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To the Pranksters Among Us

Of course, everyone who received the letter was in an uproar. Being the fiery Italian that I am, I called the number, responding to the woman on the other end with rage. “Department of Traffic Violations,” she said.

April Fools’ Day brings out the pranksters amongst our friends, and for no one is that truer than Cristina. Her good friend Kasey — also a Realtor — looks forward to April Fools’ more than Christmas, Easter, and Halloween combined. She lives for the holiday — each year she takes the day off work so she can conduct an elaborate prank. Cristina recalls one particular April Fools’ that left her and Kasey’s other victims at first outraged, and then clutching their bellies in laughter. About 10 years ago, Kasey put together her most extravagant prank yet. Kasey works strategically throughout the year to carry out a prank, and for this one, she went all out. On April 1, all of Kasey’s friends received a similar letter in the mail. It was in a sealed envelope from the City of Whittier, and we opened it to find an official document on City letterhead. I read the letter in disbelief and growing anger. It told me that I’d broken a traffic law several months before, and because I hadn’t paid the resulting ticket, my license was being revoked and I was to show up for a court appearance. It was a very long, official- looking letter, with a list of all the penal codes that I’d broken. At the bottom was a phone number to call.

“What’s going on?” I demanded.“I have a letter telling me I need to appear in court, and I never got a ticket!”

I called in with all my attitude, and the woman on the phone answered as if she were from the courthouse and began going over my “case.” Suddenly, she erupted into huge laughter, and said,“Gotcha!” It was Kasey on the other end and Kasey who’d sent out those letters. She’d strategically planned the entire prank, collaborating with her aunt who worked at the City of Whittier to get the proper-looking letterhead. I still don’t know how Kasey pulled this off, but I do know that she relished every phone call she got that day and the chance to enjoy her favorite holiday.



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