2020 OPA Winter Sward

Green Sward the The word “sward” is defined as a grassy surface of land. Green sward is often used in other English-speaking countries as an alternate term for an open grassy area.

Board of Directors

Winter 2020


PRESIDENT, WAYNE GOULD City of Vaughan E: wayne.gould@vaughan.ca PAST PRESIDENT, JIM PITMAN City of Brampton E: jim.pitman@brampton.ca PRESIDENT ELECT, KARA BUNN City of Hamilton E: kara.bunn@hamilton.ca VICE-PRESIDENT, DARRYL GAIRNS Town of Oakville E: darryl.gairns@oakville.ca TREASURER, MATT MINTZ City of Richmond Hill E: matt.mintz@richmondhill.ca DIRECTOR, STEVE BARNHART Niagara Parks Commission E: sbarnhart@niagaraparks.com DIRECTOR, MARK DYKSTRA City of Waterloo E: mark.dykstra@waterloo.ca DIRECTOR, CHRIS KERN City of Woodstock E: ckern@cityofwoodstock.ca DIRECTOR, GENE MATTHEWS City of Guelph E: gene.matthews@guelph.ca DIRECTOR, DUSTIN MILBURN City of London E: dmilburn@london.ca DIRECTOR, MIKE MURPHY City of Windsor E: mimurphy@citywindsor.ca DIRECTOR, SHANE TAYLOR City of Cambridge E: taylors@cambridge.ca DIRECTOR, DAVIDWARDEN Town of Lincoln E: dwarden@lincoln.ca

Executive Director Paul Ronan

Message From Our President

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In Memoriam

Office Manager / Magazine Editor Shelley May

Healthy Eating - Winter 2020

Musings - Winter 2020

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Training Coordinator Abigail Moore

2020 A Tough Year for Turf Splash Pad Navigation in 2021 2020-2021 OPA Board of Directors

Art Direction Kerfont Designs

From the Parks Bench

Yardstick 2020

Dog Waste Environmental Emergency

Printer Mentis Media Group

Talk About Town

The Ontario Parks Association is committed to educating parks professionals and enabling them to meet or exceed industry standards while actively advocating for the protection and enhancement of parks and open spaces. Our motto “Protecting Tomorrow Today”® is a commitment to civic beautification and the advancement, protection and conservation of parks, open space and the environment in the Province of Ontario.


Bleacher Guys

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65 th Annual Parks Forum Ure-Tech Surfaces Inc.

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Dave Gower Memorial Golf Day

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Cover photo courtesy of: Keely Powley

GFactor Go

Simplistic Lines

Hy-Grade Precast Concrete

Contact Us

LO Congress 2020

Turf Care

60 Water Street North Cambridge, ON N1R 3B1 Phone: 905-864-6182 Toll Free: 1-866-560-7783

Email: opa@ontarioparksassociation.ca Web: www.ontarioparksassociation.ca

Submissions deadline for Spring 2021: February 20, 2021

Opinions expressed are not necessarily those of OPA. Charitable No.: 12725 7509 RR0001 Publication Mail Agreement #41066026

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