2020 OPA Winter Sward

2020 A Tough Year for Turf ( Continued from page 12)

probably the best time of the season to establish new seed. Soil temperatures are warm (not hot), and moisture much more consistent. Most Kentucky Bluegrass cultivars require a good 3 weeks to germinate, so slit seeding is needed. If you are going with an all Perennial Ryegrass mixture, broadcast application will work, however areas that see traffic, or are completely bare would be better served by slit seeding. Spring fertilizing after a brutal 2020 will of course be beneficial, however it is strongly suggested that a higher % (70% +) of slow release Nitrogen is used, in particular with components that will last a minimum of 8-10 weeks. Too much quick release N in the spring will force shoot growth over root growth, and lower the turf ’s ability to withstand summer stresses. Excessive spring growth will also challenge mowing resources, without doubt.

fall recuperation is contingent upon fertilizing turfgrass early enough to ensure nutrients have enough time to be absorbed and utilized by the roots to rebuild. That means fertilizer applications in late August and early September.

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For seeding timing, in and around Labour Day is

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