Aberdeen Smiles - June 2020

JUNE 2020


Empowering Patients Through Knowledge ‘LIKE GOLD’

All it took was five minutes for a dentist to explain to me how my oral health was connected to my overall health. This sounds

to take care of themselves. Dentists see patients for such a limited amount of time for repairs or maintenance, but the vast majority of dental care happens at home. It’s

like such a simple interaction, but it changed the trajectory of a lot of things in my life. I grew up not knowing that going to the dentist was important. Preventive care wasn’t seen as a priority in my house. I was 19 and a college student before I met a dentist who took the time to teach me why my oral health mattered. There’s a lot of fear and anxiety around dental appointments, and a lot of this fear comes from uncertainty. I was certainly scared of going to the dentist because I didn’t know what would happen. Having someone take five minutes to explain things to me made such a huge difference. I had a lot of problems with my teeth before I met that

my role to be aware of what options are available and help patients pick and choose what works for them to make success easy to achieve. I want to make dentistry less scary, less complicated, and more empowering for my patients. I know I’ve done my job well when my patients feel like they have a chance and know they aren’t destined to have bad teeth just because their parents and grandparents had bad teeth. I can see the difference in my patients when they have that new confidence, and they turn the corner

from having regular dental issues to feeling better and being more able to take care of their teeth. I know from experience that any information for getting healthier is like gold. Dentists possess that knowledge to be shared with people, and that’s really cool.

dentist, but I didn’t even realize they were problems. Like many people, I thought that if my teeth weren’t hurting then everything was fine. When I met a dentist who took the time to tell me about my teeth, it ended up shortening the duration of the treatment for my problems. That’s when I realized I wanted to become a dentist myself and be the person who can give people that little piece of information that empowers them to keep themselves healthy. That possibility to empower and create relationships with patients is what drew me to dentistry. It can be so impactful. I enjoy being my patients’ partner in taking care of their teeth. You get one set of teeth to get through life. Not knowing how to take care of your teeth is a lot like not knowing how to take care of your tires. You can be driving on bald tires, damaging your car without realizing it until you have a big repair bill. But unlike tires, which can be replaced, you only get one set of teeth.

I’ve been in Aberdeen since early May, and in just that short time, I can tell that I made the right choice in coming here. The staff at Aberdeen Smiles is awesome, and I’m excited to be practicing in an office that focuses on building relationships and offering unique care to each patient. My patients have all been so friendly and the town is very welcoming. Aberdeen reminds me a lot of small towns back in Texas, where I’m from. I look forward to making Aberdeen my home and exploring and adventuring in South Dakota. Thanks to everyone who has welcomed me to town. It’s been great, and I look forward to meeting everyone else very soon.

I can help my patients by fixing their teeth when something goes wrong, but if they want to keep their teeth forever, they need tools and knowledge

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