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Renting out a Refurbished Lease on Life INVESTING IN A RELATIONSHIP

The uniform we put on for our day jobs does not dictate the person we are when we walk through our front door at night. When we plop down on the couch or head outside to play catch with our kids, that’s when life really begins. But if your passions lie in helping others, if they lie in building and maintaining strong relationships with your community, then your daily routine is never mundane. Instead, it is filled with providing peace of mind to people who found themselves in a situation they didn’t see a way out of. That’s why I do what I do, and why I call Connecticut home, because after years of helping people in ways that may seem mundane to the passerby, I began to see a little bit of myself in every client I’m able to steer in the right direction. From an early age I knew I wanted to be an investor, both in a literal sense and figuratively in the lives of those around me. I was fascinated with the idea of it all. The concept of executing a small, strategic placement of finances and seeing big results, all based on the merits of your planning, was seductive to me. Growing up under the same roof as my parents in Middletown, I got a firsthand look at what the right choices in life could bring you. My parents were blue collar, my dad was a woodshop teacher while my mom was a stay-at-home mother who directed the choir at church. We lived smartly and simply, and as I got older I came to realize that because of my parent’s investments with what menial income they were bringing in, they ended up much better off financially than some of their peers who made upwards of six-figures a year. From this financial exposure at such an early age, I knew what investing could bring you. But I also saw plenty of examples of what can happen when life throws you for a loop, especially in the housing market. Your home is valued at one price one day, then the next day nobody seems to want anything to do with it. With so many exterior factors at play, there is always a certain degree of risk when deciding to buy or sell or rent a property. The market fluctuates, rezoning trifles with land plans, a broken pipe floods the basement: If there’s a problem that can put a damper on leasing out your property, I’ve seen it happen. It is from this inside knowledge from years of experience that I sympathize and understand every one of my clients who reach out for help. With investing of any type, some things are inherently out of your control.

Perhaps most importantly, at the end of the day I also know what it’s like to put funds aside to invest in yourself. Five years before my brother and I bought our first property and relaunched Robert C White & Co in 2012 –

thus officially starting our torrid love affair with the housing industry – I had made the choice to pursue my first true love by marrying my wife Anne. Fast forward to

today and we have been blessed with four loving – and wild – children. My oldest, Evelyn, the only girl of the bunch, is 8-years-old while my sons David, James, and William are 6, 4, and 2, respectively. They are my world. My passions outside of the office lie mainly with them, where my wife and I spend our time watching them grow, playing soccer with Evelyn, taking the little ones to Boy Scouts, and making sure not to take anything too seriously. Yet, my family grows every time I meet another client. Where there is a need, there is a service to be done and a relationship to be built. You don’t have to go it alone in this industry, whether it was a sudden move, an unproductive tenant, a failure to sell, or whatever your reasoning is for renting out your property, trust in Robert CWhite & Co to deliver the level of service you deserve. While I can’t affect the markets, I can effect time. When I’m renting out your home I’m essentially able to hit the pause button until the market improves. This way, when the dust settles, you’re ready to go once the winds of change start blowing in the right direction again.

–Luke Eddinger


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