Will your LLC or corporation protect you? In 50% of all cases the veil is pierced and personal assets are lost.

Garrett Sutton’s NEW BOOK teaches you to: ▶ Recognize pitfalls and avoid the mistakes so many people make ▶ Keep your corporate veil strong and protective ▶ Use state laws and strategies to your advantage ▶ Pierce someone else’s veil to collect payment ▶ Follow the easy corporate formalities for maximum protection

2 | think realty magazine :: july – august 2022 Call 800-600-1760 for a free 15-minute consultation with an Incorporating Specialist Learn more at Garrett’s company, Corporate Direct , is the best provider of real estate asset protection. ◆ LLC and Corporation Formation in All 50 States ◆ Entity Maintenance and Compliance ◆ Registered Agent Services in All 50 States

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