Azza Pacific has re-grouped! AZZA has now been in Australia for 9 years and AZZA Pacific will celebrate a special 10th brithday later in 2018. It is now well-known for the quality of the products and the expertise of our Consultants. We are offered much support from the parent company in Belgium for the supply of the vast majority of our products and for the guidance they show in the creative area. Our own expertise has grown to the extent that we are able to draw more and more from the creative work of our own team for inspiration. Our pages are an expression of our ability to design and construct a page which represents our own skills and displays our creative talents, while at the same time keeps the photos as the centre of our attention. While the original incentive is the creation of memorable photo pages, our design techniques can be put to use very productively on cards and other papercraft projects. The applications are only limited by your imagination. With the greater use of the internet and the high cost of producing hard copies of our catalogue in small quantities, we continue to have our catalogue only in electronic form. The use of Flipping Books means that we can all have a virtual catalogue at our fingertips. You may also download it to your laptop or tablet for your own convenience, should you choose. In 2018 AZZA Pacific has a new Management Team. Anita continues and is joined by Hilary, Deborah and Lyn. All have been with AZZA Pacific for many years and bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the task.

We thank you for your enthusiasm, your appreciation of the style and your continued enjoyment from it.

The AZZA PACIFIC Management Team

Part of our wonderful band of consultants.

Roxanne Fisher

Anita Day

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