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are looking at amending our parks bylaw to include the HOSE rule so as a last resort after education and warnings, bylaw enforcement will be able to support us for those problem cases that don’t respond to a few warnings. Response #4: We are looking to allow our volunteer run outdoor rinks with PHU approvals. They’d be signed with screening and distancing needs, as well limits on no organized play by indoor groups, and also they cannot exceed gathering limits. Should indoor ice facilities [be closed] we would consider adding more sites and maintain those ourselves. As for Supervision, our Legal are considering that requirement may be needed, but it is TBD at present. Response #5: We are running our program. These are volunteer led and we have seen several of our normal groups and community volunteers want to step back given COVID concerns so we will likely have fewer - perhaps 20 of 40 sites will operate this

year. This will leave some gaps in our provision which we will be looking at to see if there are ways these gaps could be filled by 1 - 2 strategically placed City supported rinks. We will adjust our large ice at our major park downtown - construction means our city hall ice will not be in this year. We are exploring not doing two large pads, but putting in multiple smaller rinks this year to maximize availability. Normal rules of use apply and we will put an attendance maximum on each site (honour system - not enforced). If you have not already taken advantage of this wonderful member perk, be sure to check in once in a while - see what discussions are taking place, see if you can contribute to a chat, or perhaps even post your own topic so other members can help you.


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