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The Road to Recovery 4 Ways to Focus on You After an Injury

Navigating a workers’comp case is no easy task, and we’ve helped thousands of clients through the process. You’re injured, so you may not be able to provide for your family, but, despite that, treatments your doctor recommends keep being denied, and you don’t know why. This is why we’re here to help you. As we fight for what you deserve, here are some key ways to weather the storm. treatment and making sure you’re getting the best care possible is essential to your case and well-being and helps build your base for a settlement. Constant denials of treatment can be frustrating, but you need to persevere. Don’t miss appointments, and keep track of any money you spend out of pocket. Be sure to see any QME/ AME that needs to evaluate your health. Keep your mental health in mind as well. Take time for yourself and do what you love. Spend time with family and friends. Taking care of yourself requires so much more than medical care. Focus on Treatment Your health is invaluable, and continuing Practice Patience Compensation cases have a tendency to be bureaucratic nightmares that drag on and on. To maintain your sanity, set realistic expectations; depending on the complexity of the situation, cases can take two years or more to settle. When insurance companies try to settle, it takes time to get the right one that’s reasonable. Stay Positive Though workers’compensation cases are frustrating and long, there is a light at the end of

the tunnel: your settlement. The case will end in due time, and you’ll be fairly compensated, and after it’s all over, you’ll be able to move forward and look at what else life has in store. Stick with the process, don’t give up, and remember you will get there eventually. Seek Support There is an assortment of government and nonprofit resources available to help you through this difficult time. If you cannot work or receive a form of wage replacement, services like EDD, Keep Your Home California, and SSDI can help until your settlement is reached. Be sure to talk with your loved ones about what is going on. You’re not alone, so look to others handling compensation issues. The system gives everyone the same runaround, whether you’re a warehouse worker or a professional athlete. “The case will end in due time, and you’ll be fairly compensated, and after it’s all over, you’ll be able to move forward and look to what else life has in store.” If you’re unsure where to start, a workers’ compensation law firm like us can help you understand your needs and how to get you what you deserve. You won’t believe the difference

having proper representation makes. They will listen to your concerns and will connect you with the resources you need to get through your case as well as providing you with skilled lawyers who know their practice inside and out. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your case, don’t hesitate to reach out. Feel free to call us anytime at 510-444-2512 or visit our website at

– The Lawyers For Injured Workers

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WhoWears the Pants? Lady Justice!

3 Positive New Ye START THE YE

Resolutions are a fun way to start the new year! But have you

noticed how many are actually accomplished? More often than not, individuals will choose lofty goals that get lost in the shuffle of the year’s misadventures. To

ensure you don’t fall to the same fate, here are some small but positive New Year’s resolutions you can achieve!

How One Judge Lost a Frivolous Lawsuit and His Dignity

One Positive Action Every Day Acts of kindness will go a long way for your family, friends, and peers. They don’t have to be grand; even something as small as holding the door open for someone or buying someone’s coffee for them can make their day. For your friends and family, you can try encouraging or taking an interest in their hobbies to lift their spirits. Just checking in on them will be a huge benefit because it shows you care. Small acts like these can be done weekly or even daily.

After losing an article of clothing from a dry cleaner, most would say “c’est la vie” and move on. At most, someone might leave a bad review and ask for a few dollars to cover the loss, but for one administrative law judge, that wasn’t enough. He decided instead to launch an all-out legal battle. Roy Pearson, a Washington, D.C., judge at the time, sought $54 million to cover the loss of his pants after his dry cleaner lost them. He argued that the “same-day service” sign located in the window of the dry cleaners meant that the company had to provide same-day service. However, Pearson never specified a specific time he needed his clothes returned. He also insisted that the “satisfaction guaranteed” sign meant that the cleaners had to satisfy a customer’s wishes without limit. Based on those arguments, he claimed the signs were fraudulent. After the initial allegations, the dry cleaners scoured their business to find the pants and, to their credit, found the judge’s trousers untarnished. Even so, Pearson argued that he didn’t need to prove the pants were lost or damaged to satisfy his “satisfaction guaranteed” claim. Unfortunately for the judge, the court found his position to be ridiculous and ordered him to pay the dry cleaner’s attorneys’ fees. In response, Pearson sought that his own attorneys’ fees be covered to oppose this motion. In the end, Pearson did pay the dry cleaner’s legal fees, but the case isn’t the only thing he lost. The verdict also cost the judge his job and any semblance of professional dignity. Ten years after the case closed, the District of Columbia Board on Professional Responsibility sought a 90-day suspension. As the board put it, Pearson “failed to conduct an objective appraisal of the legal merits of his position. He made and continues to make arguments that no reasonable attorney would think had even a faint hope of success on the legal merits.” From a legal standpoint, we’d call this judge’s behavior “dissatisfaction guaranteed.”

Simple Pancak

Everyone should be able to make pancakes without a boxed mix. This recipe is no-frills fantastic and can probably be made without so much as a trip to the grocery store.

Ingredients •

2 cups all-purpose flour

2 eggs

2 tsp baking powder

1 3/4 cups milk

• 1/4 tsp salt • 1 tbsp sugar, optional

Unsalted butter or canola oil, to grease skillet

Directions 1. Heat a griddle or skillet to medium-low.

2. In a mixing bowl, combine dry ingredients (including sugar if you like a sweeter pancake). In a separate bowl, beat eggs into milk. Gently stir the liquid ingredients into the dry ones. Mix only until flour is moistened. Clumps are fine. 3. Add some butter or oil to the skillet. If the butter foams or oil shimmers, the temperature is correct. Pour in a pancake of any size, cooking until bubbles form, about 2–4 minutes. 4. Flip and cook other side for 2–4 minutes. Serve warm.

Inspired byThe NewYorkTimes

2 •

r’s Resolutions R OFF RIGHT

3 Binge-Worthy and Compelling Shows It can be hard to keep our spirits up during the winter season. During the cold and rainy weather, we all want to stay inside and enjoy a good streaming show. But the lack of vitamin C can dampen our spirits. We can’t control the weather, but we can control our TVs, so here are some binge-worthy shows that can keep us happy no matter what it looks like outside.

Meditate Once a Day According to, recent studies show promising results for the impact meditation can have in reducing blood pressure. The most common method is sitting with your eyes closed for 20 minutes twice a day. Mindful meditation is best practiced when there is an object of focus. This can be a bell ringing, chanting, touching beads, or even opening your eyes to gaze at an image.

If you can’t sit still for very long, there are plenty of alternative options. Qi gong, tai chi, and yoga are all forms of moving meditation. If you feel you have a high amount of stress or can’t sleep very well, meditation is a great way to improve your well-being. Eat Healthier Everyone wants to eat healthier, but there are some ways you can improve your

‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ Executive producers Michael Schur and Dan Goor fill every episode with joy and high-quality jokes. Revolving around NYPD cops and their wild antics, the show has comedy, drama, and everything in between. With Andy Samberg’s witty humor and the dad-joke tone of the show, you will be laughing throughout the entire series. If you’re interested, find the show on Hulu! ‘New Girl’ With the plethora of young adult-hangout sitcoms currently out,“New Girl”is one of the best in the mix. The show’s sharp writing and strong direction make it a laugh-out-loud treat from episode to episode. You’re going to need to watch every episode once or twice to catch all the clever comedy beats. This is a show that will bring a smile to your face even on the dreariest of days. To catch the full series, you can find Seasons 1–6 on Netflix and Seasons 7 and 8 on Hulu!

eating habits that take little effort! It’s hard to avoid snacking, so replace those potato chips with superfoods, like blueberries and walnuts! Blueberries are packed with antioxidants, potassium, and vitamin C. Walnuts have a combination of specific antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids that help improve mental performance.

s From Scratch

‘The Mentalist’ Cop procedurals are the comfort food of primetime TV, but there is something special to“The Mentalist.”Simon Baker’s performance as Patrick Jane, the mentalist, is key to balancing

the wit and drama of each episode.“The Mentalist”is an entertaining thrill ride to watch through and through. As the ex-conman made righteous by his horrible tragedy, Patrick Jane is ever charming and has an endless amount of wit, making the show as a whole an absolute delight. Amazon Prime has every episode available for your viewing pleasure.

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3 Binge-Worthy TV-Shows

Real Winter Wonderlands

Escape to a Winter Wonderland Chill Out in These Frosty Destinations

The Dolomites, South Tyrol, Italy If you want the feel of a ski trip to the Alps without the packed slopes and ritzy resorts, the Dolomites are just for you. Located in northeastern Italy, this stunning mountain range is home to some of the best skiing in Europe, as well as many historical sites. The secluded villages that dot the mountain valleys are an attraction in their own right, especially for the rustic cuisine you’ll find there. Don’t expect pasta though. This region is a melting pot of flavors from Austria, northern Italy, and the local Ladin people. Ricotta and sauerkraut pancakes, anyone?

Snow is magical and gorgeous

— unless you have to commute in it. If you want to enjoy all the wonder that winter has to offer without the hassle, why not turn it into a vacation? Here are a few breathtaking, snow-covered destinations that any winter lover can enjoy.

Bulguksa Temple, South Korea Above the city of Gyeongju, this ancient Buddhist temple has stood on the slopes of Tohamsan Mountain since the

The Antarctic This is the one entry on this list that is best enjoyed during the summer months, which is December– February in the Southern Hemisphere, because

eighth century. Bulguksa, or “Temple of the Buddha Land,” is South Korea’s No. 1 UNESCOWorld Heritage Site, making it a popular attraction for domestic and international tourism. The crowds and school tours die down during the winter, however, which also happens to be when Bulguksa is at its most pristine. The iced-over lotus ponds and snow-dusted pagodas add to the sense of tranquility this site naturally exudes.

that’s when the freezing temperatures of the southernmost continent are at their most hospitable. The Antarctic has become an increasingly popular tourist destination, with

cruises taking adventure seekers through the vast, untouched beauty of this far-flung destination. Some tourists even enjoy kayaking or cross-country skiing through this icy paradise.

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