Installation Manual Summit R32

WARNING THE CHOICE OF MOUNTING SITE (Please note the following matters and obtain permission from customer before installation.)


EN 1

WARNING The Outdoor unit must be mounted at a location which can support heavy weight. Otherwise, noise and vibration will increase. CAUTION Selecting the installation location: Suitable location that will reduce the impact from rain and direct sun that may affect the unit performance. Besides, ventilation must be good and clear of obstruction. The air blown out of the unit should not point directly to animals or plants. The clearances of the unit from top, left, right and front are specified in figure below. At least there of the above sides must be open air. Be sure that the hot air blown out of the unit and noise do not disturb the neighbourhood. Do not install at a location where there is flammable gas, steam, oil and smoke. The location must be convenient for water drainage. Place the Outdoor unit and its connecting cord at least 1 m away from the antenna or signal line of television, radio or telephone. This is to avoid noise interference.

The unit should be mounted at stable, non-vibratory location which can provide full support to the unit.


No nearby heat source and no obstruction near the air outlet is allowed. The clearance distances from top, right and left are specified in figure below. The location must be convenient for water drainage and pipe connection with the Outdoor unit. To avoid interference from noise, please place the unit and its remote controller at least 1m from the radio and television. To avoid any error in signal transmission from the remote controller, please put the controller far away from high- frequency machines and high-power wireless systems. The installation height should be at least 2300 mm or more from the floor.

R410A R32)




This appliance is filled with R32.

Read the safety precautions carefully before operating the unit. The contents of this section are vital to ensure safety. Please pay special attention to the following sign. WARNING .......... Incorrect methods of installation may cause death or serious injury. CAUTION .......... Improper installation may result in serious consequence. Make sure to connect earth line. This sign in the figures indicates prohibition. Be sure that the unit operates in proper condition after installation. Explain to customer the proper operation and maintenance of the unit as described in the user' s guide. Ask a customer to keep this installation manual together with the instruction manual. WARNING Please request your sales agent or qualified technician to install your unit. Water leakage, short circuit or fire may occur if you do the installation work yourself. Please observe the installation stated in the installation manual during the process of installation. Improper installation may cause water leakage, electric shock and fire. Make sure that the units are mounted at locations which are able to provide full support to the weight of the units. If not, the units may collapse and impose danger. Observe the rules and regulations of the electrical installation and the methods described in the installation manual when dealing with the electrical work. Use cables which are approved official in your country. Be sure to use the specified circuit. A short circuit and fire may occur due to the use of low quality wire or improper work. Be sure to use the specified cables for connecting the indoor and outdoor units. Please ensure that the connections are tight after the conductors of the wire are inserted into the terminals to prevent the external force is being applied to the connection section of the terminal base. Improper insertion and loose contact may cause over-heating and fire. Please use the specified components for installation work. Otherwise, the unit may collapse or water leakage, electric shock, fire or stronger vibration may occur. Be sure to use the specified piping set for R410A, R32. Otherwise, this may result in broken copper pipes or faults. When installing or transferring an air conditioner to another location, make sure that air other than the specified refrigerant (R32) does not enter the refrigeration cycle. If other air should enter, the pressure level of the refrigeration cycle may increase abnormally which could result in a rupture and injury. Be sure to ventilate fully if a refrigerant gas leak while at work. If the refrigerant gas comes into contact with fire, a poisonous gas may occur. After completion of installation work, check to make sure that there is no refrigeration gas leakage. If the refrigerant gas leaks into the room, coming into contact with fire in the fan-driven heater, space heater, etc., a poisonous gas may occur. Unauthorized modifications to the air conditioner may be dangerous. If a breakdown occurs please call a qualified air conditioner technician or electrician. Improper repairs may result in water leakage, electric shock and fire, etc. Be sure to connect the earth line from the power supply wire to the outdoor unit and between the outdoor and indoor unit. Do not connect the earth line to the gas tube, water pipe, lighting rod or the earth line of the telephone unit. Improper earthing may cause electric shocks. When finishing the refrigerant collection (pumping down), stop the compressor and then remove the coolant pipe. If you remove the refrigerant pipe while the compressor is operating and the service valve is released, air is sucked and a pressure in the freezing cycle system will build up steeply, causing an explosion or injury. When installing the unit, be sure to install the refrigerant pipe before starting the compressor. If the refrigerant pipe is not installed and the compressor is operated with the service valve released, air is sucked and the pressure level of the refrigeration cycle may increase abnormally which could result in a rupture and injury. Never install a drier to this R32 unit in order to guarantee its lifetime.

Names of Indoor Components

Direction of Piping





Backward piping from left

Figure showing the Installation of Indoor and Outdoor Unit.


Screw for Hanger

Connection There are 6 directions allowed, namely, backward piping, backward piping from left, horizontally piping from right, horizontally piping from left, vertically down from right, vertically down from left. Dimension of Mounting Stand of the Outdoor unit (unit : mm)

above 50mm




AAA size Battery

above 50mm

above 50mm


Be sure to completely seal any gap with putty.

Screw for holder of Remote Controller


2300 mm or more

Remote Controller

Mounting Stand





Insulation sheet




500 660


Drain Pipe


Mounting Stand


The indoor piping should be insulated with the enclosed insulation pipe. (If the insulator is insufficient, please use commercial products.) The refrigerating machine oil is easily affected by moisture. Use caution to prevent water from entering the cycle. The difference in height between the indoor and outdoor unit should be kept below 10m. The connecting pipe, no matter big or small, should all be insulated with insulation pipe and then wrapped with vinyl tape. (The insulator will deteriorate if it is not wrapped with tape). The connection of insulated drain hose. Inner diameter 16mm




12 39





Binding band


above 200mm

The electric cables should neither be reworked nor added. Make sure to use an exclusive circuit breaker. Otherwise fire or electric shock might occur by connection failure, isolation failure or over current. Make sure to connect cables to terminal properly and terminal cover should close firmly. Otherwise, over heating at terminal contact, fire or electric shock might occur. Make sure that there is no dust on any connected points of electric cables and fix firmly. Otherwise, fire or electric shock might occur.

The clearances of the unit from top, left, right and front are specified in figure below. At least three of the above sides must be open air.

above 50mm give clearance as wide as possible

The component of the package of the outdoor unit. 87

is included in

above 200mm

CAUTION A circuit breaker must be installed in the house distribution box for the direct connected power supply cables to the outdoor unit. In case of other installations a main switch with a contact gap or more than 3mm has to be installed. Without a circuit breaker, the danger of electric shock exists. Do not install the unit near a location where there is flammable gas. The outdoor unit may catch fire if flammable gas leaks around it. Please ensure smooth flow of water when installing the drain hose. Improper installing may wet your fu niture. An IEC approved power cord should be used. Power cord type: NYM. r

above 100mm

above 300mm

Please use insulated drain hose for the indoor piping (commercial product)

For outdoor unit installation, allow at least 2 sides of space around the unit to ensure ventilation flue.

INSTALLATION AFTER CONNECTION OF REFRIGERATING PIPES The refrigerating pipe should be adjusted to fit into the hole on the wall and then ready for further connection. Drain hose

2 Installation Of The Indoor Unit

1 Installation of Hanger, Wall Penetration and Installation of Protection Pipe

Cutting Low Cover bush While installing the pipe from the right, left or bottom side, use a knife to cut openings as shown in figure. Then smoothen the edges of openings with a file.

CAUTION The draining of the water container inside the Indoor unit can be done from the left. Therefore the hanger must be fixed horizontally or slightly tilted towards the side of drain hose. Otherwise, condensed water may overflow the water container. Direct Mounting On The Wall Please use hidden beams in the wall to hold the hanger.

The terminals of 2 connected pipes must be covered with insulator used for terminal connection. Then the pipes are wrapped with insulation pipe. Connect the connecting cord after removing low cover. (Refer to "CONNECTION OF POWER CORD") After adjustment, fit the connecting cord and pipes into the space available under the unit. Use holder to hold them tight. Be sure to cut the extra binding band. (Otherwise, it may result in abnormal noise or dewfall.)

Connecting cord




PIPING FROM THE RIGHT SIDE (BACKWARD, DOWNWARD, HORIZONTAL) Preparation Connect connecting cord. Pull out the pipe, connecting cord and drain hose. Installation Insert the pipe through the wall hole. The upper part of the Indoor unit is hanged on the hanger. The projection at the lower part of the Indoor unit is hooked onto the hanger.

Visible outline of the

Binding band


450mm 445mm

indoor unit

Binding band can be installed to whichever side of the installation points. However, it is recommended to attach it on the right side viewing from the rear.



Insulation pipe (must be wrapped with at every 120 mm) vinyl tape



Connecting cords, pipe and drain hose must be laid together with Vinyl tape.




The end of the refrigerating pipes are at locations marked with “ ” symbol.

Wall hole

Preparation To Install Refrigerating Pipes The refrigerating pipes and connecting cord transform and are attached.


Drain Hose




440mm 534mm 780mm


Drain hose




Drain layout of backward piping

Lift the body of the unit upwards and then force it downwards.

below 5mm


Refrigerating Pipe

Please bend at a small radius to form an arc

Screw for Hanger


Screw the hanger at the positions possibly near the

Hang the indoor unit onto the hanger. Use the temporary stand at the back of the Indoor unit to push its lower part 15cm forwards. Place the drain hose through the hole on the wall. Wrap the refrigerating pipes with insulation pipe after connecting refrigerating pipe. Connect the connecting cord after removing low cover. (Refer to "Connection of Power Cord") After adjustment, the connecting cord and refrigerating pipes are placed into the space available under the Indoor unit. The projection of Indoor unit must hook to the hanger.

upper and lower hooks where the indoor unit is hung. Use 4 or more screws to fix the hanger.



Protection Pipe


Drain Hose Connecting Cord

Projection PIPING FROM THE LEFT SIDE (BACKWARD, DOWNWARD, HORIZONTAL) Preparation Changed of Drain Hose and Installation Procedures.



about 15cm

Wall hole

Exchange the location of drain hose and drain cap while installing the pipe from the left side as shown in below. Be sure to plug in the drain hose until the insulating material folds upon itself.

Procedures of Installation and Precautions

Procedures to fix the hanger.


CAUTION Insufficient insert may result in water leakage.


Please use pliers to pull out the drain cap. (This is an easier way to remove the drain cap).

Wall hole



1.Drill holes on wall. (As shown below)

2.Push plug into the holes. (As shown below)

3.Fix the hanger on wall with 4.1 x 32 screw. (As shown in figure below)

Heat insulation pipe Refrigerating pipe


Pull this to the front during the connection of refrigerating pipe to ease task.

Drain hose

Cable Drain layout of backward piping from left

Connected section


Connecting cord

Connecting cord

Plug (Procure locally)



Drain hole


3 Heat Insulation and Finish of the Piping

The connected terminals should be completed sealed with heat insulator and then tied up with rubber strap. Do not tie the terminals with the tape too tight. If any clearance or over-tightening may cause condensation. Please tie the pipe and power line together with vinyl tape as shown in the figure showing the installation of Indoor and Outdoor units. To enhance the heat insulation and to prevent water condensation, please cover the outdoor part of the drain hose and pipe with insulation pipe. Completely seal any gap with putty.

Insulation material for pipe connection

Hexagonal wrench key ( Φ 4mm)

Push the pipe deeply until the insulating section of the drain hose end gets over the rib at the indoor unit side.

Drain cap


Drain Hose


Remove low cover

Sleeve of protection pipe

location securely till the cap stops.

Insert drain cap up to the

Wall Penetration and Installation of Protection Pipe


Please use hexagonal wrench key( Φ 4mm) to insert the drain cap.

Hexagonal wrench key ( Φ 4mm)

(This is an easier way to install the drain cap.)

Drain hole

Drill a ø65mm hole on wall which is slightly tilted towards the outdoor side. Drill the wall at a small angle. Cut the protection pipe according to the wall thickness. Empty gap in the sleeve of protection pipe should be completely sealed with putty to avoid dripping of rain water into the room. Please ensure smooth flow of water when installing the drain hose. Improper installing may wet your funiture. An IEC approved power cord should be used. Power cord type: NYM.

WARNING Be sure that the wire is not in contact with any metal in the wall. Please use the protection pipe as wire passing through the hollow part of the wall so as to prevent the possibility of damaged by mouse. Unless it seals completely, any air with high humidity flows from outdoor and any dew may drop.






The rubber strap used for fixing the insulator should not be tied with great force. Otherwise, this will damage heat insulation and causes water condensation. Please pull the lower part of the Indoor unit outwards to check if the unit is hooked onto the hanger. Improper installation may cause vibration and noise. Transform the piping while holding down the lower portion of pipe-support by hand.

4 Installation of Drain Hose

Seal with putty

Seal with putty

Pipe Rubber strap tied with great force

CAUTION Be sure that the drain hose is not loosely connected bend or proper condition like left figure.


Condensed water pond

Protection pipe


Bending upwards Condensed water pond

Sleeve of protection pipe

Pipe support

You are free to choose the side (left or right) for the installation of drain hose. Please ensure the smooth flow of condensed water of the Indoor unit during installation. (Careless may result in water leakage.)

Transform after bending downward.


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