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Recladding Services

Recladding Services

We are Errigal

We have a proven track record of over 30 years of exceptional service and quality, with specialist expertise in partition systems, external façade, interior fitout, ceilings, and bespoke solutions.

On the back of our successful cladding division, we formed a specialist team of experts whose sole focus is the recladding of buildings. In the wake of Grenfell, a number of important regulations surrounding cladding on high rise buildings were introduced to ensure the safety of residents. It is estimated that there are currently 650,000 people living in flats with unsafe cladding (the Association of Residential Managing Agents). We recognise the critical importance of recladding and understand the road in leading you to reading this brochure may

not have been the easiest. That’s why our approach to recladding is an end-to-end process. We facilitate our clients’ needs on a project by offering a full solution, from initial inspections to final sign off. You may only be looking for our help on one stage of the process and we’re equally adept at this too – at Errigal, no project is too big or too small.


Recladding Services

We do things the Errigal Way

Requirements / Standards

We are guided by values that have shaped us into the internationally renowned company we are today. That’s the way it’s always been, and that’s howwe’re able to say we have no legacy projects (post Grenfell) in the field.

In December 2018, in the wake of the Grenfell fire tragedy, the UK Government introduced regulations which prohibit the use of combustible materials in and on the external walls of specific types of high-rise buildings, as well as specified attachments.

We are rigorous in our approach, working closely with our suppliers and specialist partners, and guided by Quality Assurance at each stage of the recladding process to ensure standards are not only met, but exceeded. We stay ahead of the curve when it comes to cladding safety and pride ourselves on

being experts in this field. Our relationships with clients is just as important as our commitment to communities, that’s why we work closely with key industry bodies that work to protect homeowners and residents, such as the National House Building Council, BRE, Efectis, BB7, MLM and Exova/Element.

Following consultation, the Building Regulations were

The government’s technical consultation paper on the review of the ban stated: “We have commissioned research into the fire risk of various cladding materials, including the aluminium composite material (ACM) with a polyethylene core that was used on Grenfell Tower. “The results of this research indicate that products with a polyethylene core are by far the most hazardous cladding materials, of those tested. We consider that the use of polyethylene-cored products as cladding materials poses such a significant fire risk that an outright ban of their use on any buildings, regardless of height or purpose, is justified.” Another major proposal from the government is to lower the threshold on height from 18 metres to 11 metres.

The technical consultation paper stated: “We consider that buildings with a residential use between 11-18m may be subject to similar levels of fire risk to many of those taller than 18m. “However, there is no robust scientific evidence that we are aware of to fully support this. We consider that in the absence of this evidence, the option that best provides public protection is to reduce the height threshold to 11m now, and commission research to allow further review of the height threshold.”

amended to restrict the use of combustible materials in and on external walls and specified attachments to a list of materials essential for construction and

without an available non- combustible alternative.

The ban means combustible materials won’t be allowed on the external walls of new ‘Relevant Buildings’ over 18 metres in height. The new building regulations extend to all new hospitals, residential housing, boarding schools and student accommodation and residential care homes that are over 18 metres in height. One year later the Government carried out a review of the ban with a consultation on proposed changes to the regulations. This consultation has now closed, and the Government is analysing the responses.

How can we help you?

In essence, we bring our expertise and know how to make your building compliant with regulations and, in turn, safe for its residents. We have long standing relationships with partners who bring integrity to the recladding process.

We work with you and your design team to ensure that you don’t have to compromise on aesthetics or building performance and we work in a way that limits disturbance to residents, businesses and the general public.



Recladding Services

Our five step approach to recladding is this:

01. Inspection We identify your requirements

02. Design & Specification We find a solution

03. Fire Testing We test that solution

04. Construction Works We implement our plan

05. Sign Off Y ou’re good to go



Recladding Services

Howwe work five step approach

We have solid relationships with trusted suppliers and independent consultants who we work with tomaintain Quality Assurance procedures from manufacture through to final sign off. Quality Assurance:







Design & Specification

Fire Testing

Construction Works

Sign off

Our expert in-house team complete desktop analysis of existing design documentation to identify key areas for further investigation. We carry out a thorough intrusive inspection of the existing façade to understand the as built condition and any variances to the design information. Cladding sections are removed from the existing building and insulation, fire barriers and support systems are surveyed and a detailed report issued. We work with key stakeholders to gain access and ensure limited disruption for occupants.

Our highly skilled team of in house designers and façade

In some cases, where it is deemed required to demonstrate compliance to regulations via testing, we will design and build rigs accordingly to comply with fire testing criteria such as BS8414 and EN13501.

We’ll work with you and the building’s stakeholders to agree programme durations and the sequencing for the recladding works. We can offer all scopes to facilitate the reclad of the building, including logistics and access through our key supply chain partners. Once building works commence, isolated areas are ‘stripped’ and re-clad in single visits to minimise impact on residents, businesses, and pedestrians.

Quality assurance inspection and reporting is carried out at each stage to ensure installation is carried out in accordance with the design, specification and testing requirements. We liaise with regulatory bodies to ensure the works are signed off in compliance with the regulations and required standards.

managers work directly with you and your team to understand your needs as well as the requirements of the building. We’ll recommend a remedial solution that incorporates the building performance and aesthetics while striving to maintain original planning intent.



Recladding Services

Fire Testing

Safety is key

We are dedicated to fire safety at Errigal and in order for us to continue on to the next stage of our process, our proposed recladding solution must pass a BS-8414 in accordance with BRE135 3rd Edition. Independent third party inspectors are integral to this process. We

often work with Efectis, who are experts in fire science and safety. They independently assess the fire performance of products, systems or constructions that we build at one of its testing facilities.

What is BS8414?

What makes us different?

BS8414 is a large-scale test designed to demonstrate the spread of a fire within the external cladding of a building. A full scale rig is constructed to replicate a proposed recladding system, from cavity barriers to corner details, and a test is conducted which mimics fire breaking out. This exposes the cladding system to an intense fire.

The temperature at level 2 of the test rig, which is 5m above the hearth opening, must not go above 600ºC for more than 30 seconds in the first 15 minutes of the test. Following the burn, evaluations of the fire’s behaviour and the performance of the cladding system are conducted.

We have conducted 17 of these tests to date. We take responsibility of the testing

the very few facilities and spaces available here in the UK, and to prevent delays to the build. In other words, we have the experience, ability and scope to take control of all aspects of what is a highly specialised and often logistically challenging process, so you don’t have to.

frommaterial procurement and logistics to the building of the rig, and though we’re conveniently local to the Efectis fire testing facility here in Northern Ireland, we’re equally adept at facilitating these tests in locations as far as Dubai. This can be necessary due



Recladding Services

Quality Assurance

Safety is at the heart of every decision we make at Errigal. It’s engrained into our day to day, from how we approach projects, to how we interact with each other.

At the beginning of a project, we will implement an inspection and test plan for each stage of the build and produce a document which summarises the scope of works, the method statement, manufacture’s requirements and manufacturer’s tolerances.

Our clients keep coming back to us because we instil confidence, and we do this because Quality Assurance guides every step of our recladding process. At each stage of the build, we employ tests, inspections and independent façade consultant reviews, all designed to ensure maximum quality and compliance on every project we work on.

Independent façade consultant, Perry Britz of Glass & Facades Solutions Ltd., is just one of these third-party voices, whose work with us encompasses a broad spectrum of reviews, reports, and inspections to further demonstrate the safety of our design and installation.

We conduct a full assessment to determine the current condition of the recladding, including the state of the current products, and the functionality of the underlying elements. Remedial works are then undertaken to the agreed specification and manufacturer requirements. We have manufacturers who will also come to site to inspect the installation of their products and provide a report. Works are inspected and documented on task specific Inspection & Test Plans (ITP). At

this stage works are presented to the client for sign off. We recognise and encourage full traceability and accountability so at Errigal, we provide full transparency. With us, you will get complete joint client inspections on all elements of firestop, video documentation

When it comes to the façade build up, Errigal implements a four-phase control process which vouches for accountability of work, compliance with approved

plans, specifications, and customer requirements.

The four stages are subject to quality control processes from fixer to supervisor then the QA/ QC manager and finally the client. Each phase is important to help achieve the required quality of work and the correct sequencing of works.

of completed fire barrier installation, certified and

trained personnel, audits and presentations from suppliers and a full QA documentation of the works.



Recladding Services


Project: Vistry Partnerships

Project: Galliford Try Construction North West Galliford Try worked with Errigal Contracts on a re-cladding project at a private development in the heart of Manchester and would have no hesitation in recommending them or working with the team again in the future.

Errigal Contracts carried out the reclad works of the White City building in 2019.

The works included the removal of the existing cladding and replacement with PPC aluminium cassettes along with the complete fire barrier remedial works in line with current regulations. We turned to Errigal after developing an excellent working relationship with them on another project at Brunel Street. We had total confidence in Errigal’s ability and technical knowledge. In addition, we had confidence in Errigal’s in-depth knowledge of the products being used on the project which was important both to Vistry and to the client.

We also found everyone at Errigal excellent to work with and would certainly work with them in the future. There was a good flow of information and collaboration on the project which helped us work past any issues which came along. Inevitably when we moved on site there were a couple of ‘curve balls’ but we were pleased with Errigal’s ability to efficiently overcome them with solid technical solutions. Their understanding of the products on the market and their ability to put them forward as solutions meant we could continue without an impact on the programme.

We were also impressed by Errigal’s ability to carry out

The team from Errigal were very knowledgeable, demonstrating their experience and professionalism throughout the job. In addition, they were all very friendly and easy to work with which was a bonus on such a tight site which was surrounded by hotels, retail units and city- centre accommodation. Due to the geography of the site, safety was a critical consideration. Errigal supported us with

planning around issues such as access and temporary works. There was a one-team approach from everyone on-site, which was welcome and something you don’t always get. From a technical, quality assurance and safety point of view we couldn’t fault Errigal. They were accurate and honest with their programme timescales and planned around the pandemic to keep the works moving. The Health & Safety Executive and Fire Officer visited the site, and were

satisfied with the safe planning and execution of the works. Errigal also thoroughly tested and verified the cladding system on this complex project with trials conducted at third party facilities. We now view Errigal Contracts as a key member of our supply chain.

thorough testing on the products at a facility in Dubai. When you consider the logistics which goes into getting everything shipped out to Dubai, not every company would be keen to take this on. The fact that Errigal takes that further step is why we consider them a trusted member of our supply chain.





Recladding Services

Case study

Project: Manchester City Centre Re-cladding Project

Project: White City, London

Working with lead contractor, Galliford Try, this major project in the heart of Manchester was a £10.8million development which delivered 77 one, two and three-bedroom apartments, two commercial retail units, a central covered access area and basement parking.

Errigal Contracts further developed its excellent working relationship with Vistry Partnerships on the reclad works of the White City building.

Our Approach: The scope of works for this re- cladding project included the removal of existing cladding and replacement with PPC aluminium cassettes along with complete fire barrier remedial works in line with current regulations. As with most re-cladding projects the building was fully occupied by residents. A lot of the recladding works required access onto private balconies and

When stripping the existing cladding, Errigal found defective fire barriers, incorrectly installed cavity barriers and support systems that were inferior and needed to be adapted and modified to suit structural requirements Our Approach: The scope of the works from Errigal Contracts included the removal of 4,000m2 of existing cladding panels and the installation of a supplementary mineral wool insulation. Errigal installed a complete fire wall in line with the current standards followed by the installation of the replacement cladding which was an A2 Rated Alpolic system.

The new cladding system had an innovative black and white design which created a bold aesthetic when matched with the striking yellow colour of the spacious balconies.

through resident apartments, therefore Errigal had to carefully co-ordinate the works to ensure disruption was kept to a minimum. To maintain a good relationship with residents Errigal employed a public liaison officer to communicate the disruptions to residents and co-ordinate access at suitable times. Protection measures where implemented to ensure private spaces were not damaged in any way as a result of the works.

The external cladding sundry elements [solar shades, copings, flashings and trims] were already installed as aluminium. The powder coated finish on the existing panel was a bespoke ‘metallic gold’. To produce this finish and to underline the level of care which goes into projects, Errigal had to complete a colour matching process to seamlessly match the existing aluminium element of the building.

The work was carried out in accordance with a project-

specific BS8414 system test which was also undertaken by Errigal on behalf of the client at a facility in Dubai. Errigal Contracts Director, Chris Hodgkinson said: “This was a project which required significant pre-planning due to its location in Manchester city centre. The building was surrounded with a mix of hotels, retail units, living accommodation and a Grade II listed building.



Recladding Services

Case study

Project: Brunel Street Works, Canning Town

Who we work with

The development at Brunel Street in Canning Town represents one of the largest regeneration projects underway in London.

National House Building Council (NHBC) National House Building Council build confidence in the construction quality of new homes by assessing, inspecting and directly insuring new homes registered with them. Glass & Façades Solutions We have been working with Perry and the team for the last five years on projects across the UK and Europe. Scope includes design development, design reviews, compliance reviews, technical reports and site inspections. This is to provide our clients assurance that they have an independent façade consultant reviewing their design and installation and providing support where required. Our Supply Chain Our supply chain includes many reliable partners across the manufacturing, distribution, logistics and access such as Siderise, Rockwool and Hilti, and we are always looking to expand upon this with experienced industry partners.

We have built strong partnerships and long-standing relationships with our supply chain and wider industry bodies to strengthen our knowledge pool and expertise and deliver the best possible result to our clients. We can call upon a vast knowledge pool which includes some of the industry leaders in façade and fire consultancy, and we work closely with a number of excellent testing facilities and industry bodies, including: Efectis Efectis is a global player in fire science and covers all fire safety expertise in testing and modelling, certification, inspection, education and expertise. We work with Efectis on our fire safety tests at its facilities across the UK. Element Group Element’s experts conduct cladding and façade testing services to help meet building requirements and ensure the safety of the buildings’ occupants. We have worked with Element Group at their testing facility in the middle east.

These striking buildings adjacent to Canning Town Station will transform the skyline in this part of the capital and provide 975 mixed tenure homes along with commercial and retail space and a Premier Inn Hotel.

Partnerships since late 2017 on the scheme, providing early design, budgeting and programming of the façade system as well as install and access requirements.

Errigal have also carried out BS8414 testing of proposed cladding systems.

Errigal have been working in conjunction with Vistry

Our Approach: The scope of works is varied and challenging and is a real testament to Errigal’s capabilities and knowledge in delivering excellent quality across all through-wall solutions. The Errigal team overcame a number of challenges on this project. Logistical restrictions required careful coordination on the delivery of materials, whilst planning requirements needed

to be met whilst still delivering on the required fire and weather performance necessities. The proximity of the apartments to the flight paths of London City Airport required acoustic parameters to be implemented. The apartments were also in short distance to the London Underground, which meant that communication and comprehensive forward planning was crucial to facilitate the works without interrupting schedules.

The Errigal team worked on a live site where residents had moved into apartments whilst others were still under construction. This has meant keeping lines open with residents and being considerate to those who are at home more than often during a pandemic and therefore exposed to more disruption.



Recladding Services

Meet the team

Chris Hodgkinson, Contracts Director

Brendan is an MEng Structural Engineering Graduate from Queens University Belfast and has over 15 years’ experience in the industry across the globe. He has been with Errigal since 2014, going from Facades Manager, to leading teams to deliver ground- breaking contracts across the globe. For Brendan, compliance with regulations remain at the forefront of all decision making and this is something that filters down throughout the team and has become engrained in company culture and The Errigal Way. Email: Brendan Treanor, Preconstruction, Procurement & Design Director

Mark Skinnader, Commercial Manager

Helena Cosgrove, Design Manager

Dwayne McGlone, Design Manager

Over the last 20 years, Chris has worked on some of the UK’s highest profile projects, including Kings Cross Underground, the Olympic Stadium and the London Aquatics Centre. Chris has a proven track record of managing projects to an exceptional standard from initial design meetings to installation. He confidently tackles complex construction challenges and is key in developing invaluable relationships with trusted and proven suppliers. Email:

Mark joined Errigal in 2015 and has gained an in-depth knowledge of façade systems, helping to develop and provide economic and cost-effective solutions for our Clients. With over 15 years’ experience in the Engineering and Construction sector, Mark takes a hands- on approach to his work and ensures a comprehensive understanding of a project is achieved by being involved in all commercial elements from initial tender enquiry right through to final handover. Email:

Whilst Helena can often be found on site, she is constantly expanding her knowledge in innovative technologies using BIM, Revit and CAD, to ensure that Errigal remain at the forefront of advances in digital construction. She’s a key player when it comes to finding a robust solution to the project brief, ensuring that remedial solutions fully comply with regulations and standards. Email:

Dwayne is a Chartered Architectural Technologist and Certified Passive House Designer and is currently undertaking an MSc in Façade Engineering at Bath university. Since 2016, Dwayne has been using his industry knowledge and impressive skills in innovative 3D software to bring client’s visions to life. Dwayne is a prime example of Errigal’s culture of care and is dedicated to communities, with a passion for delivering low carbon designs that surpass client expectations. Email:

Get in touch: ( IRL ) +353(0)47 70709 ( UK ) +44(0)203 9616560 ( NI ) +44 (0)28 77740066 E:


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