Columns™ Monthly – January 2023

Power To 30,000+ In Austin Won’t Be Restored Until Feb 12 The Surprising Military Truth About U.S. Abrams Tanks For Ukraine 5:10 Steve Jobs: Focus Is About Saying No 3:05^ The Real Skinny On Isolating China’s Chip Industry – China’s Toast 8:48 India’s Adani Pulls Off Critical Financing (2) Sale Of IAA Auto Auction Company Hits Speed Bumps

Corporate Investor Fraud In America Russia Breaches Nuclear Arms Treaty U.S. Sending 94 Mile Range Weapons To Ukraine

Columns™ Monthly – January 2023 "It's not the will to win that matters – everyone has that. It's the will to prepare to win that matters." - Paul “Bear” Bryant Best viewed in landscape mode on phones. Select a purple column header to leave comments, we read them. Our mission is to deliver interesting, unbiased, or from multiple points of view, or of differing opinions, “long term important” news. The Columns™ Newspaper, USAjobs Inc.- a not-for-profit organization

Source: CPI

Corruption Perceptions Index 2022

Source: NASA NASA’s Going To The Asteroid Worth 70,000X Total Global Economy

Source: Off The Press India’s Gautam Adani Accused Of ‘Largest Con In Corporate History’

China’s Population Falls, A Demographic Crisis

Source: Bloomberg Japan Doubles Down On Defense And U.S. Alliance

Source: AP Alarmed By Chatbots & AI, Universities & High Schools Should Teach AI – Teach Not Block




Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Neuroscience, And The Beta 3AGI™ Project

Try One Yourself – The MIT Brain (AI) Course (1:10s)

Detection Of Brain Tumors Using Machine Learning Algorithms – MEDICAL & HEALTH – AI – Dx Artificial Intelligence In Agriculture And Food Industry – AGRICULTURE – AI

Source: CSIRO First Benchmark Measures Brain Atrophy For Alzheimer’s Diagnosis

Source: WP U.S. And India Finally Join On Defense & Chips?

Association Between Sleep Med Use And Risk Of Dementia (2)

NY Investors Buying Up Colorado River Water

Artificial Intelligence Companies In The Power Sector – ENGINEERING – EE – AI Additive Manufacturing Process Using Artificial Intelligence – ENGINEERING – Manufacturing – AI

Computer Model Predicts Who Will Recover From Covid

British Workers Unite For Largest Strike In A Generation

EU Lays Out Plan Per U.S. And China Subsidies

The Horse Race: Will Google Catch OpenAI?

Source: UBC Sitting In Traffic Significantly Impairs Cognition – GGo™

The Singularity Won’t Be In 7 Years, But This Is Worth Understanding

How ChatGPT Changes Legal Services – BUSINESS – Law

New Superbug Gonorrhea Beats Antibiotics

Source: AFP Russia And Iran Launch Payment System As An Alternative To Swift

6 Issues With ChatGPT

The 4 Categories Of Cancer Risk Factors, You Control 3 – 9:00

ChatGPT A Real Estate Agent’s Tool

Is The Amazon Becoming A Grassy Savannah?


UC Docks Pay Of 48,000 Research Workers Who Went On Strike

Anti-Depression Drug May Also Be Useful In Treating Alcohol Use Disorder

California Has 100 Gun Laws But Many Shootings – Texas Is Far Better

Crop Yield Using Artificial Intelligence And Remote Sensing Technologies– AGRICULTURE – AI Diagnosis Of Brain Disorders Using Artificial Intelligence – MEDICAL & HEALTH – AI – Dx Managing Healthcare Supply Chain Through Artificial Intelligence – MEDICAL & HEALTH – AI Intelligence In Finance And Economics For Predicting Exchange Rates – BUSINESS – Finance – AI

7 Health Symptoms Directly Related To ‘Long Covid’

A Surprising Interactive Map Of Education Quality By State

Brain’s ‘Wakeful Rest’ Network May Be A Key To Alzheimer’s Risk

U.S. Actual Munition Counts Will Alarm

Perhaps Putin’s Set On WW3, Expecting Europe, Or U.S., To Back Down

Dopamine Drug Helps The Inflamed And Depressed Brain

Effects Of Dietary Nutrients On Disease

A Credible Animation & Analysis Of Ukraine Taking Crimea 15:23

The Many Manifestations Of Long Covid

Dissolve IRS, Add 30% National Sales Tax

300,000 In Austin, 156,000 Homes, Without Power Wednesday Morning (2)

Mid-Life Vigorous Exercise Linked To Brain Power

Your Healthy Lifestyle Slows Cognitive Decline

The Argument Against Supporting Ukraine

What’s New In Parkinson’s Treatment 1:02:13

Biden Says No F-16s For Ukraine (2)

Source: UT UT Austin Launching Online Masters In Artificial Intelligence Via Harvard & MIT’s edX (2) Efficiently Leverage Machine Learning In Agriculture – AGRICULTURE – AI Digital Twins, AI And Reconfigurable Manufacturing – ENGINEERING – Industrial – Manufacturing – AI. GigaFlex™ Artificial Intelligence And Precision Medicine – MEDICAL & HEALTH – AI – Dx AI Predicts Reduced Blood Flow To The Heart – MEDICAL & HEALTH – AI – Dx

Autism Diagnosis Rates Triple

Why Not To Rinse White Rice Before Cooking

Florida: Third Degree Teachers Felony For Woke Books & Teaching?

Alzheimer’s Disease 3.5 Years Before Clinical Diagnosis

Why Turkey Is Blocking Sweden & Finland From NATO

New Hope For Patients With Hereditary Metabolic Disease

Children’s Immune Response To Covid Is Fast But Doesn’t Last

Source: Change Theta Chi Pledge Dies From Hazing

Super Bowl LVII – Chiefs v Eagles

Google’s Code Red: ChatGPT, Bing, Apple Search,

Source: Unsplash U.S. Children Use Toxic Makeup Products

France & Australia To Make Shells For Ukraine

Scott Galloway On ChatGPT 6:41

Poor Literacy Linked To Worse Mental Health Worldwide

Jordan Peterson On ChatGPT 6:16


Successful Schools Will Embrace & Teach ChatGPT

Covid Vaccine Based On New Technology Tested In Clinical Study

ChatGPT Speech Read On House Floor

Clear Ways To Decrease ACM All Cause Mortality – You’ll Be

Surprised 10:33

AI Predicts ICU Delirium Risk – MEDICAL & HEALTH – AI – Dx

A New Cause Of Dementia Discovered – A Leak

Artificial Intelligence To Reach Zero-Defect Manufacturing – ENGINEERING – Manufacturing – AI

The Link Between Hydration, Sodium, And Aging

AI And Robotics In Agriculture – AGRICULTURE – AI

A Comprehensive Review Of Parkinson’s Disease & Treatments 47:31

Source: Zee News Gautam Adani, India & Asia’s Richest Man Loses $28B In A Month, $50B So Far (2)

Incorporates Dendritic Properties Into Neural Network Models – ENGINEERING – CS – AGI AI Predicts Two Common Heart Conditions – MEDICAL & HEALTH – AI – Dx Additive Manufacturing And Machine Learning – ENGINEERING – Manufacturing – AI Artificial Intelligence Applications In The Agrifood Sectors – AGRICULTURE – AI AI And Clinical Teams Join To Change The Face Of Trial Monitoring – MEDICAL & HEALTH – AI

Head Injury & 2X Long Term Mortality

You Still Have Genes For Full Body Fur

Prenatal Pollution Linked To Lower Cognitive Scores

Midlife Obesity Linked To Heightened Frailty Risk In Older Age

Source: AFP Ukraine Supporter And Military Hero Swept To Czech Presidency

Long Covid Study: Blood Values Indicate Reprogramming Of Immune Cells

Germany Warns Of Arms Race (It Cannot Perform)

Hypertension Drug Could Be Repurposed To Delay Aging

Zelenskyy Signals Arms & Munitions Emergency

Yellen Warns Of Debt Ceiling Catastrophe

Gallup: Govt #1 Problem, Inflation #2

All Eyes On School Librarians

Source: Jakub Porzycki/NurPhoto Here It Is – Live Chats with ChatGPT – You May Not Believe It 13:17

Putin’s Wagner Group Disintegrates

Source: AP Extreme Cold Is Gripping East Asia

Satellite Images Show Russia’s Plans & Options

…And Other Dialogs With ChatGPT 18:27

Time May Be On Russia’s Side

How ChatGPT Can (Will) Change Real Estate – Berkshire Real Services™ This AGI Singularity Appears Only 7 Years Away In 2030 (2) AI Analysis Of Voice Data To Detect Parkinson’s Disease Earlier – MEDICAL & HEALTH – AI – Dx Machine Learning And Artificial Intelligence For CNC Machine Tools – Speeds, Feeds, Tool Life – ENGINEERING – CS – AI Prediction Of Nano, Fine, And Medium Colloidal Phosphorus In Agricultural Soils – AGRICULTURE – AI Welding Defects Classification Through A Convolutional Neural Network – ENGINEERING – CS – AI AI To Triage Patients With Chest Pain – MEDICAL & HEALTH – AI – Dx Deep-Learning Model For Remote Driver Monitoring – ENGINEERING – CS – AV L1-L4

Attack On Iranian Drones A Huge Success

French Government Refuses To Back Down On Pension Reform

Columns™ Monthly – December 2022 Flipbook

Columns™ Monthly – November 2022 Flipbook

Columns™ Monthly – October 2022 Flipbook

Source: Shutterstock Association Between Covid & Cardiovascular Disease

Columns™ 1 in 40 Putin will use nukes (re Xi)

Source: WIHT The Internet In A Few Not 100 Years

Source: Zuckerman Institute Origins Of Pleasurable Touch Traced From Skin To Brain In Mice

26 Provisions To Consider In Your Will 16:35

‘Smart Patch’ Could Be Used To Detect Alzheimer’s

Instagram Founders Launch “TikTok” AI News Named Artifact – Columns™

Emotional ‘Blunting’ Caused By Common Antidepressants

AI-Generated Content In Hospitality And Tourism Marketing – BUSINESS – Marketing – AI

Source: Sean Greene /LATimes The Complete Colorado River Story And The West’s Day Of Reckoning

PayPal Laying Off 2,000 Employees

Covid Pregnant Women Damage Placenta & Fetus

Warren & Charlie On Social Security 9:13

70,000 Man Study: Viagra Reduces Early Death By 25%

Russia: Western Tanks Prove Western Participants

AI In Project & Team Organizing – BUSINESS – AI

Mercedes Beats Tesla To L3 Self-Driving In U.S. (2)

Ukraine Pushing For F-16s

Reverse Aging Might Be Here In 5 Years

Effects Of Automated News Generation On News Organizations – COMMUNICATION – Journalism – AI AI Can Help People Be More Empathetic About Mental Health (2) – MEDICAL & HEALTH – AI Implications Of Automated & Autonomous Vehicles On Road Design – ENGINEERING – Civil & AV AI Has Higher Accuracy For Estimating Gestational Age – MEDICAL & HEALTH – AI Dx

Half Of Our Most Generous Are Jewish

Why You Can’t Find What You Want With Google Search – Coming Search Wars – Try Reddit 14:04

U.S. Economy Grew At 2.9% Rate On Consumer & Business Strength (2)

Seniors Actually Love ADUs, And Numbers Work – 6101, SUNz™

France & Italy Sending Ukraine Anti-Ballistic Missile & Anti- Missile Systems

USDA Invests $2.7B In Rural Power, $613M For Security & Reliability

Why Hawaii Has The Longest Lifespan

Moscow & St. Petersburg Are Highly Vulnerable To Missile Attack (wsj$1)

OpenAI & AI Will Change White Collar Jobs & Universities Fast

Source: Glen Francis David Crosby, Of Crosby Stills Nash, Dies Of Covid (2)

Gates, Page And Brine All Unretire For The Colossus AI War With OpenAI And ChatGPT

Source: Electrek Toyota’s New Cargo eBike – ESG & InLineAI™

Generative AI Is About To Run Out Of Data – It Stops Progress (free)

We’re In The Pandemic’s Fourth Year

FREE LAND (BJYHS™) : Lincoln, KS (and 10y no tax); Osborne, KS (free buildings); Loop City, NE; – Cuyahoga Valley National Park, OH (houses & farm land); Mankato, KS; Manila, IA; Tribune, KS; All WY; Federal USDA Grants Nationwide; and Yukon, CN (1Y Res.) 12:24 10 Of Many U.S. Towns You Can Buy & Sweat, SD (Lan Bensten) 11:34

Hybrid Immunity Is The Best Protection Against Covid

Bug Brains Inspire AV Collision Avoidance

Source: ANI Biden Considering Trip To Europe To Mark One-year Anniversary Of Russia’s Invasion

Role Of Lymphatic System In Bone Healing Revealed

Artificial Intelligence And Management – BUSINESS – AI

Huntington’s Disease Affects Different Neurons

Impact Of Artificial Intelligence On Chatbot Design – ENGINEERING – CS – AI

Will Putin Survive?

Don’t Uber In Cancun

Antiviral Compound Could Be Broadly Efficient In The Treatment Of Covid

Artificial Intelligence Adoption In A Competitive Market – BUSINESS – AI

The 10 Most Expensive U.S. Rental Zip Codes

Free Land Worldwide 11:23

Alzheimer’s Risk Factors Affect Men More Than Women (2)

How Time Is Different For Everybody 8:57

Oil & Gas’ Five Step Plan

Generative Artificial Intelligence For Journalism And

Earth’s Metal Core Has Stopped Spinning – It Means Nada

Personalized Parkinson’s Dopamine Cell Replacement Therapy 27:53

Media Education – COMMUNICATION – Journalism – AI

South Africa’s Support Underscores Moscow’s Propaganda Success

Denmark Calls For Mandatory Military Service For Women

Source: VCG Baidu Plans To Roll Out AI- Powered Chatbot – The Race Is On

Source: Shireen Dooling Why Dietary Choline Is Essential – 90% Of Americans Don’t Get Enough

Source: Lee Lab New Field Of Neuroscience Aims To Map Connections In The Brain – ENGINEERING – CS – AGI (2) Plant Agriculture Artificial Intelligence Information Systems – AGRICULTURE – AI Reproducibility Issues That Haunt Health-Care AI – MEDICAL & HEALTH – AI Artificial Intelligence & Cataracts – MEDICAL & HEALTH – Dx – AI Edge Computing With Artificial Intelligence – ENGINEERING – CS – AI

U.S. Stops Granting Export Licenses To Huawei

Source: Head Topics Bed Bath & Beyond Says It’s In Default On Loan To JPMorgan

Source: NASA/JPL-Caltech/University of Arizona NASA’s New Impact Asteroid Detection, A Big Deal Realtors Have Picked Up ChatGPT As A Tool For Writing Listings – BRS™

Source: Pixabay World’s First Test To Detect Diabetics At Risk Of Kidney Disease New Therapeutic Approach To Prevent Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS)

Source: PATRIK STOLLARZ/AGENCE FRANCE U.S. Sending Abrams Tanks To Ukraine

Twitter Ad Revenue Falls 71% In December

Microsoft’s Opening OpenAI & ChatGPT Tools To Developers

The Genius Strategy Of Sam Altman & OpenAI

Nitrite Additives & Risk Of Type 2 Diabetes

Automation And Augmentation – ENGINEERING – CS – AI

Medicare Moves To Decrease Drug Costs, Counselors at State Health Insurance Assistance Programs Help (nyt$1)

AI In Electrical Control Systems And Automation –

Source: TechCrunch

Source: Waterloo Greenway Conservancy

Fidelity Cuts Twitter Valuation, Again

Austin’s Waller Creek Waterloo Greenway Phase 2

Harvard: Exxon Fully Knew Climate Change Rate & Effects (2)


Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning In Medical Infrastructure – MEDICAL & HEALTH – AI

New York Times Front Page

Elon Warns: Adderall Is Low Grade Speed, Makes You An A***ole

Wall Street Journal Front Page

Clinical Explainable AI In Medical Image – MEDICAL & HEALTH – Dx – AI

CDC: Pfizer Covid Bi-Valent Booster Has Stroke Risk For 65+ 6:10

5 Powerful AI Uses Coming In 2023 11:28

What Nurses Say About Quitting & Strikes

Source: T Narayan Can India Supplant China?

Pollution Even Takeover Of The Web By AI Text, Images And “Ideas” – A Major Issue To Be Solved

Parkinson’s Disease & Slowing It – It’s Complex 1:24:18^

California Weighs Tax On 160 Billionaires, 23,000 Ultra- Millionaires U.S. Sending Abrams, Germany Sending Leopard 2 Tanks To Ukraine 9:57 (2)

Covid Long-Haulers Face Stigma

How ChatGPT Works & How To Use It Better 10:02^

Deep Meditation May Alter Gut Microbes For Better Health


America’s 25 Most Generous Donors In 2022

Strategic ChatGPT Markets & Opportunities – 3AI™ BJYai™ 16:43

$15k Pay Raise Proposed For Texas Teachers By Lawmaker

Sources: Cannondale & Thomas World’s 2 Lightest & Best eBikes (2)

Which Human Jobs Will Be Done By ChatBotS™ Teach ChatGPT In Schools, Don’t Ban It – YLabs HS (nyt$1)

Dog Walkers Make $100k, And Love It

Source: University of Jyväskylä Muscle Mass Supports Women’s Arterial Health From Youth To Middle Age

The Top 10 Most In Demand Job Titles Per Indeed

Risks Commercializing ChatGPT

FBI Spied On Americans’ Book & Library Activity

We’re Getting Close, Real Close, To Reversing Aging

Elon Does 180 For Modi, Removes Critical BBC Broadcast

Exxon’s Internal Climate Analyses Were Highly Accurate

Source: Will Chase The Pickup Then And Now

Ukraine: Attacks On Major Russian Cities Coming

Mysteries & Leading Biomarker For Alzheimer’s

Source: U-M

Elon & Lennar Team On Bastrop Housing – SUNz™ BJYHS™

Russia Has More Problems Than Ukraine’s World’s Best Tanks

Neural Networks Outperform More Complex Systems For Controlling Robotic Prosthetics – MEDICINE & ENGINEERING – CS Cognitive Therapy For Brain Diseases Using Artificial Intelligence Models – MEDICAL & HEALTH – Tx – AI Similarities In The Activity Patterns Of Artificial Agents And The Brain – COGNITIVE NEUROSCIENCE + ENGINEERING – CS – AGI Artificial Intelligence On Trust And Human Behavior In A High-Risk Decision Task – ENGINEERING – CS – AI AI Detects Rare Forms Of Dementia – MEDICAL & HEALTH – AI Dx

Old Antipsychotic Drugs May Offer New Option To Treat Type 2 Diabetes

How I’d Fix Twitter If I’m CEO – SnApp™

India Remains Top Buyer Of Russian Oil

Journalist Deaths Jumped 50% In 2022

Indian Stock Market Moves To T+1 Settlement Times

Ukrainian Officials Fired In Anti-Corruption Drive

Source: Concha Valley GM Is Considering A Small Electric Pickup Truck

Yuma, AZ Faces Collapse From Immigrant Rate

Source: Open Science Framework Corpus Callosum Switches Off Right Hemisphere During Speech

Austin House Values May See 25% More Decline

Brazil And Argentina May Combine Currencies

Managing Emotions Prevents Pathological Aging

Japan Prioritizes Arms Buildup And Birth Rate

Simple Spray May Keep Covid Away

CNET Has Been Quietly Publishing AI-Written Articles For Months

Harvard: Pick One Of These 4 Diets, Live Longer

Transfer Learning For Neural Decoding – ENGINEERING – CS – AGI

Kidney Health, CKD And Over The Counter Meds

Source: Formatoriginal Now Security Keys Are Best Way To Protect Your AppleID

A Cough Medicine Slows Parkinson’s Progression

Predictive Soil Moisture Modeling & Applications – AGRICULTURE – AI

Source: TASS South Africa, Russia Deepen Military Ties

Zuck’s WeChat Is Even Worse Than TikTok^

Progress In Decoding Genetics Of Insomnia

AI In Energy & Power Engineering – ENGINEERING – CS – AI

SARS-CoV-2 Entry And Exit Ports Inside The Noses

AI-Enabled & CRM For Healthcare – MEDICAL & HEALTH – Dx – AI

Early Retirement Can Accelerate Cognitive Decline

Artificial Intelligence In Pest Management – AGRICULTURE – AI

Source: The Gamer

Microsoft Is Shutting Down Its Metaverse

Artificial Intelligence In Breast Imaging – MEDICAL & HEALTH – Dx – AI

Stripe Hires Investment Banks To Explore IPO

Artificial Decision-Making And Human Trust In Autonomous Vehicles – ENGINEERING – CS – AV Text Generation In The Age Of Artificial Intelligence – ENGINEERING – CS – AI – NLP

Morgan Stanley Fines Bankers $1M Each Over WhatsApp

Source: Wiki Inflammatory Trigger A New Clue In Alzheimer’s

3 Things Truly Happy People Never Do

Source: Aptera Aptera Reveals Launch Edition EV

Source: Visual Capitalist The Global Perception Of Major 2023 Risks

Source: Claysys Chat AI Apps – It’s The Dawn Of A New Era As Were PCs, Phones, Apps

Source: AccuWeather Intense Western Weather (2)

Microsoft’s New AI Does Any Voice From 3 Seconds Of Audio

The ChatGPT Scaleup & Startup Boom

Source: AP …More: Google Lays Off 12,000 Staff

New U.S. Maps Of Serious Lung Fungal Infections

OpenAI Pilots ChatGPT Pro

New Guidance For Drugs & Surgery For Early Obesity In Kids

Tesla’s New $3.5B Nevada Semi Plant

ChatGPT And Future Search

Google To Demo AI Chat Search As ChatGPT Response

Intelligent Decision Support Systems In Supply Chain Risk

Vaccine & Prior Covid Infection Confer Long-Lasting Protection Against BA.5


Elon & Jamie Dimon Agree – 50 Years For Transition To Green Energy If You Have An iPhone, You Really Need To Know ‘Advanced Data Protection’

UCSD: Reversing Parkinson’s With New Neuron Cells 59:05

Meta-Analysis Of AI Research In Journalism – COMMUNICATION – Journalism – AI

Dementia Caregiver’s Experiences And Preparedness

Sugar’s Role In Common Kidney Disease

Artificial Intelligence In Human Resource Management – BUSINESS – HR – AI

…More On Giant GE Wind Turbines Collapsing

The Business Of AI Startups – BUSINESS – AI

Warren: If You Plan To Be An Investor … 11:55

Mark Cuban Cost Plus Drug Company Is A Winner – YLabs™


Source: University Of Copenhagen Newly Discovered Anatomy Shields And Monitors Brain (2)

Source: Chris King All Internal Cable Routing By Chris King – SpeedO™

First Look At Muse, Google’s New Text To Image Tool 14:00

Solving Fake & Inaccurate Online Reviews – SnApp™

Robust AI Driving Strategy For Autonomous Vehicles – ENGINEERING – CS – AV

Amazing How Anatomy Is Encoded In Living Organisms – 15:30

Microsoft’s Layoff Is All VR, Hololens and Mixed Reality Employees Twitter Staff Can Tweet From Any Account In ‘Godmode’ – SnApp™

AI & Smart Agricultural Technology – AGRICULTURE – AI

AI Accurately Reflects Risk Of Cognitive Decline And Alzheimer’s Disease (2) – MEDICAL & HEALTH – Dx – AI

EU Lawmakers Back ‘Prohibitive’ Capital Rules For Cryptoassets

Source: SELMAN DESIGN Yes, Muscle Strength Keeps Your Brain Strong

Bots In Newsrooms – COMMUNICATION – Journalism – AI

Source: Visual Capitalist 2022 Discoveries And Some Opportunities – YLabs™

Tesla’s 19% Price Decrease Allows $7,500 Tax Credit – A Big Problem For GM

Deep Learning Algorithm Can Hear Alcohol In Voice – MEDICAL & HEALTH – Dx – AI Potential Of Machine Learning In The FMCG Retail Industry – BUSINESS – AI

Bees Roll Wooden Balls To Play – We Continue To Underestimate

ChatGPT Passes Wharton MBA Exam

Aerobic Exercise Reduces Depression In Teens

Amazon At The Crossroads

GE Large Wind Turbine Towers Are Failing (2)

Covid Infection With Molnupiravir Can Lead To Quicker Recovery At Home

AI-Guided Personalized Drug Combinations To Treat Relapsed Lymphoma – MEDICAL & HEALTH – Dx – AI

Time Spent In Nature Appears To Slow Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s

10 Things ChatGPT Can Do For You Today

Advancements In Agriculture Robots – AGRICULTURE – ML

Four Major Subtypes Of Long Covid

Big Banks’ Zell Wallet Launching vs Apple, PayPal

Source: AP Chris Hipkins To Replace Jacinda Ardern As New Zealand PM

Opt By Meta, A Free ChatGPT Competitor

Microprotein Found To Increase Appetite In Mice

If You Use PayPal Check Your Account Right Now

PaLM By Google, A Free ChatGPT Competitor

Singing Supports Stroke Rehabilitation

Sphere By Meta, A Free ChatGPT Competitor

Covid Vaccines, Prior Infection Reduce Transmission Of Omicron

Bloom, Open Source, A Free ChatGPT Competitor

Galactica By Meta, A Free ChatGPT Competitor

Source: Reuters Brazil And Argentina To Discuss Common Currency

Source: Mashable Asia’s Richest Man Gautam Adani Is Addicted To ChatGPT

NIH Is The #1 Funder Of All University Science Research

Nobody’s Ever Won Betting Against America

Cybercriminals Exploiting OneNote To Spread Malware

The 10 Top Research Universities – UCSD Ranked 6th In Research, Above Harvard, Stanford, UCLA

Russia Prepares For Massive 3- Front Attack On Ukraine

Source: Yu Ohmura Good And Bad Feelings – Brain Stem Serotonin

It’s War, Make No Mistake, NATO And The West vs Russia, P.2

Princeton Student Builds AI Essay Detector

On German Leopard Tanks For Ukraine

2023: 10 AI Projections, 10 AI Companies

Source: EPA AWS To Invest $35B In Virginia For Federal Customers

Poland Not Germany Leads Europe’s Defense

7 Major AI Articles Of 2022

2023: ChatGPT In Education (op)

Germany, Leopards And NATO

Where Smart Speakers Go From Here – WaveFi™

AI As A Service- AIaaS

China’s Massive Global Projects Are Failing – They’re Not American Engineers

Google Refocuses On AI Due To ChatGPT’s Search Threat, Laying

Off 12,000

Voice Assistants Are Losing Money

Source: Kraemer Lab Targeting Tau, The Other Protein Behind Alzheimer's Disease (2)

Google Recalls Larry & Sergey For ChatGPT Search Competition – It’s Pivotal Apple Expands Home Speaker Products As Google And Amazon Report Speaker Loses

NIH: Good Hydration Lowers Mortality & Disease

Source: CNN She Tried To Flee To Mexico

App Moderators Are $2/Hr In Kenya, And India

Why The U.S.-Turkey-NATO Relationship Is Complex

Source: Pixabay New Brain Model Could Pave The

GM And LG Energy Drop Plans For Fourth U.S. Battery Plant

Turkey vs. Greece – No Match

Way For Conscious AI – ENGINEERING – CS – AGI

The Brett Kavanaugh Documentary

Source: Pixabay … More – Hydration Lowers Disease Risk

Artificial Intelligence In The Work Context – BUSINESS AI

Turkey Cancels Swedish Minister’s Visit Over Protest Permit

AI Solution To Classify Epileptic Seizures – MEDICAL & HEALTH – Dx – AI

Test Detects Alzheimer’s Neurodegeneration In Blood

Germany Snubs Ukraine’s Leopard Tank Request

Autopsies Show Covid Virus In Brain

AI Fails To Pass Radiology- Qualifying Examination – MEDICAL & HEALTH – Dx – AI

Source: Reuter Twitter Hit By 40% Revenue Drop Amid Ad Squeeze

PayPal Confirms Data Breach

Twitter Officially Bans Third- Party Clients

Source: Reuter France Proposes Vastly Expanded Defense Budget

Source: Times Now Microsoft Plans To Integrate ChatGPT Into Bing

Finland To Send $435M Military Aid Package To Ukraine

Source: PNAS - What We Know About Brain Wiring Ketamine Found To Increase Brain Noise

Biotech Labs Using Dall-E To Invent New Drugs

Five 2023 Predictions For China

ChatGPT Looks To Visualize The World

Source: Meropy

Top 10 Parkinson’s Articles Of 2022

Farming Robot Covers 50 Acres Of Crops Per Day

Putin Via Medvedev Say It’s Nuclear War If Ukraine Wins

In 2022: We Sequenced The Entire Human Genome


Claim: Russia Preparing 700,000 Troop Offensive (2)

OpenAI Alternatives In 2023

Xi’s Error: Original Covid 100X More Deadly Than Latest Omicron Variant (Ed. Op)

AI Art Generators

Ukraine Is Riddled With Russian Collaborators

Google Has Everything It Takes To Better ChatGPT

2022: NIH Helps Recap 2022

Alfalfa Sprouts Recalled Due

CFPB: What’s Ahead For Wells Fargo Customers

AI & Augmented HRM – BUSINESS – AI^

New Covid Pill May Be Improvement Over Paxlovid

Russia Already A Weak, Junior Partner To China

AI Diagnoses Severity Of Covid Pneumonia – MEDICAL & HEALTH – Dx – AI

Brain Area Necessary For Fluid Intelligence Identified

Russian Ex-Officer: Russia Is In A Proxy War With U.S. & NATO – An Eye Opener 26:08 The 4 States That Don’t Tax Your Pension Or Retirement, No matter Your Wealth

AI Innovation By European Firms – BUSINESS – AI

Southwest Air Customers Still Stranded, Mass Exodus, 11,000 Flights Canceled (2)

AI Tool Responds To Botox Treatment With 96% Accuracy – MEDICAL & HEALTH – Dx – AI

Netherlands Sending Patriot Systems To Ukraine

ChatGPT Is Useful But Do NOT Rely On It For Facts

European Parliament Calls On EU To Blacklist Iran’s IRGC

Satya Nadella: Dall-E, ChatGPT To Hugely Impact Our Future

Source: Visual Capitalist 2022 U.S. Equity Winners And Losers

Framework For Marketing Of Business Decisions – BUSINESS – Marketing – AI Automated Journalism & Sports Analysis – COMMUNICATION – Journalism – AI Machine Learning Analysis Of Crop Color For Autonomous Irrigation – AGRICULTURE – ML

Source: Daily Mail Andrew & Tristan Tate Arrested For Rape, Sex Trafficking

…And What Greta Thunberg Says

Supply Chain Management Is An Integrating Function– BUSINESS – Manufacturing – AI

Source: New ForestOff Road Club Gravel: The New Cycling Clubs

For Some, Insomnia May Be A Phobia

Tomato Leaf Disease Detection Using Convolutional Neural Networks – AGRICULTURE – AI

We Could Run Out Of Data To Train AI-Language Programs –

ENGINEERING – AI – Deep Learning Architectures

Source: Josh Ross Why The SpeedO™ CarryOn™ Is So Good, And Details On Hassles Of Bike Transport^

Artificial Intelligence For Acute Cerebrovascular Disease – MEDICAL & HEALTH – Dx – AI

Deep Learning In Business Analytics – BUSINESS – AI

Source: WSJ The Great U.S. Chip Plant Buildout – BJYFederal™

Source: 9To5google Google Nest Sleep Sensing Free Thru 2023

Source: Waze Waze Refocuses – New, Quality, Low Cost Cameras (2)

Source: Seeking Alpha The Chatbot Wars – An Investors View

Where Microsoft & Partner OpenAI (ChatGPT) Are Headed

Strong Worldwide Limitations Of Google Searches On You^

… More On Microsoft & OpenAI

Tapering Off Ambien & Z Drugs (2)

Apple Indefinitely Postpones AR Glasses

How ChatGPT Can Be A Useful SysAdmin Tool

Autism Spectrum Breakthrough Within Reach (2)

Now Microsoft Is Laying Off 10,000 Workers

AI For News Production By Journalists – COMMUNICATION – Journalism – AI

UT Austin Blocks TikTok

New Sensor Sees Light Deep In Our Brain

Elon: Instagram Depresses, Twitter Angers – SnApp™

AI Improves Colorectal Cancer Screening For Lynch Syndrome – MEDICAL & HEALTH – Dx – AI

Autopsies Show Covid Virus In Brain

Your iPhone Settings Can Protect Against Theft – Do This

How Autism Arises

Now In Settings^

Restricted Abortion Access, Increased Suicide Risk

Agriculture & AI-Driven Smart Farming – AGRICULTURE – AI | USDA

Zuckerberg On Elon’s Twitter Content Moderation

Detect Alzheimer’s Neurodegeneration In The Blood

AI Technology & Consumer Repurchase Intention – BUSINESS – Marketing – AI

Why Walmart Doesn’t Accept ApplePay

Covid Infection With Molnupiravir – Quicker Recovery

PowerPoint-Like Tome, One Of The First “ChatGPT+” Apps

Fatty Liver Disease Endangers Brain Health^

AI May Be Key For Scaleups & Startups While Big Tech In Headwinds

Source: Visual Capitalist Where You Get Most Of Your Power – BJYEnergy™

Is The Future Of Art AI? (Who Would Know? :) 8:08

U.S. Army & Navy Field Hypersonic Missiles In 2023

Source: John Croxton Specialized Lays Off 8% Of Workforce


Amazon Begins Its Largest-Ever Layoffs: 18,000 People

Source: AP Southwest Air Ices To A Halt

FTC Moves To Ban Non-Compete Agreements

Southwest Air Under Federal Scrutiny

Report: “Putin Will Name Heir, Retire In 2023”

People Sleep The Least Early 30s To Early 50s

Source: David Chrisom AI Changes Hip Preservation– MEDICAL & HEALTH – AI

Mark Groubert At Dealey Plaza, Dallas 1:41:23

Why Loss Of Smell Occurs In Long Covid – What’s Damaged

Source: CryptoSlate Coinbase Halts Operations In Japan

Just Another Reason Seattle’s Toast

AI Helps Real-Time Diagnoses During Surgery (2)– MEDICAL & HEALTH – AI Insurance Cases & AI Automated Anomaly Detection – BUSINESS – Insurance – AI Brain Stroke Prediction & Artificial Intelligence– MEDICAL & HEALTH – Stroke – AI

Vietnam President Resigns Amid Corruption Scandal

Source: MUSC Link Between Hearing Loss And Autism Spectrum Disorder (2)

Normative Perspective & Journalistic AI – COMMUNICATION


GM Unveils AWD Hybrid Electric- Powered Corvette

– Journalism – AI

Removing AI’s Sentiment For Personalized News – COMMUNICATION – Journalism – AI^

Microsoft’s Bing With ChatGPT Will Rise As Google Search Continues Results Users Don’t Want

An Automated Journalism Framework – COMMUNICATION – Journalism – AI

Wyoming Wants To Phase Out New EVs By 2035 😳

Source: Weather Channel Christmas Winter Storm Likely To Be As Bad As Predicted

Source: Gauntlet Aerospace/Christian Turner Largest Aircraft Ever Flown Completes Record-Breaking Flight Test

Apple & CASHw™ Drop Bomb On Square & PayPal

Genetic + Registry Data AI Predicts Mental Disorder Diagnosis – MEDICAL & HEALTH – Dx – AI Checks For Plagiarism With One Click

AI Advantages In Food Production – AGRICULTURE – AI

G. Wheeler: One Reason I’m A Generalist 13:30

AI In Evaluating Food Safety Risk – AGRICULTURE – AI

Understanding Central Bank Digital Currencies Coming For Sure Third-Party Twitter Apps Stopped Working Thursday Jan 12 – SnApp™

Source: Unsplash Fact: Potatoes Are Fine For Health Correctly Prepared

ChatGPT & Detecting Early Signs Of Alzheimer’s Disease? – MEDICAL & HEALTH – AI – ChatGPT

Source: Falcon Sky Photography …More On Tesla’s Austin HQ Expansion

We Knew It – GenZ Fears Phone Calls

Data Ingestion For AI (2) – BUSINESS – AI

Microsoft Azure Adds OpenAI’s ChatGPT To Cloud Services

China’s On It’s Way To 1 Million Covid Deaths

ChatGPT is Changing Public Opinion About Artificial Intelligence Fast

Refineries Freeze, Fuel Prices Soar

AI CAGR 40% To $422 BILLION BY 2028

…And The New AI Vector Databases

15 Ways To Use ChatGPT

Source: City of Austin Austin eBike Rebates Starting To Work … Slowly (2)

Emotion-Expressing AI Chatbots Impact Customer Service (2) – BUSINESS - Marketing – AI

SEC Goes After Winklevoss Twins, Genesis & Gemini For Selling Unregistered Securities (2)

Artificial Intelligence In E- Commerce – BUSINESS – AI

AI & The Accounting Profession – BUSINESS – Finance – AI

Howard Marks: A Once In 25Y Stock Market 14:12

Successful AI Adoption In Drug Development – MEDICAL & HEALTH – AI Cheating With ChatGPT: Can OpenAI’s Chatbot Pass AP Lit? | WSJ $1 6:58 (2)

Why ApplePay Is So Safe 2:14

Tesla Slashes Prices Up To 20% (2) (3)

AI Can Write As Well As Most Human Beings, A Video Test

Source: Cho lab, UC Riverside How The Brain Stores Remote Fear Memory

Elon’s On Trial For “Funding Secured” Tweet

Artificial Intelligence Predicts User Intentions – BUSINESS – Marketing – AI

Sat-To-Phone From Zero To $450 Million In 2 Years

Troubled Sleep A Possible Risk Factor For Type 2 Diabetes (2)

AI, Algorithmic Competition And Market Structures – BUSINESS – AI

Covid Virus Can Affect Vision And Depth Perception

Source: Visual Capitalist Predictions For 2023

Agility Of AI-Assisted Human Design Teams – Engineering – AI

96% Of U.S. Workers Looking For New Job In 2023 (2)

AI Changes Competitors – BUSINESS – AI

Source: CYC Mid-Drive eBike Kit, 1,000w 3.3kg 72v (2)

U.S. Will Need An Almost Impossible Number Of New Electricians

Source: National Eye Institute 3D Bioprinting Creates Eye Tissue (2) During Sleep, Brain Regions Synchronize To Create Motor Memory

It’s Long Term: 80% Of Florida 65+ Seniors Fear Eviction, 36% Nationwide 3:32

Parler Down To Only Staff Of 20^

Source: Quora Quora’s Poe – Easy Way To ChatGPT & Going Niche^

Twitter Rival T2 Funds From High Profile Angles^

OpenAI’s ChatGPT Wrote My English Essay!

Tesla Cuts Prices On Electric Vehicles For U.S. Market 20%, Similar Worldwide

Covid: A Respiratory Mucosal Vaccine Effective In Mice

Harvard: People Love You

How To Take Far Better iPhone Photos

More Than You Think (2)

Source: Sandbox Why America Can Build The F-35, But Russia Cannot The SU-57 No Hydrogen Transportation For 50 Years, Except Perhaps Trains & Planes 20:01

Half Hour Regular Exercise Was And Is Coronavirus Protective, Perhaps Other Viruses Also

Stripe Cuts Its Internal Valuation – CASHw™

Twitter’s New TikTok-Style For You Page – SnApp™

LBJ’s Women 107:07

Source: OpenAI /TechCrunch Today: OpenAI’s Text-To-3D Genius AI (2) (3)

Youngkin Is A 2024 Contender

Dutch PM Denies U.S. Pressure Over Chip Equipment Export

5 Theories How General Intelligence Varies Among Us

UAE Names Oil Company Chief To Lead COP28

Source: Horizon Aircraft Horizon Cavorite X5 eVTOL

Source: AP Streets Empty In Pop. 26 Million Shanghai – Covid

Artificial Intelligence In Marketing – BUSINESS – Marketing – AI

To Be Clear, Putin Has Declared War On The West, Europe Is At Stake

How Adobe Became So Valuable Over 40 Years 5:18

Early Parkinson’s Diagnosis & Treatment

Subtle Biases In AI Can Influence Emergency Decisions – MEDICAL & HEALTH – AI

Will Conscious Machines Be Here This Fast?

Alibaba Sells $126M Stake In Paytm – CASHw™

Artificial Intelligence In Human Resource Management – BUSINESS – AI

Japan To Release Radioactive Fukushima Water This Year

DirecTV Lays Off Hundreds Of Managers

AI For Detecting Gastroesophageal Variceal Bleeding – MEDICAL & HEALTH – AI

Source: Vizaca Broncho’s Ronnie Hillman 31 Dies Of Kidney Cancer

Source: HTC HTC’s Vive XR Elite VR Headset

Source: HKS The Supertalls Stampede Into Austin

Source: AccuWeather Poor Time To Travel, Period.

Source: TCL

TCL AR Eyewear With The RayNeo X2

2,200 Winter Storm Flights Canceled, More Coming

Layoffs Are Tech’s New Normal

Source: Neil Munro /AP Breitbart 40 Million Mexicans In The U.S.

Source: UC San Diego Wearable Skin Patch Monitors Hemoglobin In Deep Tissues

Source: Verge Sony+Honda Unveil Their Joint EV Brand ‘Afeela’

Origins Of Omicron Retraced

Obesity Researchers Discover New Gene Mutation In Children

Source: Unsplash AI Detects Early Osteoarthritis From X-Ray Images – MEDICAL & HEALTH – AI Social And Ethical Impacts Of Artificial Intelligence For Agriculture – AGRICULTURE – AI Building Construction Industry Using Artificial Intelligence – ENGINEERING – Civil – AI Artificial Intelligence And Oncology – MEDICAL & HEALTH – AI Be ChatGPT Uninformed At Your Own Risk – Don’t Miss This 26:26 3 Free To Low Fee Instant Start AI With Practical AI Classes (A Deep Dive For Non-CS)

Source: Bloomberg UK Property Market’s Warning Signs Are Flashing Red

Source: Hyundai 2023 Best Small ESUV?

Source: WEHI Molecule That Mimics Insulin Advances Diabetes Research

Virtual Reality Game Objectively Detects ADHD

Source: Amazon Amazon Drone Delivery Begins In College Station & Stockton – Swift™

Covid Virus Can Affect Vision And Depth Perception

Amazon’s Drone Fleet Flying 2:52 – Swift™

Source: Jörg Carstensen /NPR MacKenzie Scott’s $14 Billion To 1,600 NPOs

UCSD, UCLA, UC Researchers’ 5th Week Of Wage Strike

Reshoring, AV Trucking, & AV Ultralights

UC Researchers Reach Tentative Strike Agreement

Zuckerberg’s Meta, Facebook, & Instagram Ads Illegal In EU – A Massive Headwind

Detection Of Leaf Disease Using Artificial Intelligence – AGRICULTURE – ML & USDA^

SpaceX Gets $750 Million Of New Funding At $137B Valuation

Source: Chronicle 6.4 Quake Hits N.California, 70,000 No Power (2)

MIT: What’s Next For Chips And A Massive Buildout^

Source: BLOOMBERG The World’s Most Powerful Passports 2023

Houston’s Plan To Be A Hydrogen Hub (2)

High Animal Protein Intake Causes Kidney Stones

House Votes To Strip $80 Billion IRS Funding, Senate Won’t

Kidney Stones & Fish, Beef, Chicken Protein

Amazon Expands Layoffs To 18,000 (nyt$1)

Source: Weill Cornell Medicine Artificial Intelligence For IVF Embryo Selection – MEDICAL & HEALTH – AI

The Russia Ukraine Peace Proposal

Small Kidney Stones Usually Pass On Their Own

Salesforce Lays Of 8,000 (nyt$1)

Tesla’s $700 Million Austin HQ & Gigafactory Expansion

AI Can Improve Profit – BUSINESS – AI

This Is Willebrand Disease

Opt By Meta, A Free ChatGPT Competitor

Is Elon Right About GM?

AI & Automation Workplace Automation – Engineering – Manufacturing – AI

PaLM By Google, A Free ChatGPT Competitor

A Really, Really Bad Idea – Ban Gas Heating In NY State

Sphere By Meta, A Free ChatGPT Competitor

ChatGPT Expects $1Billion Revenue By 2024

U.S. Munitions Plants May Not Be Able To Sustain War

Bloom, Open Source, A Free ChatGPT Competitor

Werner’s 8,500 Truck Fleet Getting AI

Russian Artillery Fire Down 75% 4:23

Galactica By Meta, A Free ChatGPT Competitor

Adoption And Use Of AI By Agricultural Workers – AGRICULTURE – ML & USDA

EBikes Changing Cities – SpeedO™

AI Ethics In Business Literature, A Review – BUSINESS – AI

Source: Zhao, et al Soft Brain Probe & Depression -3P™ (2)

Coders Look To Save Blockchain Companies $100 Million

Automation Of NC Programming With Artificial Intelligence –

Samsung & SKorea Don’t Plan On Losing Chip War

Dolphins’ Brains Show Common Signs Of Alzheimer’s Disease

Engineering – Manufacturing – AI & 3D300 MW^

Source: NYT Legendary Jeff Beck Dies At 78 Of Bacterial Meningitis (2)

(2) (3)

No Ivermectin Benefit For Covid

AI Predicts Packing Machine Stoppages In Smart Factories – Engineering – Manufacturing – AI

Austin And Seattle Are Polar Opposites

Tesla Board Member Claim: Ambien Taking A Heavy Toll On Elon

Big Tech 2022 Big Flops

Brazil’s Right Loves Twitter

Deer Mad Cow Disease Spreads To 29 States

2023 University Housing & Resort REITs – UHR-REIT Austin & La Jolla Inflation Protection

2023 Value Investing Inflation Protection

Source: Uber Miami’s Uber Eats Launches Robot Delivery Service – InLineAI™ AI Journalism In The Classroom – COMMUNICATION – Journalism – AI Machine Learning In Industrial Robotics – ENGINEERING – Manufacturing – ML Prediction And Potential Customer Identification For Digital Marketing Using Machine Learning – BUSINESS – Marketing – ML Artificial Intelligence In Project Management – BUSINESS – AI

2023 LakeTX Inflation Protection

Source: AP Peru Anti-Government Protests Spread

2023 YLabs Austin & La Jolla, Estes Park & Playa Del Carmen

Source: Grid U.S. Religion’s Mass Exodus Of Young (2)

UK And Japan Sign Defence Agreement

Twitter Letting Users Swipe Between Tweets, Topics, Trends – SnApp™

How To Tell If Your Phone SIM Card Has Been Hijacked

Stellantis To Build Archer’s Air Taxi

Source: Quanta Alzheimer’s Explanations You’ll Find Comprehensive, Interesting And Relevant^

Source: Reuters BRAZIL UNDER SIEGE (2)

What If It Took $5.7 Million Not Billion To Develop An Alzheimer’s Therapy?

Machine Learning & Software Defect Prediction – BUSINESS – ML

It’s 100% Certain Covid Variants Are Ongoing

Source: Ottonomy Ottonomy’s New Delivery Robot – Sprite™

Stock Price Prediction – BUSINESS – Finance – ML

China: Tracking Covid In China Has Become Impossible

Machine Learning Predicts Entrepreneurial Attitudes – BUSINESS – ML

Weight Gain Or Loss May Predict Dementia Risk

Artificial Intelligence: Practice And Implications For Journalism 2019 – COMMUNICATION – Journalism – AI AI Improves Decision Support In Safety Management – BUSINESS – Manufacturing – AI

Proteins Malfunction In Parkinson’s Disease^

Long COVID: New Evidence For Cause Of Fatigue Syndrome^

Source: Business Today Amazon Secures $8 Billion Unsecured Loan As Cash Flow Insufficient

Source: Reuters U.K. May Send Main Battle Tanks To Ukraine

Machine Learning For Efficient Manufacturing – BUSINESS – Manufacturing – ML

500,000 Californians Lose Power In Pacific Storm

Machine Learning Actuarial Ratemaking For Agricultural Insurance – AGRICULTURE – ML

Kyiv: Russia Drafting 500,000 (2)

Source: We Americans Waste 30% Of Our Food (2)


AI Governance In Energy Systems – BUSINESS – NLP

Source: Mixed Apple AR Headset May Need AirPods For Full Experience

More Insight Into Precisely How Our Media Is Controlled 5:59

(Again) How AI Does Infinite Fake Photos Of You^

The American Plan Book To Reduce Food Waste – HerbMan™ BJYAg

Ant Consumer Unit’s $1.5B Capital Plan Approved

Warren On Why Private Equity Funds Are A Fraud 6:04

Artificial Intelligence For Customer Complaints & Brand Switching – BUSINESS

If You Have The Money, Gene Editing Treats These Diseases

Tik Tok & Netflix Rise, Meta & Google Fall In Advertising, (Apple & Microsoft Are Fine)^

Tijuana Sewage Closes San Diego To La Jolla Beaches

Advanced Cognitive Computing For Data-Driven Social Systems – ENGINEERING – Computer Science – AI AI Agriculture For Intelligent Pesticide And Irrigation Management – AGRICULTURE

China’s Invasion Of Taiwan Would Fail, But At Huge Cost

Tesla Misses 2022:Delivery Target, Stock Continues Fall

Jamie Dimon: Base Rate May Pass 5%

Genius Charlie Munger On 2023+ 8:14

Fed Signals More Rate Hikes (2)

Ford Recalls 8.6 Million Vehicles In 2022, Worse Than All Others

This Interactive Chart May Help You Decide If Flu, RSV, or Covid (nyt$1)

OpenAI’s ChatGPT Can Be Far Better Than Google Search – SnApp’s SVoice™

How The Supremes Are Ruling For Gun Rights

Denmark Moved Away From Cash, Look What Happened

Disease Prediction & Diagnosis Using Novel Deep Learning

Elon’s New StarShield For Government

Elon Wants His Trial Moved To Texas

Mechanisms – MEDICAL & HEALTH – AI

Satya Nadella: Dall-E, ChatGPT To Hugely Impact Our Future

NATO Turns Down Serbia’s Request To Deploy Troops In Kosovo

Marketing Opportunities And Challenges In Artificial Intelligence – BUSINESS

Googles Advertising Business Will Suffer From Its Own Innovations

U.S. Farmers Win Right To Repair John Deere Equipment

AI And Sustainable Transitions Of Agri-Food – BUSINESS – Agriculture

Source: Cho Blood Viscosity Metrics

Intangible Asset Metrics Using AI And Machine Learning Approaches – BUSINESS – Finance


Artificial Intelligence In Insurance – BUSINESS – Finance

MIT: So You Don’t Care Much About Your Thalamus & Memory

Artificial Intelligence In Banking Business Management – BUSINESS – Finance

Source: AP Twitter Sued For Failing To Pay Rent Of San Francisco Office

Source: U.S. Navy U.S. Warship Sails Through Taiwan Strait

Fatty Liver Disease And Covid

New Zealand Passes Law To Ban All Tobacco Sales

More Claims: Digital Transformation In Emerging Fields

I Used ChatGPT For A Day …

China To Open Border With Hong Kong After 3 Years

Insomnia Could Cause Lower Back Pain And Vice Versa

Value Investor Warren Overtakes Elon, Bezos, Soon Bill

Germany And U.S. Agree To Send Armored Vehicles To Ukraine

AI-Generated News From The Perspective Of Copyright And Other Laws – COMMUNICATIONS – Journalism Multi-Task Learning in Medical Artificial Intelligence – MEDICAL & HEALTH Edge Computing In Critical Manufacturing Systems – ENGINEERING – Industrial, CS

Dark Therapy Shows Promise In Addressing Lazy Eye Condition

EVs Don’t Like Winter – It’s Serious

Why You Should Not Worry Social Security Will Go Away 10:04

Folks Staying Sick For Months – The Triple Virus Winter (with audio)

5 Free ChatGPT Competitors You Should Try

Tesla’s Cheaper Model Y Electric SUV

In 2022: The Year Big Tech Fell From A 20 Year Run

Future Business Expectations Of AI In Finland – BUSINESS

Source: Science Translational Medicine Potential Treatment For CKD Chronic Kidney Disease (2)

Source: Wiki Reshoring To Non-Coastal N. America – U.S.

Elon’s OpenAI Chat Could Obsolete Google Search

Reshoring To Non-Coastal N. America – Texas

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