2020 OPA Winter Sward

Yardstick 2020

Yardstick Parks Benchmarking is nearly completed for 2020, with two thirds of member organizations having completed their questionnaire and audit meeting. It’s been a difficult few months for everyone involved and has tested the processes of both members and project managers. We have all discovered how easily the things we take for granted can change and have become more agile as a result. Parks have been at the forefront of our COVID response as one of the few places that remained open during lockdowns for recreation, and many

people have discovered local treasures in their parks networks that they may not have been aware of otherwise. With local parks more important than ever, parks benchmarking and parks user surveys are even more useful as a planning and budgeting tool. Yardstick parks and trails user surveys can be completed online so offer a great way to target parks and trails users and get their views without breaking social distancing rules. Find out more about what we can offer you, sample some of our results about sports facilities (sample below), or contact us for more information.


The Green Sward - Winter 2020

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