Big English BrE Activity Book Level 4



Read and match. 1 Twins are the

a very rare.

2 Identical twins look 3 Triplets are more 4 Quadruplets are

b common than quadruplets.

c most common.

d the same.

Look and complete the sentences. 24

glasses serious shorter straight taller wavy

2 Dad’s hair is

1 Mum’s hair is



3 Mia is

4 Tim is

than Tim.

than Mia.

5 Grandma wears

6 Mia likes to read. She is .


Rewrite the sentences. 25

His hair is shorter than mine.

My hair is longer than yours.

2 Your brother is taller than mine. My brother is shorter

1 My hair is longer than yours. Your hair is shorter



3 His hair is curlier than hers. Her hair is straighter

4 Her legs are shorter than his. His legs are longer



5 Our car is brighter than theirs. Their car is darker

6 Their house is smaller than ours. Our house is bigger


. 11 Unit 1

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