2019 MOBILE Sea Tales

The opportunity for global travel has increased the ability of people worldwide to broaden their horizons in every sense of the world. From my own experience, some of these personal enrichment opportunities have included, and taken me to… The Hawaiian Islands, where Captain Woo of the lovely SS Independence once sent one of the staff to my cabin to awaken my family at 4 a.m. Once on deck, we watched the sunrise illuminate hundreds of majestic female humpback whales, frolicking with their calves. The Panama Canal, aboard the Pacific Princess, where once I travelled with David McCullough, author of “Path Between the Seas.” This book, about the creation of the Panama Canal won the National Book Award in History. Former President Jimmy Carter later said that the treaties that handed over ownership of the Canal to Panama would not have passed had it not been for David’s book. My travels gave me the opportunity to lecture throughout Canada with Lars-Eric Lindblad, a noted environmentalist and a man who pioneered tourism to many remote and exotic parts of the world. I met him as part of the Orient Lines team when they acquired a Russian ice-breaker and refitted it as the Marco Polo, an expedition ship. Lindblad also believed tourism had been responsible for saving many threatened ecosystems and species. In opening remote and exotic areas of the world to tourism, he became widely recognized as a prominent figure of ecotourism. I’ve had the good fortune of experiencing over 75 cruise voyages (some of which were inaugural journeys) on such well-known

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