Big English BrE Pupil Book Level 6

Read and listen to the statements. All of them are true! Talk about them with a partner. Which one is the most surprising? Why? 1 Some kids have didaskaleinophobia , which is the fear of going to school. 2 Richard Branson, creator of Virgin Records and the Virgin Atlantic airline, didn’t finish secondary school. 3 There is an alternative school in Canada that doesn’t test pupils and it doesn’t follow a strict timetable, either. Pupils decide how to spend the school day and which activities to attend. They are grouped not by their age but by their interests. 4 Finnish pupils rarely take exams or do homework until they are into their teens. But they rank at the top or near the top in international tests in Science, Maths and Language. 5 China’s got the longest school day in the world. A Chinese pupil spends almost eleven hours in the classroom each day! 6 In South Korea, secondary school pupils applying for university all take the same standardised test. On the day of the test, people come to the school to support pupils who are going to take the test. They give out sweets, tea and other treats to the pupils. Some taxis give pupils free rides and additional trains and buses run before and after the exam. SCHOOL ALL ABOUT




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