Doug Hibl

ORPS FMCA Nat’l Dir. – 209-480-8971 – Lot 99


Please Support OUR ORPS Vendors!

Lupe’s Hair Salon Providing for your hair and nail care needs.  Cuts & Design  Coloring (Hi Lites & Lo Lites)  Perms  Facial Waxing  Full Set Acrylic Nails  Full Set Gel Nails  Manicure  Pedicure Hours: Tue - Sat 9AM to 5PM El Saguaro - Right here in ORPS


Lupe 760-328-0007

Breakfast: 7AM to11AM Eggs, Pancakes, Country Fried

A1 Convenience Store Operated by A1 Custom Golf Cars Your On-Site Store carries a wide range of Sundry items, RV Parts and Supplies. We offer Golf Carts, Golf Cart Repair, RV Batteries, Golf Cart Parts, Cart Rentals and Summer Storage. Special orders may be placed for RV Parts and Golf Cart Parts not carried on site. NOW SELLING CART BATTERIES We look forward to serving all your needs. Hours of Operation : MON – SAT 8AM – 3PM SUNDAYS 8AM – 12 Noon A-1 Convenience Store

Steak, Omelets and more Daily Lunch Specials $9.95

Lunch : 11AM to 3PM Lasagna, Eggplant Parmigiana, Chicken Parmigiana, Chicken Piccata, Fish & Chips, Sausage, Peppers & Onion Pasta, Baked Ziti 3PM to 8PM House Specialties include: Shrimp Fra Diablo, Scampi, Shrimp Sofia, Linguini with Clams, Fettuccine Alfredo, Lasagna Alforno, Roma Combo, Veal Parmigiana, Chicken Limonigio, Pasta Primavera, Ravioli, a variety of Pastas Subs, Pizzas, Calzones, Salads, & Desserts Fried Cheese Sticks, Wings, Sautéed Garlic Mushrooms, Calamari, Garlic Cheese Toast & Fried Zucchini Appetizers: Dinner:

35 Years of Experience


We welcome you to come join us again this year. We are excited for you to taste and enjoy our wonderful Italian Cuisine . We can provide custom catering for any occasion. LET US HELP YOU IN YOUR FUTURE EVENTS 760-328-3834 Ext. 256 Open 7 days a week 7AM-8PM

Now Serving Beer & Wine


Elias Mobile Golf Cart Repair

RUDY ELIAS 760-898-1440

We Repair All Makes & Models CLUB CAR YAMAHA EZGO WESTERN PLANET FORD THINK GEM Pick–up and Delivery Service Available for online ordering use ' ORPS ' for a 15% discount off of the regular menu price for all orders, cannot be combined with other discounts/promotions. Round Table Pizza #0858

31775 Date Palm Drive Cathedral City, CA 92234 760-321-1756









MONDAY - FRIDAY 9:30AM - 5:30 PM Saturday 10AM - 2PM


Men’s Cut: Reg 15/Coupon $13 Women’s Cut: Reg $18/Coupon $15 Shampoo & Blow dry: Reg $25/Coupon $20 Color: Reg $55/Coupon $45

Don’t forget to bring your COUPON

NEW SERVICES Eyelash Extensions: $85 Eyebrow & Lip Wax: Reg $19/Coupon $15

Highlights: Reg $70/Coupon $60 Balayage: Reg $70/Coupon $60 Permanent: Reg $65/Coupon $60


REVENGE BOUTIQUE Ladies’ fashions XS to 1X FREE Sunglasses with ad and $20+ Purchase (O.P.P)


222 N Palm Canyon Dr

760 7709133 Emergency Calls Accepted We Care For People, Not Just Injuries Ask about our Decompression Therapy

Palm Springs 760-322-2180

Aguirre's Propane On Site Fill (760) 342-1645

31855 Date Palm Drive Suite 3 Cathedral City, CA 92234

Shipping Packaging Notary Live Scan Mailboxes

Business Cards Wide Format Printing Color Copies Freight

(760) 324-8184 Tel (760) 321-9682 Fax

Grooming With Love 34116 Date Palm Dr 7, Cathedral City Phone: (760) 328- 4523 Ask us about our new dental Service

February is Doggie dental month


2020 ORPS Big Star Night




ORPS Vendor List AGUIRRE'S PROPANE 760 342 1645 COUNTRY CLUB CARPET CLEANING 760 774 2889 CONCRETE COATINGS 877 437 6999 EXPRESS TECH MOBILE RV 760 487 2500 FRANK’S RV WASH & WAX 760 399 6320 GILBERTO CHAVEZ ( G&A CITY) 760-391-7078 JAIME GARCIA MASONRY 760 668 7302 JORGE’S LANDSCAPING 760 443 3672 JOSE GOMEZ GARDENING 760 641 4571 K & D VALLEY BLINDS 760 272 5621 NELSON’S RV WASH & WAX 760 408 5941 ON SITE RV FLUSH & TANKWORKS 800 517 6977 RAY DUFF 760 567 8772 ROMERO RV WASH 760 272 1965 SHADEMAKER INC 951 654 0841 SOUL SHADES 760 699 4297 If you are an approved vendor working in ORPS, who wishes to be on this list, please e-mail Editor

Admin Office

Ext . 244 262


Accounting Front desk


Maintenance Dispatch Community Standards

293 246


260 760-770-0065

La Palma Clubhouse Board Office/ Robert

250 254 255



El Saguaro Clubhouse Lifestyle & Events

270 271 272

Activities Assistant


Golf Shack Attendant

280 or 760-324-8638

Bella Roma Beauty Salon



E-MAIL ADDRESSES Edwin J. Vitrano Interim General Manager

Oracle Staff Editor E VA N ORCROSS Assistant Editors L OUISE K NOBF K AREN P ETERSON Proof Readers J OANNE N YQUIST R ONALD C OLLINS Photography Distribution S HAREN W OODGRIFT Ad Crew S ANDY S EAMAN

Brenda Mejia Controller Robert Brown Board Secretary

Alyssa Torres Lifestyle & Events Director ORACLE ORACLE@ORPS.COM Byron Jessie Maintenance Manager Jennifer Miranda Resort Services Manager


Outdoor Resort Palm Springs 69411 Ramon Road Cathedral City, California 92234

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