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May 2020

All About Izzy Meet Our Official Door Greeter

I’ve raised one of our employees ever since she was little, and, for the past two years, she has been everyone’s favorite addition to the office. Some of our clients have even had memorable encounters with one of our most popular employees: our door greeter, Izzy, my wife’s adorable 4-year-old labradoodle with apricot- colored fur. Now, I know what you’re thinking: Bill, it sounds a little cruel to give your dog work hours. But I assure you, there’s nothing Izzy loves more than when I ask her if she’s ready to go to work. Her tail wags like crazy, and she always assumes her position inside the office’s French doors to greet people. Her bubbly enthusiasm isn’t what most clients expect to find at our law office, but that’s often their favorite part. To be honest, I’m not sure what prompted me to bring Izzy to work in the first place. However, a lot of people in our office have dogs. Many of us grew up with them. So it was pretty good fit right from the beginning! Izzy has certain qualities that make her office etiquette pretty impressive. Like most poodle mixes, she is extremely intelligent. For example, she can immediately tell if someone doesn’t want her near them, and she doesn’t get annoyed by it. She’s happy to bounce from person to person and give as much affection as possible to all parties. There are also times when someone comes in with a truly distressing issue on their mind, and they pet her in a way that is almost an embrace. And

sometimes there is no question — the client is hugging Izzy! It’s kind of magical really. I’ve also seen her simply walk up to people and sit in front of someone, waiting. She can sense when people are sad or stressed, and she doesn’t mind just being a friendly presence. Of course, when she feels the freedom to jump on someone’s lap—being a 60-pound dog— I apologize to people right away. Almost every single time, though, people stroke her and tell me they love her friendliness. That’s how loving and affectionate Izzy can be; she steals hearts right away. I’ve heard so many people come into the office and connect with her immediately. It’s therapy, even without the certification. Izzy thinks a lot of things are great, but I’m pretty sure nothing feels as awesome as her job in the office. We have a glorified slingshot that can shoot tennis balls up to 35 yards away, and she acts like it’s the greatest contraption ever. But even then, I know that sitting in our law office and meeting new people every day is something that’s very hard to replace in her routine. Izzy seems to think that everybody in the office is coming for the sole purpose of meeting her, rather than signing paperwork or coming to work. That’s got to make her job feel extra special. While Izzy and I are great coworkers, she treats Cory, my wife, like her actual mom. Izzy was pretty confused about the quarantine since I began working from home all the time, but

she’s been pretty happy sitting beneath my desk while I work lately. Of course, it’s been nice to pet her while she’s not working in hospitality. Lawyers have stress too! No matter what’s going on when you read this cover, I hope you know that my staff (including Izzy!) are still working harder than ever for you. Working remotely isn’t easy when it’s required, but both our firm and our clients have risen to the challenges, and we couldn’t be prouder of the way we’ve endured so far. We look forward to continuing to take your cases, and we hope that you’ll stop by when our offices are open again. Our team and Izzy can’t wait!

“Her bubbly enthusiasm isn’t what most clients expect to find at our law office, but that’s often their favorite part.”

Stay safe and healthy,

-Bill Steffens | 1

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