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FOOD AND FAMILY An Extension of Love F amily and food are two of my favorite things, and the fact that they come together for

of their own. I’ve been fortunate to stay in touch with quite a few of them. This fall, I visited two of my previous employees in Idaho, and I met one of their new babies. I also got to meet up with another former employee and her husband in San Francisco. They actually met at our restaurant, and I attended their wedding (I may have even had a hand in getting them together). Another employee just sent me an invitation to her wedding next summer. business. When you talk to someone and hear their story, you understand what they’ve been through. How can you not do the same for them that you would for your mother, father, or sibling? It’s what we do here at the law firm. People come to us at very difficult times, and we’re trying to help them put the pieces of their life back together. In the process, we get to know them, and we come to understand what has been taken from them because someone else didn’t follow the rules. It’s always rewarding to see a review from a client saying they felt like we treated them like family. It makes all of us at the firm feel good because that’s our goal. We approach each case the way we would for our family. Treating coworkers and clients like family has always been a natural way to do

Eventually, I sold the restaurant and joined John at the law firm. These days, I just cook for family, friends, and my

Thanksgiving makes it my very favorite holiday. Anytime I feel stressed, I go to the kitchen. It’s like moving meditation. It also serves as a creative outlet, like adding the right amount of spices to a dish or decorating cookies and cakes. Several years ago, between raising my kids and joining the firm, I went all-in on my passion and opened a restaurant. I was lucky enough to stay home with our kids when they were little. During that time, I realized I had a passion for cooking and baking. I spent a lot of time self-teaching and learning, and though I took some classes to get better, most of it was trial and error. I found I had a knack for it. When my kids started school full time, I planned to go back to work. But I found myself wondering, “Do I want to use my law degree, or is this my opportunity to do something different?” I decided to take a chance on something new. Finding a lack of places to get fresh bagels in Mansfield, I opened Aspen Bread & Bagel. Every morning, we made fresh bagels, breads, and other baked goods. Everything was made from scratch. Our bakers arrived at 3 a.m., and we stayed open until early afternoon. It was a great schedule with kids; I could still be home before they got done with school.

work family. I enjoy making

cakes and desserts for staff meetings and birthdays. My daughter, Hannah, also connected me with an amazing organization, Flying Horse Farms (FHF). FHF provides a camp experience for children with serious or terminal illnesses, modifying activities to allow every camper to participate no matter their limitations. All kids get to attend camp at no cost to the families. The first time I went, I was amazed by the work of the staff and volunteers to make each camper feel accepted, fulfilled and loved. FHF is a place where kids can laugh, face their fears, and form lifelong friendships. Hannah has been volunteering with them since high school, and she’s now in medical school but still finds time to go back. This fall, I volunteered as a cook at their family camp. It’s the most amazing, magical place. In the several years that I ran the restaurant, I worked with some awesome people. Many of them were high school students who worked for me after school. They are adults now and starting families

–Hillary Rinehardt

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